How to Get Phone Numbers From Women

Want to know how to get a girl’s phone number?


It means you’re past the initial hurdles and you’re on your way to building more comfort and trust with women.

If you’re having a hard time getting digits, it could only mean she’s not comfortable enough to give it to you.

You haven’t created enough trust in her, yet. If you did, she’ll be giving her number to you without you even needing to ask for it sometimes.

Or could it be that you’re simply not asking for it?

If so, what’s stopping you?

Ask for her number

Getting a girl’s number will allow you to follow up with a girl you like so you can ask her to meet you again. Remember…

If you want to see her again, ask for her number.

If you want to date her, get her number.

It’s easier, again, if she’s attracted and comfortable with you. You could create plans right there — as you’re talking to her — about where you’d like to take her along.

That way, she’d have to give you her number if she wants to come with you. (And she won’t be wondering why you’re asking for her number. In short, this avoids getting a “Why?” from her when you ask.)

You could sell her whatever your plan is and make it interesting. And she’d only miss out by not coming.

No need for some clever ploy

Just do things right and you’ll have the best chance of getting her phone number.

With that in mind, find things you have in common with her and build some anticipation. Then invite her to a related activity at a later date about what you’ve been talking about.

If she’s interested enough, she’ll give you her contact details when you ask for it.

When to ask for her number

Ask for her phone number when she’s comfortable enough around you, she’s enjoying the conversation, and she’s clearly having a good time.

It’s generally not a good idea — and you don’t want to ask for it — when she looks just about to fall asleep or distracted with something else. Otherwise, the answer you’ll get will most likely be a negative.

Another important thing you should remember: Make her want to see you again by leaving a good impression.

Girls don’t always offer their numbers on their own. It can happen but you shouldn’t expect it.

It’s your role as a man to get her number and plan for a second meeting later on. So it’s essential you know how to get a girl’s number.

If it happens that you don’t find the girl interesting enough, you don’t have to force yourself to get her number. You can just say your goodbyes without getting her number.

She won’t give her number?

When she doesn’t want to give her number, it’s best to continue the conversation and create more attraction.

You can then ask for it again later, or settle for something else like her email address or social media instead. Better than nothing, right?

But don’t get too hung up on getting the number. It won’t do you any good if every time you talk to a girl, you get desperate about going for the number.

Getting phone numbers is not a big deal. It shouldn’t make you nervous — or excited.

If, however, trying to get her number gets your palms sweaty, see how The Collection of Confidence can help you stay calm, relaxed, and controlled throughout the whole interaction.

So what happens next after you get her number?



P.S. If you want to it feel natural and effortless when you get phone numbers, you’ll need experience, of course. But other than that, you’ll need to make the interaction smooth and give her a good experience before you even ask for her number.

It affects everything that follows after, too: If you end up friend-zoned, get forgotten, or get a warm smile the next time you meet.

Fortunately, when you know how to control the interaction — the idea behind The Tao of Badass, you’ll also be able to control the outcome, at least to some degree.


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