Breakups are messy. It hurts like hell. And you feel like your world ended.

A breakup can happen for a myriad of reasons. It could be cheating, you or she said something you didn’t mean, or it could be over before it even started. But the fact remains that you and your girlfriend are no longer together.

And here’s what I think: Sometimes it’s just better to move on with your life. Only some ex-girlfriends or relationships are worth the trouble of getting back together with.

If that’s your case… if you think it could still work out between the two of you… there’s a simple 3 step formula to get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms. And be happy together again.

Here it is: (1) You cool off, (2) you get your life together, then (3) you make contact.

Let me explain…

After the breakup you need to…

cool off.

Your cooling off period allows you to settle your emotions down.

Allow yourself time to be calm and not do anything stupid (something you’ll regret). If you did something stupid, your chances of getting back together with your ex diminishes greatly.

This is where you cut all contact from your ex-girlfriend and let your wounds heal. So don’t call or text her for some time.

This will also give her some time to think about the relationship. Give her some time to feel what she have lost. Let her miss your times together.

This will tough so during this time…. after you’ve recovered, take the chance to…

get your life together.

This is the time to spend on yourself to make some changes that will make you better. Make yourself look better. Find new hobbies and keep yourself preoccupied.

Go out and meet new people. Go out with friends and meet new girls. But don’t hook-up. If your ex can see you enjoying life without her… you know what that will do.

After you’ve got your life together… it’s time for you to…

make contact with your ex-girlfriend.

Call her or text her and arrange a meet. Keep it casual and friendly when you’re talking to her on the phone and in person.

If she agrees… don’t talk about the past and don’t get serious. Don’t bring up anything about the breakup. just enjoy the company.

The point is to have fun. Make her remember why you both got in the relationship together. Let her see how much you’ve improved. That you’re better than before.

You want to do this a couple of times until she’s comfortable again with you before bring up getting back together again.

If she doesn’t feel the same… then it’s time to move on with your life.

For how long you should wait, what to do in certain situations, and more information on how to get your ex backyou can check this out.

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