What You Need to Do to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

get your ex-girlfriend back
If you want to get back together with your ex-girlfriend, you need to follow the steps exactly

Breakups are messy.

It hurts like hell.

And you feel like your world came crashing down on you.

A breakup can happen for a myriad of reasons. It could be cheating, you or she said something you didn’t mean, or it could be over before the relationship even started.

But the fact remains that you and your girlfriend are no longer together.

That is your reality now.

She broke it off with you because she thinks the relationship is not going to work out. She thinks there’s something wrong with the relationship.

Even if you call her over and over again, all she will tell you is to move on. She’ll tell you you’ll never be together again.

Maybe she won’t even answer your calls or reply to your messages.

That’s not good for you right now.

And here’s what I think: Everyone has faults.

The formula to get your ex-girlfriend back

Sometimes it’s just better to move on with your life. Only some relationships are worth the trouble of repairing.

If that’s your case…

If you think she is worth it…

If you think it could still work out between the two of you… there’s a simple 3 step formula to get your ex-girlfriend back in your arms and be happy together again.

Here it is:

  • You cool off;
  • You get your life together; then
  • You make contact.

Let me explain…

After the breakup you need to…

Step 1: time out!

Your cooling off period allows you to settle your emotions down.

So don’t skip this important step if you want to get your ex back.

Allow yourself time to be calm and not do anything stupid (something you’ll regret). That means avoiding using social accounts to post negative comments about your ex.

If you did something stupid, your chances of getting back together with your ex-girlfriend diminishes greatly.

This is where you cut all contact from your ex-girlfriend and let your wounds heal.

So don’t call or text her for some time.

Give her some space.

How much space? More space than you think she needs.

This will also give her some time to think about the relationship. Give her some time to feel what she have lost. Let her miss your times together.

This will tough so during this time…. after you’ve recovered, take the chance to…

Step 2: regroup

This is the time to spend on yourself to make some changes that will make you look and feel better. Why?

Because if you want your ex to want you back, you have to make her feel you are worth it. You need to level up. Upgrade yourself. Be more valuable. And make her feel she’s missing out if she doesn’t come back. How?

Start with this:

Make yourself look better. If you look like you’re training to be a couch potato, you need to make the necessary changes because you probably need it.

Remember that women are attracted to men who oozes confidence and masculinity. So you need to have the courage to do something for yourself.

Find new hobbies and keep yourself preoccupied. Take a course that you’ve always wanted to take.

Spend your time on something meaningful.

Go out and meet new people. Go out with friends and meet new girls. But don’t hook-up. If your ex can see you enjoying life without her… you know what that will do.

After you’ve got your life together and you feel confident and attractive enough to get your ex-girlfriend back … it’s time for you to…

Step 3: get in touch

Call her or text her and arrange a meet. Keep it casual and friendly when you’re talking to her on the phone and in person.

If she agrees… don’t talk about the past and don’t get serious. Don’t bring up anything about the breakup. just enjoy the company.

The point is to have fun.

Make her remember why you both got in the relationship together. Let her see how much you’ve improved.

That you’re a better man now than you were before the split.

If you want to get your ex back for good, you want to do this a couple of times until she’s comfortable again with you before bring up getting back together again.

If she doesn’t feel the same… then it’s time to move on with your life.

Getting back together with your ex-girlfriend

Here’s the thing: you can’t rush getting back together with your ex.

If getting back together with her was just a reaction to the pain you’re currently feeling, you have to let it pass so you know if you really want her back into your life.

My point is: Don’t spend your time trying to get her back if your reason is boredom.

So take your time when you give her space. This is crucial to getting your ex to want you back. You can even do specific things to trigger her attraction at this phase.

Then later, you can remind her of the things that drew you two together. Looking back fondly at the times you shared together and rekindling her feelings for you makes it easier for you to win her back.

You want to get her out of the negative emotions she’s feeling so she will be more open to your approaches.

She’s probably sitting at home wondering what you’re up to. Perhaps she’s even thinking the same thoughts as you.

That is why you need to make yourself more attractive to her, living your life. Happy and confident.

Behave in a way that she finds attractive and sexy. So even if you bump into her when she’s with another guy, you come out the better man.

If you think you two are great together, then getting back together is just the first step to start living the long-term future you dream of having together.

For more fine details on getting your ex back into your arms like how long you should wait, what to do in certain situations, and more information on salvaging your relationship… see my recommended programs below:

It’s also important to consider who broke up with whom and the exact reason why.



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