Text Your Ex Back with Michael Fiore

Good news!

It’s possible to get your ex back and most relationships can be saved.

And if you want to know how to get your ex back using simple, innocent text messages sent from the phone you’re holding right now, congratulations, you found the right place because…

Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program can give you the opportunity to get your ex back!

Keep reading and by the time you’re finished… you’ll know exactly the next step you should take.

But… there are some conditions before you are allowed to proceed.

Is Text Your Ex Back for you?

You should only use Text Your Ex Back if you really, really want to get your ex back and your ex is worth getting back.

Here’s what that means…

If you legitimately miss and appreciate your ex, you feel you both have a real connection with each other, and the reasons you broke up are things you can resolve, accept, move past then… you can use Text Your Ex Back to get your ex back.

But if you’re doing it for vanity or your ego or some no good reason, then forget about your ex and save yourself from a bad ending. (Instead, I suggest you find a new girl to attract using the skills from The Tao of Badass or other attraction system and start a happy new relationship with a different woman.)

Or if you’re looking for a quick fix and don’t want to put any effort to get your ex back, this is not for lazy people.

You’ll need patience, persistence, and an honest desire to be together with your ex. You can’t ignore vital information and you absolute have to follow instructions if you want this to work for you.

Now that it’s out of the way, and you know you just have to get your ex back, let’s continue.

If you can’t wait to get your ex back, here’s how the Text Your Ex Back program can help you…

What is Text Your Ex Back?

text your ex back book

Text Your Ex Back is a straightforward and practical program specifically designed to get your ex back for good. In fact, you won’t find something else better to guide you in getting your ex back in a step by step manner.

It’s a complete and detailed system for using simple text messages to getting your ex’s mind open to the idea of being with you again.

Its simple, easy-to-use methods will allow you to create a new, better relationship with your ex-girlfriend (or ex-wife or ex-boyfriend or ex-husband) from day one.

Using simple and clear instructions that tell you exactly what to do and why, what text to send and when, along with plenty of examples, all you have to do is follow it completely and your chance of getting your ex back gets better than ‘accidentally’ bumping into her out of nowhere and convincing her to get back together.

With the Text Your Ex Back program…

You’ll know some amazing psychological tricks and relationship hacks that get your ex to can’t help it but respond to you, re-awaken her attraction to you… all to help her decide to give you another shot, get her to forget about any other man, forgive you for everything you feel you’ve done wrong, and most importantly…

She’ll think getting back together was all her idea.

And to make sure you both stay together, this program will also help you figure what exactly went wrong with your old relationship.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of your break up and discover issues you might not have realized existed in your old relationship.

With real relationship advice, a long-term strategy, complete actionable texting plan and text sequence with detailed examples from real life customers… don’t be shocked at how quickly her attitude towards you changes, finds herself thinking about you, starts calling to hear you voice, and finally asks you to get together to talk…

… all while typing a few simple text messages with your thumb.

Do it right, and you can have her eagerly suggest you give things one more try.

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Why texting?

text your ex back quote: “…there’s something VERY intimate about texting. It’s the closest thing to “telepathy” that you can get"

Texting allows you to have a secret conversation with her, to create your own world where you can earn her trust.

But you have to use texting the right way. Sending the right, seemingly innocent text to your ex-girlfriend, can have a shocking impact on how she thinks about you.

By texting her the right way, you can feed her emotional bait she’s genetically programmed to respond to wherever she is or whatever she’s doing and build her desire for you no matter how hard she try to resist.

And even when she doesn’t respond, an idea will start to grow in her mind; the idea that she might have made a mistake and that she want you back.

What you need to send her are simple and safe texts no woman could overreact, that will secretly appeal to her deepest desires and emotions to bring her back to you, no matter how long she’s gone.

These are simple and powerful text designed and proven to trigger attraction, force a smile across her face, and a thrill to rush through her body.

With the right text, you can remind her why she fell for you in the first place, see you as the sexiest, most desirable man on the planet, the man she’s truly meant to be with, without anyone else having to know and being able to interfere.

You can do all that because… texting lets you think carefully about what you’re going to say and lets you consider everything you say before you say it.

That’s not all, of course.

It’s also intimate, personal, direct, and many more compelling reasons why texting is great for getting your ex back as you’ll learn in Text Judo and later modules of Text Your Ex Back.

And I’m sure you want to know who’s mind this came from, right?

Who is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore of Text your ex back

Michael Fiore is an author and relationship coach who has become exceptionally good at helping men and women improve their relationships by sending simple text messages.

He learned through his own relationship experience that there’s more to texting and how powerful it was at creating intimacy and desire in women if used properly. So he set off to teach many men and women his unique texting formulas to grow and strengthen their relationships.

Since then, he has created three separate texting guides, caught the eye of mainstream media and appeared in countless radio and TV shows.

Enough about Michael Fiore for now. Let’s take a look at…

What’s inside Text Your Ex Back

Anyway, let me give you a sneak peek preview of what’s inside each module of Text Your Ex Back, so you know what to expect, and so you can decide for yourself if this program can help you get your ex back or not.

Let’s start…

When you gain access to the Text Your Ex Back member’s area, you’ll see every module has a short introductory video that explains what you’ll read in the guide, how to go through the guide, what to expect, and tells you what you need to do and how to go from that.

But the first thing you should do is listen to the interview with a woman who used the system.


because there’s a very important message there that will ensure your success of whether or not you’ll get your ex back. Then you can start with Module 1.

Module 1

The first module introduces you to the Text Your Ex Back system and tells you…

  • How Text Your Ex Back is going to help you get your ex back.
  • A little about the author, Michael Fiore, and why you should listen to him.
  • Who the course is for (and who it’s not for).
  • What Michael Fiore guarantees after going through this program.
  • Why it’s possible after reading and started working on the program, you’ll decide you don’t want your ex anymore. (And that what you learned will be better used for someone you meet in the future).

Here, Michael Fiore advises you to read through the whole thing before you start work on the program because it will take some time, that there’s no one text to get your ex back in ten minutes.

It also explains here the number one reason why it didn’t work for some people. And instructs you to use the community portal if you need someone to talk to so you can get sympathy from those going through the same pain as you.

Reminds you that if your ex is really worth it, you should follow the system, no skipping, no texting, and to really do the work.

This module also introduces a very critical rule to get your ex back…

The 30-Day No-Contact Rule

Here you’ll learn what the 30-Day No-Contact Rule is, and…

  • Why you need to give yourself some time… even if it scares the hell out of you.
  • When the 30-day clock starts ticking.
  • What you need to do during those days of no contact with your ex.
  • What if you break this rule, what should you do then?
  • Why is it even 30 days?
  • What important thing you need to get back during the 30 days of no contact to get your ex back.
  • What if you live together or if you have kids, what are things you need to do?
  • What if they meet someone?
  • What to do if your ex contacts you first.
  • What if you’ve been sending her texts like a terrorist, and sent a ton of messages since you broke up (and got no response)?
  • What if yo can’t wait that long, what you need to do then, and why you should do this no matter what?
  • Why it’s imperative to the success of this program to do it right and why it’s worth it in the long term.

This module also briefly mentions about the exercises you need to do to help you get a hold what your relationship was, what went wrong, what went right, why you want your ex back, if you want ex back, how to start creating the building blocks you’re going to need to really use the texting portion of the Text Your Ex Back program.

This is what I think is what’s unique and another good point of this program.

The way it uses what you know about the relationship, so the content of the text you send your ex is different from everybody else. And every text message fits your situation like it’s custom made for your relationship, which it should.

The real work of texting your ex back starts in the next module.

Module 2

Here, in the second module, you’ll find out what went wrong in the relationship, why you’re not together now, and help you identify key issues that led to your break up.

This is where your first homework comes in.

You’ll have worksheets to fill out, in which your answers is what you’ll use to start creating your text to send you ex. You’ll have to choose a worksheet based on your situation; whether you were dumped or whether you did the dumping.

This will help you figure out why you really broke up.

You’ll know the real reason, not the reason you think or what your ex told you. And based on the reasons, you’ll also understand your ex and your relationship deeper.

If you were dumped, you’ll know the common reasons women give, (even if your ex didn’t want to talk about it) and what it tells you about your ex. You’ll also learn…

  • What Michael Fiore suggest you do based on each reason your ex gave you.
  • Why you might end up making things worse if you don’t figure out the real reason why you broke up before sending your ex a text.
  • The 7 reasons your ex gave for dumping you and what she really means (and the lie people tell all the time).
  • Why people cheat and what cheating can mean for your relationship.

And… if you did the dumping, you’ll know…

  • What you need to create to help you know what’s going on in your ex’s mind when she thinks of you.
  • The typical reason you broke up. (What you said might not be the same as what you meant.)
  • What your reason means and what to do for each reason: if you had a big help her decide to give you another shotfight, if you thought she cheated, or if there’s violence involved.
  • Why you need to focus on yourself, and not your ex.

Hopefully, you understand how important this is to get your ex back, so you should answer the worksheets honestly.

In the next module, you’ll start creating your plan of attack and what your big goal is.

Module 3

This third module will help you answer why you really want your ex back, what you actually want–the final outcome you want, and what little steps you need to take to get there.

This is a short module, and you’ll just have to answer these three questions honestly. If you don’t know how to answer these questions, don’t worry. There’s a worksheet sample provided for you.

If you don’t do this, the whole program will be pointless.

The next module will make sure you’re truly ready for the process, that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared. It will be the last step before you learn the techniques.

Module 4

This fourth module is about the checklist you need to go through emotionally and how to check yourself before you text your ex. As well as, some tips and tricks to take care of yourself to make yourself more attractive.

You’ll learn…

  • Why making your old relationship the subject of your text a BIG mistake.
  • How to use the worksheet to keep your head cool during the texting process.
  • The important side effects which will make you more attractive
  • Why trying to get your old relationship back is a mistake and why it’s better to create a new relationship instead of re-creating the old one (you’ll feel a relief on this idea).
  • How you’ll be 50% more attractive as soon as you do this one thing.
  • How to forgive your ex and yourself.
  • Why not forgiving (your ex and yourself) will harm your chance of getting your ex back.
  • Why feeling and holding a grudge because it feels right is dead wrong.
  • A psychological trick to make it easy to forgive yourself and your ex.
  • Why forgiving yourself is even more important than forgiving your ex.
  • A forgiveness exercise to help you forgive yourself easily.
  • How you’re going to reprogram your mind to focus on the good things about yourself.
text your ex back quote: “confident people and people who like themselves have better relationships”
  • Why you’re not allowed to send a text to your ex until you’ve done this.
  • One of the best ways to get your ex to notice you again while raising your self-esteem, learning new tricks, honing your game, and becoming more interesting.
  • The power of social proof, and how it helps to make your ex find you more attractive, interesting, and sexy.
  • One of the steps to get emotional clarity and resilience to get your ex back.
  • Why anybody you meet during this time is off limits in the long term sense.
  • How to make yourself a great catch, someone your ex will be lucky to be with.
  • What you need to do if you want real results with your ex.

In the next module, you’ll use the worksheets as the foundation of the Text Your Ex Back system.

Module 5

This module talks about the cornerstone of the Text Your Ex Back program, Text Judo. This is where you’ll get down to business.

Here you’ll learn…

  • What Text Judo is all about, and how to use Text Judo to use the intensity of her feelings and channel them to re-open lines of communication with you ex.
  • How to use Text Judo get the positive results you want using your ex’s existing emotions (whether it’s positive or negative).
  • Why your ex feeling any emotion towards you is a good thing (and how apathy will kill any chance of getting back together).
  • The principles of Text Judo and how Text Judo works in practice.
  • The 2 reasons why texting is the most efficient and powerful way to redirect hot emotions.
  • Why the harder you try the more likely you fail.
  • Why it’s all about quality not quantity.
  • How one well-placed, well-timed, and well-written text is better than a barrage of begging or a parade of promises.
text your ex back quote: “Never hit send without rereading your text, at least, three times”
  • Why Text Judo is not about manipulating or controlling your ex.
  • What happens if you come back to your ex pretending nothing is wrong.
  • Why you have to be flexible, and not follow the sequence in lockstep.
  • The simple technique that puts you in control, and the important reason why you need to be in control.
  • What you’ll need to use in your communication that will allow you to probe for areas of likely connection and bring the relationship to an in-person basis by making her come to you.

Of course, there’s also a Text Judo homework.

This is where you’ll prepare the things you need to put Text Judo into practice. Your answer to the worksheet will be your inspiration for all the text you’re going to send to your ex. That’s why the more detail and specific it is the better.

You won’t have to wonder how to answer each question, it’s all explained one by one for you which include answers from other people as examples. These questions go deep so will have to think of your answers carefully.

In the next module, you’ll discover the key types texts you’ll be using to actually text your ex back, with specific instructions on how to time and sequence your text messages.

Module 6

This module explains how the Text Your Ex Back program works as a whole, the types of texts you’re gonna be sending, and some examples from real people.

This module has two parts. The first part is about your own Text Judo, the timing, sequence, and responses. Specifically, you’ll learn…

  • How to create your own Text Judo plan of attack to text your ex back in 30 days.
  • The type of text to use, how many, and how often during the Text Your Ex Back program.
  • How each text builds up the previous one to get your where you wanna go.
  • Why you should use your head and not follow the advice blindly. (Know when to adjust for what’s actually happening in your relationship.)
  • Why texting too fast is worse than texting too slow, and what to do if things are dragging.
  • How to know if you ex is ready for the next step.
  • What if things are going too fast, and your ex suggests meeting right away.
  • What a typical Text Your Ex Back sequence looks like, and what to do in certain situations. (These are examples based on real life cases from actual Text Your Ex Back customers.)

The second part of this module talks about the first type of text you’ll be using to send to your ex, a text to get her attention again without being needy.

The type of text you’ll be learning here is going to set the tone for the rest of the conversation to come since this is also your first contact with your ex in a while.

This is where a lot of your previous work comes into play.

Here you’ll learn…

  • The goal and the specific purpose of the first text and why it’s different from the rest of the text (and how G.E.A.R. neatly sums it all up).
  • The big idea behind this type of text, what it’s meant to do, what it is not for, and the iron-clad rules you must follow for using this type of text.
  • Why you should expect nothing.
  • Why to never say, ‘Yo’, ‘Hey’, ‘What’s up,’ or any other texts that sound like it’s written by an 18-year-old frat boy.
  • What this text is designed to let your ex know about you.
  • Why this text is important and what your ex needs to sense from you.
  • The 2 formulas for this type of text that show exactly what to say and the key points you have to remember.
  • What happens if you come too strong with your ex right away.
  • The 3 different things that might happen once you send your first text. (And what to do if you don’t get a response right away.)
  • How to respond based on what your ex does.(You’ll exactly what to do if she respond positively, negatively, or not at all.)
  • How to make her want more. (The proper reply to her responses.)
  • The next step and how long to wait before you send the next text.
  • Why even a negative response can be a good sign.

Of course, let’s not forget the homework where you’ll start to prepare and create this type of text using your list of answers from your worksheets.

Next you’ll learn another type of text which is a way to get closer to your ex once the conversation starts. You’ll learn specific techniques on how to construct the language in these powerful text messages.

Module 7

This module gets into the emotional aspect of the program. This is where you’ll be putting your feelings into words using the power of emotional language.

This is where you use those worksheet answers to put the good part of your relationship to use, and have your ex the relive the emotions those parts bring up. You’ll learn how to put all that into the next text you’ll send to your ex.

You’ll know what this type of text is all about, when to send them, the actual formula and techniques involved, along with…

  • The most powerful tools for re-engaging your ex in a positive communication.
  • What you’re trying to plant in your ex mind so she starts thinking about you in a good way
  • What makes those good parts of the relationship feel as real as possible.
  • The power of emotional language.
  • Why you want to bypass the rational, calculating, doubtful part of her brain,
  • Why you should not start with these type of texts.
  • The 3 techniques to use to get ur ex’s pleasant emotions pumping and flowing.
  • A powerful way to access those good old memories whether they want to or not, why you want to focus on things you want her to remember, and how to direct the movie in her head.
  • The 3 types of experience you want your ex to access, including examples, that show you how to make the experience more real. (And examples of how powerful it can be if you combine all 3 techniques together.)
  • One of the most powerful tools for stimulating emotions and why. (Also with examples.)
  • Sneaky but very powerful way to lead to a series of text, with examples. (Only someone playing hard to get will not respond to something like this.)
  • The potential responses you’ll receive from your ex (no response, good response, or a negative response), the possible reasons why you got that kind of response, and your next step and what to do in each case. (Also with examples.)

Next… you’re about to take a big step to get your ex back. You’ll learn a top secret, very sneaky and powerful text type.

Module 8

This module is a bonus text technique where you’ll learn…

  • How to use jealousy in a powerful and positive a way to get ur ex thinking about you.
  • Why the idea that you are attractive to other women is an important thing to get your ex back.
  • The wrong way to use jealousy in getting your ex back.
  • Why subtly showing your ex you’ve moved on is a powerful attraction technique.
  • The 3 rules for using jealousy in your texts. (Important rule: If jealousy is a serious issue in your relationship, skip it. It’s obviously a dumb move.)

There’s actually no specific formula for this type of text since it’s hard to quantify. Instead, you’ll have examples showing.

  • Why you shouldn’t throw it all out there in one text, and the things you should let your ex knows about your post-breakup life.
  • How to make your ex figure out you were on a hot date, without actually having to come out and say whether you were or not.

It’s about to get seriously real for you in the next module.

Module 9

This module is where you show her that even though your relationship is over, you’re still there for her in some way and you still care about her.

You can only do this since you’ve taken it step by step, establish contact gently, instill positive feelings in her, and handle her negative feelings with Text Judo.

Here you’ll learn…

  • How to plant seeds that you could be close again.
  • What you goal is with this type of text.
  • How to make her subconsciously realize that she not only don’t want to live without you, but can’t live without you, and how to do it by texting.
  • The one and only rule of using this type of text, and why anything else is playing with fire.
  • Why trying to use this type of text to manipulate your ex can blow up in your face.
  • What you’re required to know how to use this type of text.
  • Why it’s easier if you’ve dated for a significant amount of time (or married).
  • The best time to use this type of text.
  • Why she’s more likely to see you as a friend if you use this to get ahead of yourself, and jump back into her life.
  • How to score bonus points and show you’re in her team.
  • The 2 formulas for using this type of text with the corresponding examples for each.
  • The possible responses, what to do if your ex wants to chat, if she didn’t respond, or if she gave you a bad response.
  • What one response to watch out for, and the 2 tactics you can use if you receive it.

Next you’ll know how to use sex (in a subtle way) to catch her interest and get her hot and bothered enough to call you.

Module 10

Now, this module has three parts. One part deals with one of the biggest complaints women have about men. What do you think that is?

Module 10a

This part is where you tell your ex how you really feel, where you lay it all on the table, and tell your ex the truth.

If all other techniques haven’t worked, this will also be your last ditch effort. And you absolutely must not do this unless you’ve run out of options. Do this right, and you’ll have the chance to really establish an emotional connection with your ex.

The type of text you’ll learn here is the text that will get your from exes to not-exes, This is the time you’ve been waiting for. This is what you’ve been working hard to achieve.

The text you’ll learn here has four different categories, and you need to use it very carefully, using a very specific formula. Of course, there are formulas and examples for each category provided for you so you’ll know how to write them easily.

Here you’ll learn…

  • Why there’s no need for you to worry about getting cold feet, tripping over words, and getting embarrassed about this.
  • The text that’s the same as flirting at a bar with somebody you just met, and how to slip it in other conversations over text.
  • Why you don’t have to beat yourself up and how to keep things positive.
  • How to show confidence, maturity, and all the attractive qualities that make your ex want to be with you.
  • Why you shouldn’t lead with this type of texts, and what to text her to start with.
  • The 6 rules you have to follow before you send this type of text.
  • A critical point you should be wary of. (Your ex could use this to start a fight.)
  • Why you should be willing to speak your heart.
  • Why it’s more effective for guys texting girls, and could be the one technique that gets her to ask to see you.
  • The simple text that will brighten her whole day.
  • Why you need to write as much as you need to, and how to give it more emphasis.
  • The text where you really let her know what’s going on in your heart, why it’s really easy to mess up, how it should be like.
  • Why you should make sure that every word earns its place.
  • The text that lets your ex know what you miss about your relationship.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect anything once you send this kind of text.
  • Why you always want your ex to be the one to ask for a meeting or phone call.
  • What to do after you hit the send button.
  • The possible responses to once you send this type of text.
  • Why your ex could respond in million different ways (from your ex crying, to leaving you cold for days with no response).
  • What to do when your ex responds in kind and suggests to getting together.
  • What if your ex just says ‘thank you’, what now?
  • What to do when she didn’t respond or gave you a negative response.

Next, if this text works well for you, you’ll get a couple more techniques you can use to help you get closer and closer.

Module 10b

In this part, you’ll know how to build emotional and physical attraction with your ex. The type of texts you’ll learn here can even be used in the context of everyday conversations to make her heart beat a little faster.

Use it this little thing not just get your ex to bed, but bring her closer to you. And since men and women think differently about sex, this section is broken down for use by each gender.

You’ll find out…

  • The 6 rules for getting a woman turned on using text messaging (even if you aren’t that good in person).
  • How sex is a huge part of most successful relationships, and why it’s a fantastic way to get into you ex’s emotional brain and bring her closer to you.
  • Why there’s something very intimate about texting and why it’s the closest thing to telepathy.
  • How to use sensuality and sexuality in your text to get your ex turned on and craving you at the push of a button.
  • When to best use this technique to create the greatest amount of tension.
  • Why there’s nothing as effective as texting to get women really turned on.
  • Women’s biggest erogenous zone (turn this on and everything else will follow), and the best possible way to turn her on.
  • Why you need to take it slow and not give her the chance to back out.
  • When is the best time to text her and why you need to catch her off guard.
  • Why it’s a mistake to suggest a hook up (and keep it all virtual.)
  • What to do if your ex asks you to come over and wants sex.
  • The foolproof 2-part text formula for getting her heart racing. (What text to start with and the follow-up… plus examples.)
  • What to text if you’re a little shy (or prefer a little more subtlety.)
  • The 4 possible responses you can expect when you send her this type of text.
  • What to do if she wants more, doesn’t seem into it, gets angry, or wants to hook up.
  • Why you should never apologize for sending this text. (Instead, be confident, cool, and in control.)
  • Why it can get creepy quickly and what to do to easily recover.
  • Why having sex too early in the recovery period is a terrible idea.
  • What you want to establish first before getting physical with your ex.
  • Your ex request a hookup? What you should say and suggest.

Next part shows you how to approach the process of moving from texting to meeting up, dating, and getting back together.

This is it! Aren’t you excited?

Module 10c

This part of Text Your Ex Back is where you turn your texting into a face-to-face encounter. It’s time go from texting your ex to meeting her face to face.

With everything that you’ve learned and done so far, and if your ex has any interest in getting back together (even subconsciously), you should be able to meet with her.

Here you’ll get some tips on how to actually bait your ex to make the first move and get her to suggest to get together, and why it’s much more powerful and effective to do it that way. Also…

  • How to handle, if at the end of the night, your ex suggests getting back together again, and how you need to treat her.
  • Why you need to keep it simple and casual. (No big fancy dinners. Don’t even try to be romantic.)
  • Why, after the first date, you need to go back and continue texting and stick with the program.
  • The 3 types of texts to secure the positive aspect of the evening in your ex’s mind.
  • What to text after a few hours after saying goodnight. (Lots of examples here.)
  • What if everything with the Text Your Ex Back program is going great but she just won’t ask you out? ( A sneaky trick you can use if it’s going on for a few weeks to a couple of months.)
  • What text to send (without making it a big deal) if your ex is not willing to make the first move.

There’s not much detail on what to do on the actual date. For that, Michael Fiore actually suggests Magic of Making Up.

Module 11

This part talks about how to use texting as you keep going, how to keep using the different types of texts you learned in Text Your Ex Back, how to get closer to your woman, how to keep using Text Judo, and how to keep texting as a vital part of your relationship.

Of course, it assumes you’re successful in getting back together with your ex or, at least, dating her. May not happen, but this part is still important for your future relationships.

You’ll get some tips to use texting to help your new relationship blossom, as well as…

  • Why you need to keep using the types of texts you learned here to keep rapport going between you and your girl.
  • Why you can’t let yourself slip up and talk about boring stuff with texting.
  • How to maintain intimacy with your girl no matter what comes up in your day.
  • How to get closer to your partner through texting.
  • How to use Text Judo to create the reality you want with your relationships.
  • How to trick her that she’s incredibly into you even if she’s only a little into you, with examples.
  • How to use texting to know your partner better. (Suggests to use 500 Questions for Couples for intimate questions you can ask your girl.)

The last part contains a few final tips before you start texting, the possible outcomes using Text Your Ex Back, and what Michael Fiore suggests you do in each situation.

Also gives you possible reasons why something rare might happen.

There’s also a Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) section where he answers questions they get all the time.

Wait! There’s more.

What bonuses do you get?

Well… you get the Audio Version of the Text Your Ex Back training program at no additional charge so you can study and plan your texts while you’re at the gym, in your car, or anytime you got your headphones on.

Aside from that, you’ll have access to more additional bonuses:

  • 100 Ready-to-Use Text Formulas for more ideas for you to work with. It covers most of the categories from the manual which you can adapt to your own situation. There’s also a chapter containing 20 things you can mention when you are recapping your first and subsequent date experiences over text.
  • Infidelity Buster (Interview with Dr. Jan Hall) talks about the root why men and women cheat in relationships, what to do about it, and the fast and easy way to heal after infidelity. If infidelity is a big issue in your relationship, it’s worth understanding more about it so you can prevent it from happening again.
  • Instant Forgiveness (Interview with Dr. Fred Luskin) talks about how to move past pain and anger, stop having the same fights again and again, and have your ex finally accept you and love you for who you are. You’ll know how and why to forgive someone so you can move forward.
  • Facebook Romance Secrets. A program that will allow you to seduce your woman, or any woman, using Facebook and social media, and will tell how to tell a story that will have your girl grinning from ear to ear. This is all about incorporating Facebook in your relationship.

With that, I think I’ve given you more than enough to decide whether Text Your Ex Back can help you or not.

And frankly, if this program can’t help you get your ex back, I don’t think there’s any other program out there that can.

text your ex back full set

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Final Thoughts

The Text Your Ex Back training program has almost got all the good stuff and all the right moves to get your ex back: complete texting plan, powerful secrets and techniques, real relationship advice, clear and simple step-by-step coaching, excellent strategy, tons of detailed examples, and more. There’s almost no reason not to get it and try it out.

Let me put it another way: Text Your Ex Back is your best choice right now if you are serious about getting your ex back.

Best part, she’ll actually think it’s her idea.

Although Text Your Ex Back, doesn’t 100% guarantee that you’ll get your ex back for sure — because to be honest nothing can. But working with this program will give you the best shot at getting your ex back.

And that’s more than enough.

And if the rare thing happen and you don’t get your ex back, the least you’ll get is understand the real reason why your relationship ended on a deeper level.

Maybe, like most people, you’ll realize you don’t really want her back anymore. That’s already a better outcome.


Because if you realize your ex isn’t the right person for you, you’ll finally be able to get closure and move on.

Plus, you’ll learn some really powerful stuff that you can use in your future relationships.

Click Here To Visit The Official Text Your Ex Back Page

There are a lot of good things to like about this program. but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any that’s unlikeable about it.

For one, this mainly uses texting.

So, if you want to use other methods other than texting, it’s not covered here. You’ll have to combine it with another program, which I think you should do.

Another thing, this is not mainly made for guys to get their ex-girlfriend back, but also for girls who want to get their ex-boyfriend back. So you’re not the favorite here, and some advice and parts will be intended solely for women.

(That actually makes it easier to know if your ex is using this on you.)

And they got the order of the parts in the last couple of modules mixed up. Also, you might have noticed that I didn’t mention the name of each module. That’s because I didn’t like it.

But, that’s some minor inconvenience and won’t stop you from getting your ex back.

Although not all ideas are new, or original, Michael Fiore makes it all work well together and everything is well thought out. That already makes it an excellent program.

And everyone agrees that Text Your Ex Back is better than all the other programs, making this the top product for getting your ex back in the market right now.

So to sum it up…

Here’s what makes Text Your Ex Back your best bet to getting back together with your ex:

  • It gives you a step-by-step blueprint to follow using simple and clear yet thorough and detailed instructions. And your hand is held through every step of the way so you’ll know exactly what to do every time without feeling overloaded or overwhelmed.

(And even though it advises you to follow the program exactly as it was designed, it still advises you to use your own head and see what’s really happening in your relationship.)

  • The video introduction explains clearly the purpose of each module, the psychology behind the program, what you need to do next, why you’re going to do it, and when.
text your ex back quote: “The texting types in TXB system are designed to help you discover those points of connection and then use them to bring you and your ex closer together”
  • The complete texting sequence using simple powerful texts shows exactly what to text and when to send them including the formulas so you can easily adapt it for your own use. You’ll know what responses to expect with every text you send and how you should respond in each situation.
  • With more than a hundred (including the bonus) vivid and detailed text examples from the first text to after seeing each other again, you’ll have more than enough inspiration to craft your own powerful text message tailored to fit your situation.

You’re sure to find something you can use to make her feel understood by you, remind her of the man she fell in love with, turn her on and get her hot and bothered, remove the bad memories your ex of your relationship, and amplify all the great things about you and your relationship.

  • You won’t get bored and fall asleep with Michael Fiore’s style of coaching and teaching while he addresses important points and instructs you how you can use human psychology to help your ex decide why she wants to be with you again.

He also gives real, common sense, and mature relationship advice that helps answer a lot of questions, issues, and doubts you might have (or might not have realized) to help you fully understand what went wrong with your relationship and how to deal with it using good principles and sound ideas.

  • It will also help you to emotionally center yourself, so you don’t do anything impulsive and make the situation worse. Instead, you’ll be in the right emotional place, a strong and confident mindset that puts you in a winning position to get your ex back.
  • Since this is not an overnight project and takes the long-term approach (which is more likely to work), you’ll be laying the foundation for a stronger and better relationship and gives you a better chance at long-term happiness, regardless of what happened in your past.
  • And let’s not forget the neat tricks, powerful techniques and relationship hacks you’ll be able to mine as you go through each page and module of this program.
  • There’s basically no questions left unanswered.

But if you have a problem or you need someone to help you, you can join in the discussion of like-minded men and women, all working hard to get their ex back and ready to help you get your ex back. You can ask questions, share your thoughts and feelings, and get help and support whenever you need it. You’re not on your own anymore.

  • The bonuses make it all the more solid and attractive product, and for a limited time, Text Your Ex Back is easily a bargain.

And if you’re not happy with Text Your Ex Back, you can always get your money back.

And since this popular, practical and unique training program is a digital product, everything is delivered online and you’ll have access to the powerful secrets and techniques to get your ex back… almost immediately.

So, if you are serious about getting your ex back…

Click Here To Text Your Ex Back Now »

And you’ll be taken to the official Text Your Ex Back page where there’s a video that reveals…

  • The tiny mistake you made without even knowing that could keep you and your ex from getting back together again.
  • Simple truths about the way relationship work no one has ever told you before.
  • Why it’s a good thing your old relationship is dead.
  • The 3 things you can do to have a chance to build this new relationship with your ex.
  • And Micheal Fiore answers the common questions about this program.

Follow the instructions and you’ll gain access to the Text Your Ex Back program almost immediately and see how well it works for yourself.


Since Text Your Ex Back has been around for years now, it has received tons of feedback and lots of success stories from real people.

Here are some testimonials from real Text Your Ex Back customers over the years:

John S. from Maryland says: “Big fan of the system!! I’ve been using the
TXB system for about a week now. I have gotten positive responses on
both texts I have sent! :)”

Miles C. from Delaware says: “I got my ex to start talking to me again
after two years.”

Shan W. from Oregon says: “I bought the Text Your Ex Back system about
a month ago and have started implementing the system. I sent my first
“Across the Bow” text last week. I got a very good positive reaction from
my ex.”

Shawna P. from Texas says: “I just purchased your program Text Your Ex
Back about three days ago. I have listened to the entire program, and I
have to say you have put a lot of time and thought into the program. There
is a lot of extremely valuable advice and information in the book.”

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