7 Simple Rules For Texting The Girl You Like

rules for texting girls
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Texting has become the most common and easiest way to get together with girls and to get her out on a date or even just to hangout.

Most girls prefer it more than calling. In fact, anyone who has a mobile phone prefer texting more than calling.

Even with that, most guys suck at texting girls and mess things up.

They fail to keep things interesting for her and never get the chance to go out with her on a date.

Even if, after you got her number and think she likes you enough on the first meeting, you can still improve your chance of getting together with a girl using text messaging by creating more attraction and connection with her.

You can learn the skill of texting girls to keep her interested and attract her by following some texting rules and refining what you know every step of the way.

You need to keep in mind that texting is just another form of communicating with her.

Be Congruent

That means, you need to show your personality as who you were when you first talked to her. There has to be some congruence between your text messages and the man she met the first time.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

And keep in mind what you want — your goal — when you’re texting her.

Have a Goal in Mind

If you don’t know that, it should be to set up a date with her soon and while you’re at it, making her keep thinking of you.

You want her to be thinking of good things when you text her, to keep her interested and waiting for every one of your text messages.

If you’re able to make her anticipate every time her phone receives a message from you, she won’t be waiting for you to bring up a meet. Instead, she’ll set it up or hint at it herself.

And to do that, you need keep some “little” things in mind. They’re so little, guys mistakenly ignore them and screw their chances with girls using texting.

Avoid Boring

When you text her, don’t bore her with your message.

You can be friendly and positive with your text messages. But you can’t be boring.

A lighthearted and playful tone can make your text interaction more enjoyable. To keep the conversation engaging, you can tease her or share something funny.

Make it funny or interesting enough that she’ll reply immediately. If she doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t send her any text nagging at her to make her reply.

Be Curious

If you’re interested in her, don’t try to hide it. Ask questions about her interests and opinions. Use open-ended questions.

Match Her Pace

If she text back quickly, you can text her back just as fast. But if she takes a several minutes to reply to every little text message, you don’t have to reply to her instantly.

Don’t waste your time waiting for a text message which would come hours or even days later.

You don’t want to overwhelm her with your text messages. Give her space to respond.

You’ve gotta live your life, man. Even the number of messages or how long the text message is should be close to how much she’s sending you.

Check Before Sending

Review your text message for typos, errors, or unclear phrasing. A text that’s confusing can easily cause misunderstanding which can lead to conflict.

Create Anticipation

This can give you something to talk about later. So leave some things for future conversations.

Remember: Only use these as guidelines. Be flexible and adapt your approach to the girl you’re texting.

Of course, ask her out and meet with her as soon as you can so you can build a deeper and a more meaningful connection with the girl you like.

Suggested Reading

There’s a whole bunch of books written on how to text girls.

You can get one if you want a more detailed and lengthy explanation of the process. But keep these rules for texting girls in mind for now if you want to get her on a date and wanting it.

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