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Want to get your ex back? You are going to need Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide. Why?

Ex Factor Guide ebook

Because it will help you get your ex-girlfriend back in a simple, straightforward, and effective way… using a comprehensive step-by-step system.

Yes, you’ll have almost all the information you need to win your ex back.

And, like the thousands of men and women from around the world, you can reverse your breakup.

So if you want your ex-girlfriend to change her feelings about you …

Don’t do anything until you read this page. Why? 


Because what’s on this page will give you the best chance of getting your ex back.

And by the end of this page, you’ll know exactly how The Ex Factor Guide can help you rebuild your ex-girlfriend’s attraction for you, and what you need to do if you want your ex back in your arms.

If You Ever Want Your Ex Back Again

You’re reading this right now because you’re going through a breakup, and you want your ex-girlfriend to change her mind and come running back to you.

You probably feel broken emotionally. 

The feeling of having your heart crushed into tiny little pieces from hearing your girlfriend tells you that she doesn’t love you anymore is still fresh in your mind.

You really want to call her up and talk. 

You want her to know how you feel. 

You want to send her a million messages explaining how much you miss her and how much you’re willing to fix things. 


Doing that will NOT help you to get back with your ex-girlfriend. 


Because you’ll be acting on your current emotions. And you’ll be essentially telling her that you’re desperate and insecure. 

Neither will this:

Did you tell a close friend or one of your relatives about the breakup advised you something like:

  • Just tell her you love her!
  • Tell her that you’re sorry!

While they sound logical, it’s the last thing you should do if you ever want to see your girlfriend again.

Listen: you cannot talk your ex into giving your relationship another try. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing you can do or say right now to get her wanting you back.

Attempt it and, you’ll only make matters much worse.

So if you ever feel tempted to try and contact your ex and pressure her into getting back together with you, stop yourself. 

Don’t go down that dangerous path. 

Many men fail to reverse their breakup because they start making completely avoidable and utterly stupid mistakes. 

  • They start lying to their ex about things. 
  • They stalk their ex, not only physically but via the internet, too.
  • They send hurtful and sometimes hateful messages to their ex-girlfriends, which only makes their situation worse. 
  • Sometimes they even attempt to sleep with one of their ex-girlfriend’s friends to get revenge (which doesn’t work at all).

As I said, nothing you do or say right now will help you get your ex-girlfriend back.

So if you want your ex-girlfriend back, don’t do anything… yet.

Before you attempt to make things better, you need to release the desperation you are feeling. 

Because only when you are thinking rationally can you win your girlfriend back.

That’s right…

You CAN get your ex back 

… But only if you play your cards right.

With the Ex Factor Guide, you’ll know exactly how to get your ex-girlfriend back even if she’s with some other dude…. or she’s told you she doesn’t love you anymore.

Follow what The Ex Factor Guide tells you and… 

Not only can you get her back into your arms, but you can also rekindle that ‘spark’ you had when the two of you first kissed. 

Imagine your girlfriend begging you to come back, pleading with you to give her another chance. She is texting you at 1am to tell you how bad she wants you back and calling you to explain how sorry she is that you two broke up. She’s banging on your door and won’t leave you alone until you agree to take her back.

So… yes, you are very likely to win back her heart.

Because guess what?

Your ex-girlfriend probably still wants you back in her arms. 

It’s true.

Think about it. 

At some point in your life, you were both quite attracted to each other. 

And despite what happened, you still have those great memories and stories you experienced together. You have a ton of inside jokes that you’ve both shared. You both have had some sexual history as well.

In fact, she is probably more familiar with you than any other guy right now. 

That gives you a massive edge over any competition.

So if you want to get your ex back, please don’t do anything before you know how to rebuild your girlfriend’s attraction for you. 

You’ll find the keys to rebuilding your ex attraction for you inside the Ex factor guide.

You can get started right now by visiting this page or… 

Allow me to quickly show you what’s…

Inside The Ex Factor Guide

In just 14 chapters, you’ll get all the information you need to win your ex back. 

The first couple of chapters helps you deal with the reality of your situation and shows you the fundamental strategy of what you’ll use to fix things with your ex. The one that has helped thousands of couples like you reunite. 

Then the rest of the chapters details the steps you need to take to make your ex want to get back into your arms.

Here’s a breakdown of some of what you’ll learn:

Keys to rebuilding your girlfriend’s attraction for you

You are about to get information most men will never know. 

Since you can’t talk your way back into her arms, this part introduces you to the keys to rebuilding your ex attraction for you.

The Ex Factor program is built around these fundamental keys. And you’ll use these keys to change her mind to the point where she chooses, of her own free will, to get back together.

As long as you use this information successfully, your ex will find it harder and harder to resist your advances. 


Because you’ll stimulate the production of the love hormone in your ex’s brain.

That means you can re-attract her no matter how much she may think that getting back together is a terrible idea.

This guide helps you do just that. But first, you’ll also learn…

The real reason your relationship ended

Whatever the reason for your breakup, whether this resulted from one event, or occurred slowly over many months… it all boils down to this: your girlfriend has lost attraction for you.

You’ll learn the several key reasons why attraction fades in a relationship.

Why do you need to know this? 

So you don’t drive yourself insane asking about what went wrong in your relationship.

And this will also help you identify the very best way to get your girlfriend back into your loving arms. 

As well as avoid doing something that is pushing your ex-girlfriend further away from you (and into the arms of another man). 


With the fundamentals established, you’ll start with…

Your first step to get her back

In Chapter 5, you’ll learn the first step to getting your ex-girlfriend back.

From reading several books about this subject, the first step is always a period of no contact. 

It is the same with The Ex Factor Guide. 

That means you have to completely cut off contact with your ex-girlfriend for at least a month.

If you want to get your ex back, you need to do this for several reasons.

First, 4 out of 5 men that failed to get their ex back into their arms did not succeed because they didn’t do this part properly. 

This is where the battle is won or lost.

So it is absolutely crucial that you understand this.

That point should be more than enough for you to take this seriously. But, inside the guide, there are more reasons why you should do this step correctly. 

The most important I’ve found is this one: 

Studies have shown that your ex will start missing you intensely during this period of no contact.

How so?

You see, your girlfriend is going through the same emotions and heartache you’re experiencing right now. And, to put an end to her heartache and loneliness, your girlfriend may be tempted to get back together with you.

So if you use this period wisely as the guide tells you, chances are your ex will contact you on her own to get back together with you.

This happens way too many times to count.

So do not contact your ex until you have thoroughly read everything in the Ex Factor Guide, and you know exactly what you need to do to get your girlfriend back.

A month of waiting will seem like a long time. 

So to make sure you don’t think about your ex or are even tempted to reach out to her, you’ll have important things to do, things to keep you busy, including the critical step you’ll learn in the next part. 

The worst thing you can do right now is be lazy and sleep all day. As much as you want to do this, it won’t help you improve your mood and it definitely won’t help you get your ex-girlfriend back.

The Ex Factor Guide

The one absolutely critical step 

This step is one of the best techniques that has helped thousands get their ex back.

This step not only takes your mind off your ex as much as possible, but it also helps you regain your confidence and forget your loneliness.

Some suggestions for doing this might offend you. 

And you probably don’t really want to do this right now. But this is important for a reason.

This is one of the best ways to get your ex back. 

Although getting your ex back is still possible without doing this step, your chances of getting her back into your arms will increase dramatically if you do this… properly. 

That is key.

You’ll get quite a few tricks and suggestions on how to do this properly.

And then your ex will start questioning herself and wonder if she made a mistake breaking up with you.

So do everything correctly and it will be extremely likely that your ex will contact you.

The next thing you know…

You get a message, and it’s from her!

You’re not supposed to contact your girlfriend, but the whole situation changes when she initiates contact first.

And like I said, chances are high that your ex will contact you. 

This is especially true if your ex-girlfriend is the needy type. She will most definitely try and contact you — which is a good thing. Why? 

Because if you’ve gotten this far, your ex obviously still cares about you, and she most definitely still has some attraction for you.

But there are several mistakes you have to avoid when this happens. 

For example, don’t ask any personal questions. 

You’ll also learn three things to keep in mind when messaging her back. 

Just follow what the guide tells you, and you’ll send the right kind of impression to your ex… when she messages you via text or email.

You’ll get examples of good message conversations you can have with your ex, so you will know how to stimulate her attraction mechanism. 

Do it, and she’ll probably go insane. 

Result: You’ll have her pursuing you.

Now it’s just a matter of meeting up and ironing out the problems you may have had in the relationship. 

Of course, there is always the possibility that…

Your ex doesn’t contact you

Why would your girlfriend not contact you?

Well, she might still be angry with you. 

Or perhaps her friends are telling her to move on without you.

As you are probably aware, when it comes to dealing with issues such as breakups, women tend to seek advice and listen to their female friends.

Still, you don’t have to worry. 

Although it will take more effort to salvage your relationship, you can still do it.

And since you have no idea what her friends have been force-feeding her, it is best to assume the worst in this situation. So when you do contact her, you need to know how you should be interacting with your ex.

Don’t worry.

The Ex Factor Guide tells you exactly what to say when you contact her so that she’ll find you incredibly attractive.

You will have examples of brilliant messages. Done properly, you will become much more desirable in her eyes. 

She’ll begin to think and wonder about you.

There is also something you must absolutely avoid doing if you want your girlfriend to text you ever again.

How you end this conversation is one of the most important things you do here.

Look: What you’ll learn here may shock you, and it might not make any sense at all. Your ex-girlfriend, however, will be taken aback and be more than eager to see you. 

By being in contact with her again, you’re getting to the whole point of all of this. 

And what’s that you ask?

It is this: to meet up with your ex, using any means. 


Because that’s the only way for you to create attraction, and make her fall in love with you again.

Because only then can you safely and effectively make her want you again. 

And to do that, you’re going to hang out with your ex-girlfriend but…

You should not call it a “date”

Or she’ll probably freak at you.

And when you meet up with your ex again, you don’t want to get that far only to fail. You don’t want to be just sitting down, biting your nails, and talking super fast the whole time. 

So you should act and appear relaxed and comfortable to make it all go well. You’ll know exactly how to do this as well as things you shouldn’t be talking about and even tips on how to tell a good story.

What if she brings up negative topics from the past?

This is a good thing. But you don’t want to go there yet. You’ll know how to handle this properly as well.

And best of all, you’ll know how to make her feel good so that she’ll want to hang out with you again.

Once you’re on this stage, you’re well on your way to getting her back into your arms. But you have to arrive at this point properly. 

You’ve won when…

… In her mind, she’s thinking, “I want to get back together with this guy!”

Because you’ll know how to create a ridiculous amount of attraction in her, you can make this imminent. 

After that, your relationship will organically work itself out where you two will be able to freely talk about getting back together. 

The last thing you want to do right now is blow it. 

So listen up.

Don’t bring up anything yet until she brings it up.

Don’t beg, plead, or seem too eager.

Just wait. 

You’ll have a can’t-miss signal that you can now talk about getting back together again. Do this properly, and she’ll be forced to bring up the talk on her own.

Remember that you want to be that one playing hard to get so that your ex will be the one chasing you.

After you get your ex back, you’ll probably want to learn how to keep her this time. 

There’s a chapter for that, too, where you’ll know how to keep the attraction alive and how to keep things interesting — even if you sense your girlfriend drifting away.

Breakup questions and ‘What if’ scenarios

By now, you are probably looking for answers to questions particular to your situation. 

For example, what if… 

  • Your breakup was a result of infidelity — whether it was just a few flirty texts or a full-blown affair?
  • You can’t wait that long?
  • You’ve done too much begging and pleading?
  • You broke up a long time ago, or more than a few months, or over a year?
  • Your ex lives in another city? (This is not necessarily a bad thing.)
  • You two work together or live together? Maybe you even have a child together. So how the heck do you handle that? 
  • Her birthday (or another significant event) is coming up during this period?
  • She’s dating other men already? you don’t have to worry too much about it
  • Your ex calls you just to argue? 
  • What if she becomes resentful or upset during no contact period, attempts to bring up old arguments, or accuses you of something? 
  • She blocked you on social media?

And of course…

“What if this doesn’t work?”

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to this near the end of The Ex Factor Guide.

There’s still one last thing you can do as a… last-ditch effort ONLY when you’ve tried almost everything in the book, and your ex is still ignoring you.

And you have to make sure that you use this desperation tactic at the right time regardless of the reason.

More questions like these? 

  • My ex deleted me on social media and/or blocked my phone number, what should I do?
  • We previously planned a holiday trip together, but now we’ve broken up… what should I do?
  • We share a dog/cat/other pets, what should I do during No Contact?
  • Why is my ex sending so many mixed messages and/or giving me the ‘hot and cold’ treatment?

You can find the answers to them in the members’ zone once you get access to the complete Ex Factor program. 

Brad Browning, a marriage & relationship coach with a passion for helping couples fix their broken relationships.

Do you need more help with your specific situation? 

You can opt to get 1-on-1 personal email coaching from Brad Browning himself. 

He offers further help in decoding the meaning behind your ex’s words and actions.

The Ex Factor Guide Complete Program

The whole program includes the following…

  • 160-page Interactive E-Book
  • 5 Hour Audio Course if you prefer to listen to a professionally narrated version rather than read the ebook
  • 3-Part Video Series on dealing with depression and motivation

Plus… in-depth bonus e-books to supplement the main guide:

  • 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction 
  • 7 Steps to Sex Appeal 
  • Flawless Physique Fitness Guide 

You can access everything in the Ex Factor Members Zone, plus more… if you upgrade. No need to wait for anything to ship. You get instant access. That means you can begin right now, even if it’s 2am and you’re sitting naked in your basement.

The Complete Ex Factor Guide Program

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Final Thoughts

The Ex Factor Guide is your comprehensive step-by-step manual to winning your ex back. 

It walks you through the process of repairing your broken relationship… 

… Using real, proven techniques that have been tested and perfected over years of work with real men in real relationships.

This means that… 

You will have all the tools you need to rekindle that spark with your ex and show her what she’s missing. 

I’m talking about practical, real-life techniques you want to apply if you’re dead serious about building a new life with your girlfriend by your side.

These techniques work consistently. 

And women won’t be able to resist them. 


Because how can she resist if she has no idea you’re even trying to get back together with her. 

That means you can breeze straight past her ‘warning systems’ and natural urges to resist your advances.

So the more you understand the information in this book the better chances you’ll have of re-igniting your relationship with her.

The whole strategy in Ex Factor Guide is this: 

You’re gonna tap into her primal, subconscious feelings and plant the seeds of passion, romance, and sexuality so that she can’t imagine herself with anyone else. 


By using a lot of psychological tools as a weapon (that may seem a little sneaky) to engage her subconscious mind. 

And since this is a comprehensive guide, you’ll have a profound understanding of a lot of information on getting your ex back into your embrace. 

What you’ll have to do is laid out in order; you just have to do them, including…

  • the exact steps you need to take,
  • the goal and how you should act in each step, 
  • what messages to send and what to say, 
  • the warnings, what to watch out for, and what to avoid, 
  • and many more!

You’ll have plenty of examples and templates of messages and conversations you can copy and send as it is as you go along.

Although the book tells you unfortunate truths you don’t want to hear, you’ll also hear some much-needed good news.

Some of the things you’ll learn might admittedly not sound logical, but it works almost too well. And since they just work so well they had to be included in the book.

These even include dirty little tricks and secrets the author learned from one of his friends.

And, what I like about this is that it can be hilarious, too. 

Although it doesn’t use sugarcoating and tells you what you need to hear, it’s written in such a friendly, fun way that you’ll temporarily forget about your breakup pains while you’re reading it.

For example, some of the things you read might even be so shocking to you that you’d want to call the author an idiot for suggesting such things. And if some suggestions offend you, don’t worry, he’s sorry!

Of course, you’ll find almost all of your questions already answered.

If you don’t find the answers waiting for you in the book, there are further answer in the members’ zone as well.

And if you don’t find an answer to your question anywhere… you can, of course, directly ask Brad to decode what your ex’s words and actions mean for you and have a tailored plan of action specific to getting your ex back through Brad’s personal coaching service.

After all, every situation cannot be the same.

Follow the advice and apply the strategies in Ex Factor Guide, and you’d be able to turn back time and return to the days when you and your ex were madly in love.

And even after trying everything, you don’t get a second chance with your ex, you will find happiness again… sooner. 


If you’re serious about rebuilding your relationship and getting back together with your ex…

If you want the proven system that’s helped thousands of guys from around the world get a second chance with the girl of their dreams…

If you want her to beg you to take her back… to rip your clothes off and give you the best sex of your life… to make your love stronger than it’s ever been…

Click the button below to get immediate access to the entire Ex Factor program. 

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Every second you wait is another second you lose. 


P.S. A good companion guide to have with this is Text Your Ex Back if you want to have a better chance at getting your ex back using text messaging techniques.

P.P.S. I believe this book can help you get your ex-girlfriend back. And, if you do everything properly, she’d be begging you to return to her. But like I said, anything can happen.

If you’ve used the most powerful psychological tools at your disposal to win her back and they still haven’t worked… maybe it’s time to think about moving on. 

Some problems run so deep they can never be fixed.

You deserve a girl that treats you the way you’re supposed to be treated.

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