Ways to Get Better with Women

Getting better at attracting women takes time.

There’s no “magic pill” you can take that can instantly transform you into a modern day Casanova or Don Juan. But it’s certainly possible to get better with women quickly, if you dedicate yourself to the art.

It all depends on your pace. How fast or how slow you want to learn doesn’t really matter, unless you’re in a hurry, of course. And you want to get as good as possible to have control of your dating life.

With that said, there’s really only one way to get good with women, and that’s spending time with them, learning about them, interacting to as many as you can handle. In short, you need experience with women. Lots of it.

You need to experience what’s it like to approach, attract, tease, flirt, get rejected, have sex, be in a relationship, break up, get back with your ex or not, and all things in between.

I guess what I’m saying is… you need to know how it feels like to be in all levels of relationship with a girl to be able to get better with women.

Not only that, once you start to learn the things that work for you, you need to use it consistently so you don’t forget and get rusty. Guys who get in a relationship with a woman thinks it’s over and don’t need the skills anymore.

Well, guess what? Unless you’re the only person left in the world, you need to keep interacting with other people. And what you learn to get better with women are useful in every social interaction you make.

So if you want to get better with women, make time. Even if it’s just a weekend every week, go out and meet women. At night, during the day, doesn’t really matter where. What matter is that you’re there trying to get better and better, until you get things under control.

But don’t neglect other areas of your life. Getting better with women doesn’t mean forgetting to eat or sleep or work. If your life sucks right now, get it handled first. Don’t go out to seek validation from other people. It won’t make you feel better in the long run.

This is not a sprint, it’s more like a marathon.

If you want to feel great, then become a better person who has something to offer to every women you meet. Have something going on in your life. Be a real man women can’t help but be attracted to.


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