How to Date a Friend

Dating a friend may sound scary to attempt, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There’s the danger of losing the friendship and not being the same again. Even getting ignored and uncomfortable when you meet each other if she doesn’t feel the same.

But if she harbours the same feelings as you do, then there’s no better romance than dating a friend you’ve known for a while. For one thing, you’ve already know quite a lot about her.

You know what she likes and don’t like. You don’t have to guess or ask around where to go on your dates, you can just take her and surprise her by the wealth of your knowledge about her.

Anyway, if she’s a good friend you’re interested in dating, what’s missing in the equation to be able to date her is… sexual attraction.

If you’re close and talk a lot of things, spend a lot of your time together with her. She already trust you and is comfortable enough to share things with you.

Still, you can’t just jump out and tell her you want to date her. You still want to know if she at least has the same feelings or she has some attraction for you as well. You can gauge her and observe her for signs of attraction if you ask her out on a friendly date if you don’t usually go out alone.

If you don’t think she’s attracted to you, learn more about attracting women. It works even if your friend is new or you’ve known her the longest time. Once you’ve done that, things will just fall naturally into place since you’ll be showing interest in her.

Now, for the most part, all you gotta do is tell her you want to date her if she still don’t have a clue (which is rare). Tell her you’re interested in her honestly. Most of time though, women will be able to tell if you’re showing clear sexual attraction towards her.

She may need some time, so better let her have some space for a while. But don’t force things on her if she doesn’t give you a response. Even if she doesn’t give you the chance to date her, tell her you’d like to maintain the friendship.

If all goes well, you can go out with her, plan dates, and enjoy your romance with your friend. You don’t even have to change anything and still do all the things you do with her. You don’t have to worry about trying to impress her since she already know much about you.

Anyway, these books can help you date a friend:

Check them out and see how they can help you date a friend.

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