How to Flirt with Women

flirting with women
Have fun flirting with women

Women flirt more than men. Why?

Because it’s fun and amusing.

So they flirt more and look for guys who can flirt with them.

The truth is we all know how to flirt since we were kids.

We are all natural flirts when we were young.

What is Flirting?

Flirting is a social activity. Some use it to suggest an interest in a deeper relationship.

In short, it is a socially acceptable and indirect way of saying you’re interested in someone. While others do it to bond. They flirt for fun with friends, coworkers, or strangers. We’ll stick to the former here.

Flirting is all about communicating a sense of playfulness. It’s about having a playful conversation with someone.

It can often start with small talk, some funny remark, or as soon as your eyes meet hers.

To properly flirt, use your good social skills and confident body language. And some of the…

Easy Ways For You to Flirt

Bantering. It’s playful, light, and innocent teasing between you and her. It has very little content or none at all, silly, fun, and witty. And a great way to build strong attraction quickly.

Casual touches. You have to touch when you’re flirting. It’s a simple way to know if she’s interested and also to create some bond. How should you do it? Do a random touch in the arm in the middle of conversation. It’s a simple way to break the touch barrier.

Eye contact. A form of eye contact flirting is the extended gaze. It has a strong emotional effect. A favorable one if you do it right. Use it when she’s talking and you’re listening.

It’s great to use if you’re across the room. When your eyes meet hers’ … smile. If she smiles back, it’s basically a green light. And it couldn’t be more obvious if you caught her looking at you.

Compliments. It must be honest, genuine, and sincere. It’s even better if it has an element of surprise. Although many use it it as a conversation starter. You can use it anytime but keep it to only a few.

Mirroring. Let it happen or consciously match her actions. It should be: you enjoy each other so much you move in sync with each other.

Teasing. Playfully teasing women is flirting.

Some Tips to Remember…

Flirting is supposed to be fun. Your goal is to let her know that you’re interested without actually saying it.

Use your humor and body language. Ask open ended questions. Questions about her, so she’ll talk about herself and give you something you can use later on.

Tell some funny jokes and observations to make her laugh. And make her laugh often. Tease her. And keep her wanting more.

Use your vocal tone properly. Vary your pace, volume, and intonation. In fact, what you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it.

Keep the conversation light, fun and positive. And keep it short. Why? Because the longer it takes the more likely you’ll blow it.

What’s next…

You can learn more about the right way to flirt in the F Formula. It is specifically written to help guys flirt with girls in way that girls like.

You should escalate and make small talk sexy or get her contact information by following these steps.

And be sure you get to be the one to leave first. It’s subtle but you’ll feel better and more confident than the other way around.


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