6 Ways To Get Girls To Like You More

Do you want to get a pretty girl to like you over other guys wooing her? These are the things you should know!

How do you get her to like you?

That girl you just met.

Or that girl who you regularly see on your way down and wanted to meet for quite some time now.

How do get her interested enough that she’ll go out with you before you even ask.

How do you get a girl to like you?

There are several things you can do to raise her interest in you.

But are you sure she doesn’t like you already?

Before you do anything

Groom yourself, stay in shape, and have a life.

Look, you don’t have to be a super hottie to get a girl to like you.

Just be sure you’re taking baths, wearing clean clothes, and smelling like a brand new day every day.

Having a great hygiene will double your chances of a girl liking you, at the very least.

Next, if you want her to really like you, at least have a not so boring life. Do awesome interesting things that can make girls flock to you. After all, it’s a cornerstone of being an attractive man!

If you don’t know where to start…

Having one strong passion will make you more interesting. So find something you enjoy doing and keep working on it, if you don’t have one right now.

Guess what?

Whether you like coding, drawing, playing an instrument, fishing, or kicking ass in a competition — whatever you put your focus and time on doing — will make you far more attractive to the opposite sex than any other guy you see on the street.

Because when you’re actually passionate about something, girls will notice something infinitely sexy about you.

Just know that when you are a man who’s seems to have his life together in the way you look and act, it will be easier for girls to like you.

Let’s get to the good stuff…

How to get her to like you


Making a girl to like you can take some time.

So, take it easy, relax, and be yourself.

Pay attention to every detail which you can use later.

1. Stand out. If you stand out enough in her eyes, she won’t be able to help but notice how strong, cool, and great of a guy you are.

Make her want to ask about you. If you stand out, she’ll automatically want this.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Be mysterious.
  • Intrigue her.
  • Get her friends to talk about you in a good way.

2. Impress her. Not with something shallow like how rich you are or how big your biceps are.

But with what you’re doing with your life. With what you’re passionate about. Your plans for the future. And what you believe in.

Or with any of your skills or something you’re good at.

This should be easy for you now if you followed the previous section.

But don’t go overboard, though.

Don’t be too cocky and you’ll lose her in a flash. Don’t blurt it out of nowhere, instead weave it into the conversation.

Let it come up naturally.

3. Make a great first impression.

First impressions are critical.

Women measure you up on the first impression and decide if you’re relationship material.

So… don’t waste it.

Show that you’re a good catch. Think about your posture, smile, and tone of voice.

4. Be seen with other girls. It’s what’s called social proof or pre-selection. It shows that you have options.

She’ll think you have something that can make her happy.

She’ll automatically be interested. Or at least intrigued!

This is one of those attraction shortcuts that most men don’t even know about.

5. Don’t be afraid to get to the next level.

Take the Lead. Flirt. Play grade school games with her.

Don’t be afraid to touch her shoulder or make up a game that allows you to touch and play with her.

Doing this lets her know you’re comfortable with her. And this is just as important to making her comfortable with you.

Which should lead you to…

6. Have fun, be happy, and stay positive.

Nobody likes a negative person.

Make every moment that you’re with her fun and enjoyable.

That way, she’ll remember you in a positive way and wants to be with you more.

You’ll also make her feel more comfortable. Comfortable enough to like you.

Before she can get to like you

Remember, before any girl can like you, you must like yourself first.

And that’s the most important thing.


Because no matter what you do if you don’t like yourself, why would other people do, right?

Be confident, funny, and approachable!

You may think you’re not funny, but you will be if you try.

You know girls love to laugh. And the more you can make her laugh, the more her eyes will brighten up around you.

Show your confidence by not worrying too much about what people think. Girls love this kind of guy.

Even if she doesn’t laugh at your joke, so what?

Be more confident in your thoughts and actions and you’ll be more than attractive.

Increase your attractiveness and make any girl you set your eyes on feel your electric magnetism. And surely you’ll get girls to like you–whether you want her to like you over text or in person.

To help you more, you should know what attracts women and make use of it.

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