The F Formula

How To FLIRT With Every Woman

What’s the one thing that can make all the difference when you interact with a girl?

Want to take a guess? It starts with F. 

It is your flirting skills!

If you are facing rejection over and over, it’s perhaps what’s killing your chances with girls.

Flirting is 90 percent of the game after you approach a girl. 


Because when you can flirt properly . . . girls actually enjoy and feels excited when you “escalate.” 

When you take things to the next level.

You can banter and push the limits without coming off like a creepy perv — because she feels safe and at ease with you.

In fact, when you’re flirting properly with a pretty girl . . . she’ll be disappointed if you don’t move things forward. If you don’t get more intimate with her.

So if you want to sweep a girl off her cute little feet . . .

Flirting is key. And . . . 

If you want to flirt with a girl in a way that attracts her at a gut level . . .

That gets her smiling from ear to ear when you talk to her, entranced with you and only you . . .

So hooked on you that you can take the interaction wherever your heart desires . . .

You’ll need The F Formula.

What is The F Formula?

That’s easy. The F Formula is a potent, information-packed, master-level course on flirting, by Marissa, from the Wing Girl Method. 

It contains the flirting system you can follow to become an exceptional flirter. An all-inclusive step-by-step flirting formula for keeping any woman hooked on you from the beginning of your interaction all the way to the end.

That means you can use the F Formula to go from hello sexy stranger who could care less about you–to good morning boo.

What’s more, the F Formula reveals the inner working of flirting at a level no other guide (that I know of) has done.

And it pinpoints for you what’s so effective about good flirting. You’ll know what makes girls respond to flirting with an intense attraction so you can use it to make any girl enamored with you.

The F Formula has everything you need to become a flawless flirter, as you’ll see in a bit.

In short, It is your secret weapon to make flirting dead simple.

The secret to mastering the art of flirting with whomever you want is available to you just a few clicks away but . . .

Is The F Formula for you?

First, let me ask you some more qualifying questions just so we can be crystal clear if the F Formula can help you:

  • Do your interactions almost always go nowhere?
  • Do you think flirting involves something sexual?
  • Do you creep girls out, but you don’t know why?

If so, you need to continue reading.

Most guys think they know how to flirt.

They don’t. 

Women can tell.

Flirting is essential to girls. And most guys are lost when it comes to this. What most men considered flirting was not flirting at all.

If you don’t know how to flirt — or don’t know how to tell if a woman is flirting with you — you’d assume you just need to get the F Formula, and everything will be okay. 

It won’t

Even if you want to learn how to flirt properly with any woman, that doesn’t automatically mean the F Formula is for you.

You see, you will need something else to be amazing at flirting — not just instructions on how to flirt. 

To get girls laughing at your jokes more, lingering around you longer, and excited for you to escalate . . . you must own your masculinity. 


Because being masculine is one of the foundations you must own if you want to flirt properly with a girl. And the F Formula doesn’t go into detail on how to be more masculine. There are many other programs for that. 


Some guys simply don’t want women to lecture them on how they are screwing up their sex life.

So if the prospect of having “the fish instruct you on how to catch fish” doesn’t appeal to you, I suggest you sit this one out.

But if you can stick with it, you will be very thankful you did.

Don’t be like those other guys who go on dates, and go home lonely and unhappy. They waste money buying gifts, and women still don’t feel attracted to them.

So with that being said–

If you want to feel a lot more confident around women, take risks — even say outrageous things . . . 

If you would like to be able to walk up to any girl, talk to her without freaking her out . . . and when you flirt, she responds and flirt back . . .

Click here to get instant access!

Or wait till you know what exactly you’ll get.

The things you’ll learn 

Before I tell you more, how about you answer this question first:

What do you expect to find in the F Formula?

  • A formula for flirting with girls? 
  • Flirting explained in detail, including what mistakes to avoid?
  • The kind of flirting that works with women–that won’t make you “creepy”? 
  • The step-by-step flirting instruction that exactly tells you to do this and that?

Well, you will find all of that for sure and more.

So what’s actually inside the F Formula?

The F Formula ebook has four chapters in less than a hundred pages. 

Yes, that doesn’t seem like a lot–but you’d be surprised how many flirting secrets are in those pages.

The first two chapters are where you’ll find the meat and potatoes of flirting. You need to know these things to understand the basics of flirting. Don’t skip them as it will give you the groundwork to build your solid foundation to become a flirting master.

In this first couple of chapters, you’ll find answers to questions like:

  • What is flirting? 
  • How do you know you’re flirting?
  • What kind of eye contact gets a girl so excited she wants to know who you are before you even say a word?
  • How do you unleash your sexiest face that melts a girl when you look at her?
  • How do you smile at a girl in a way that makes her want you?
  • How can you send pulses of excitement through a girl’s body?
  • What are the biggest flirting roadblocks most guys face?
  • What is your number one goal when you flirt?
  • And many more!

These are essentials if you ever hope to trigger a spark in a girl’s eye that tells you it’s ON!

After you’re brought up to speed on the fundamentals of flirting, the third chapter dives you into the actual F Formula.

The real fun starts here.

The F Formula’s 3 Phases of Flirting

There are 3 phases of flirting defined in the F Formula. What are these phases? 

  • Phase 1: Initiation: This starts from the first moment you see her, where the flirting is playful and fun.
  • Phase 2: Escalation: This is where you begin to show a more direct interest.
  • Phase 3: Infatuation: This time, you’re directly sexual with her.

As you can see, the type of flirting in these phases goes from cold to warm to hot and on fire.

Phases of the F Formula

Additionally, these phases serve as your linear guideline that you must ascend in sequence. Why? Because terrible things happen when you skip a phase, start in phase 2, or don’t complete each phase. 

Terrible things? Yes. 

I think coming across as a creepy guy to the girl you like is terrible. Don’t you?

But don’t worry, there’s an eye-opening case study (on page 32) of a guy who did everything wrong so you don’t have to. 

So you need to complete each phase to move to the next phase if you want the F Formula to work for you–and not get the girl you’re interested in to block you on all her social media accounts.

But wait, there’s more: 

Under each phase, you have four goals to complete to clear each level.

These are what you are going to do in each phase. 

So the structure of the F Formula looks like this: P1: A > B > C > D ==> P2: A > B > C > D, and so on. 

Trying this out at the start might feel robotic, but once you become familiar with each phase, it will become smooth and automatic. And at that stage, you will start seeing opportunities to attract a girl where there were none you’re aware of before.

That’s why it’s essential to know how to properly navigate the 3 phases of flirting. Understand her cues. They will tell you what a girl will be comfortable with. Otherwise, you lose the girl.

If you followed the F Formula correctly . . . she is okay to get more personal and intimate with you.

To get more idea on how to act early on so you’ll consistently attract the woman you want, click the link below:

Click here to get access now

What else is in the F Formula?

Aside from those above, the F Formula also answers these questions:

  • Conversation mistakes that close women off sexually. What to avoid in each phase that prevents you from igniting attraction with just a few words.
  • How to make her see you as more than just “some guy.”
  • The 3 definite signs you’ll see if she’s interested and what to do if you don’t see positive signals from her.
  • How to know if she’s flirting just to flirt or doing it for fun, without wanting to sexually advance or give you her phone number.
  • The most important part of the entire F Formula where most guys drop the ball.
  • How to bring up sticky topics with women and still come across as a confident man.
  • The signs you’re making a shy girl nervous in a good way and the signs she’s not into your flirting and what to do about it.
  • How can you tell when you’ve earned her trust, and she’s ready to move on to the next stage.
  • 3 ways to be more sexually direct with a girl, without making sexual comments about her. Yes, you can keep your words non-sexual.
  • What her body will look like when she’s ready to move to the next phase. Remember these, look for them. They’re telling you she’s into you.
  • The phrase you can use to escalate flirting to a deep real level that binds you to her emotionally. Use this to deepen your connection with her. 
  • Female verbal cues when she is comfortable escalating with you.
  • The hidden way she’ll steer the interaction, before you go in for the close, and how to know this is happening.
  • How to ignite her primal cavewoman brain so you’ll start to see signs of female sexual attraction. The obvious signs she’s into you.
  • When you got her back to your place, this is what she should be thinking and feeling.
  • How to ease her reservations. Girls have a lot of hesitation, worries, and reasons to feel they shouldn’t escalate with you. How do you make her feel free to do crazy things she truly wants to do with you?
  • How to create the “there’s something about him effect” that attracts girls under the radar. This drives women bonkers because they can’t explain why.
  • The difference between women in their 20s vs women over 30s. This allows you to flirt with women of any age, no matter how old you are.
  • How to keep her drawn to you so she feels your absence when you’re not around.
  • And much, much more…

The F Formula covers both verbal and nonverbal parts of flirting.

That is why you will get numerous techniques. You’ll need these techniques in each phase of flirting so you can tease, challenge, and banter with her.

And you’ll get plenty of word-for-word examples of lines of conversation — as well as videos on how it’s done correctly — to help you understand them better.

And even if you’re not particularly handsome, some techniques work extra well if you’re average or below average in the looks department.

If you’re wondering what flirting looks like when each phase of flirting is done right . . . you’ll see case studies at every turn of the F Formula. These are what your ideal end goals look like, the type of response you can evoke in any woman you choose.

And then there is the bonus section where you can watch video examples of flirting, additional articles, women’s tell-all interviews, and other additional information to help you master the techniques of the F Formula.

That’s not all. 

You’ll also have fun exercises and assignments to help you hone the skills required to tackle each phase. These are for you to try out various approaches so you can figure out what works best for you.

These also allow you to attract women while being authentic. So take these principles and make them fit your personality.

In short, you’ll have everything you need to know to spark gut-level attraction in any woman.

I’m sure you’ll have a variety of approaches you can try when you go out this week.

Click here to get access now

Final thoughts

Flirting is one of the most essential skills when you want to make a girl attracted to you. Do it right and you’ll spark attraction and chemistry in her.

And the F Formula has most of the things you need to properly flirt with a girl.

All in all, the F Formula is a solid flirting course–and covers a major part of the seduction process.

It starts with building your flirting foundation — which is essential if you want to trigger that spark in her eye. 

Then it lays out the simple step-by-step formula right in front of you . . . with: 

  • the essential techniques, 
  • word-for-word examples, 
  • case studies (of good and bad flirting), 
  • personal stories, 
  • exercises to hone your flirting skills, and 
  • a bunch of extra bonuses to solidify this info into your brain for good.

The F Formula is packed with a lot of female secrets to flirting and escalating. But the lessons won’t overwhelm you–as long as you go at it at your own comfortable pace.

You’ll get a lot more if you take your time with this material.

You’ll know how flirting works. You’ll also know what makes a girl eager and excited to go to the next level with you . . . just by being you.

You’ll be able to create that emotional roller coaster in her, keep her mind constantly preoccupied with you, make physical escalation easy, and make you almost rejection-proof.

As long as you have and master the F Formula, you can be certain she’ll be ready to go further with you.

That means you must flirt with confidence. If a woman senses your hesitancy, she will think you don’t know what you’re doing. That is a huge turn-off.

Never hesitate.

Become the guy every girl secretly hopes to meet.

Click the button below to download the F Formula. Take some time to try it out. Get stares from across the room. Escalate with girls easier. And drastically advance the quality of your dating life.

Click here to ignite instant chemistry with any girl



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