Mistakes Men Make with Women

If you’re not yet good with meeting and attracting women, you’re probably making a ton of mistakes with the women whom you want to attract.

Mistakes are fine, it shows you’re doing something take control of your dating situation.

Because once you know these mistakes, you’ll be able to make them right and improve your chances at getting women attracted to you.

These mistakes could be what’s holding you back and making you feel like a loser.

Once they’re gone, you may feel like a changed man, getting success with women most of the time.

Some of these mistakes may seem obvious enough, but some guys just ignore them and don’t do anything about them. It goes without saying that you have the chance to improve yourself and see these mistakes as nothing more than garbage you need to sweep.

One of the mistakes men make with women that gives birth to other mistakes is giving too much of himself to the girl.

The idea of impressing the girl will make a guy overcompensate for whatever he’s lacking.

He’ll spend too much, be too nice, too honest, showing too much interest, having too much time for her, and all the things a guys who is afraid to lose a girl will do.

He’ll do anything and everything for the girl

Often times way too much.

And that turns the girl off, becomes bored, and leaves the guy — the very same thing the guy works too hard for not to happen.

The dark side can’t be good, too.

You can’t be too much of a jerk and insult women or ignore them like they don’t exists. You’ll only get damaged women who won’t be good for your health and well being at all.

Another mistake you can make is pouring your heart out too quickly.

The combination of too much and too quickly will overwhelm her. Try stuffing a lot food in your mouth too quickly and you’ll throw everything up just as quickly (or your stomach will hurt like hell).

What you want is to let things progress naturally and smoothly.

You don’t have to be a “smooth operator” but you have to let things move in a steady flow, and with the certainty of her falling for you.

Be sure you know how to attract women.


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