How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

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Flirting with her over text

If you can flirt with a girl in person, you can flirt with her over text. Though you lose some important things, you gain something else in return.

When you flirt with a girl over text, you get into the same playful dance even when you’re not in the same room. 

But this dance can be fickle since it can easily go wrong with one misunderstood emoji that can become a source of grief and confusion.

So whey you’re flirting with a girl over text… it’s best to do it when you are relaxed so you can really get creative.

In general, flirting is a fun conversation. It is a funny, enjoyable, and warm interaction you should enjoy with a girl.

The uncertainty of not quite knowing if you should take what she’s saying seriously, and the fun of implying maybe, without making promises is all part of the flirting dance.

Lead with a flirty text message

When a lone ‘hi’, or ‘hey’ is dry, and a ‘What’s up?’ or ‘You up?’ is not much better…

A flirty text message can be a good opening or first text message to send any girl. Better than any undesirable opener. Why?

Because you get to set the vibe for a light and pleasant exchange. 

When you get to have a fun conversation with her instead of the boring “get to know each other” texts, your chances of meeting with her for a date goes up. Why? 

Because boring texts rarely leads to a date with a girl.

You see, when a girl thinks a guy won’t be able to give her a fun date, a date she can look forward to, her motivation to go out with him takes a nosedive.

And if she can’t see herself having fun with you, she will avoid going out with you. A pretty girl will avoid a boring and awkward date.

So, demonstrate you’re fun from the start. 

You don’t have to wait for a special moment before you get playful with a girl. Playing it safe in a game doesn’t always lead to a win.

If you want to attract a girl through text, learn to flirt with her over text.

Because if not done right, flirting over text can very much feel like having social-emotional agnosia — which often occurs in persons with schizophrenia.

That is what can make flirting over text a bit harder since there is no tone, body language, or facial expression to read.

On the other hand, you certainly can take your time and it’s not as scary as in-person flirting.

You can be confident and funny.

You can take anything mundane can be spin it into something playful. 

Saying something like “just had breakfast” is not enough. 

You want to add some spark to it to turn it into something funny, weird, or interesting flirty text message that will get her to play along with you.

That’s why you want to be in a creative state when you want to flirt with a girl over text.

If you don’t know about humor techniques, it’s not too late to start learning now. Go here or try cocky funny.

A free and easy tone is the basis of a flirty text message.

Flirty text message examples 

Below are some text messages you can use to flirt with a girl.

Flirty Questions

  • Why are you so cute?
  • Which emoji makes you think of me?
  • What would you be doing to me we were together right now?
  • Is it too soon? Maybe we should wait!

Do you know what a question does? 

A question tells her you’re interested in what she has to say and caring about what she thinks can make her feel good. It’s a bit different when you ask her a flirty question though.

Thinking of you. What’s on your mind?

A flirty text message letting her know she’s on your mind can effectively help open up a conversation.

Or you can send her something thoughtful like a “this reminded me of you” text with a photo. 

A photo speaks for itself, of course, but when you send it with a playful note, it makes the whole message feel more intentional.

If you have a history together, send her a “remember this” text to let her know you’re thinking of her enough to send her a specific message just for her. This can make her feel special — a key to a good flirt.

The Callback

When you flirt over text, dirty language is not necessary to stir something inside of her.

What did you talk about in person? 

If, before you got her number, you had built some interest and attraction with her, texting something about your shared moment with her lets you remind of those feelings. 

Think of the experiences you had together. 

If she did something weird, funny, awkward, interesting — something that made her laugh or bond with you — sometime back, send her a text message about it as an inside joke.

Before you hit send

Since it is harder to convey tone and emotion over text since you don’t have the usual body language cues to your disposal, getting misunderstood or misinterpreted can always happen. 

What can you do when this inevitability occurs? 

Instead of letting the conversation die with awkwardness, you can seek to clarify what you meant or ask for clarification of your own.

This is especially so with emojis.

Sure emojis can add color to a text conversation. No doubt that it adds a layer of fun to your text banter. 

However, if she’s not well versed in the language of emojis, chances of are you’ll be misunderstood. 

Emojis depends on the dynamic you have with the girl you’re texting. So you better find out if she’s into emojis first. Simply take cues from her messages.

Another thing you want to be careful of is sending something that kills the vibe. Be aware of offensive statements you should never say to a girl.

If you send something corny or weird to her, she doesn’t have to respond. 

You can, when this happens, just change the subject, ask a question, or wait a while to respond to help steer it back to flirting.

However, if she is no longer responding to your flirty messages, sending three unanswered texts in a row can be excessive. Just assume flirting has taken a back seat. 

Don’t over-analyze. End the flirty conversation. 

And if, on the other hand, you want to stop the flirting properly, instead of just not responding, courteously tell you must go with a “text you later” message. 

In closing

Although flirting with her through text messages gives you no pressure to respond immediately, giving you some time to think of where you want to take the text conversation…

Always keep in mind that…

With flirting with a woman over text, you want to trigger specific emotions in her so you can get as well as keep her attention, raise her interest level, take the conversation to next level, and of course, get her excited to meet you so you can make things happen.

The key to remember with flirting is that you enjoy it, she enjoys it. You make her feel good, attractive, and desirable. 

You brighten her day, she brightens yours.

When you flirt with a girl over text messages, invite banter with compelling magnetic messages.

If you want a complete flirting guide, check out the F Formula.


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