Sometimes guys forget themselves and say things they should never say to a woman, and then wonder why she got upset or looks at him with piercing eyes burning with disgust. Or the attraction she had for you just dies.

And to avoid damages, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let someone else take the heat. While you gets the love.

Almost all women are sensitive about how she looks, so don’t mention anything that will negatively impact her self-esteem with regards to her appearance. Unless, of course, you’re helping her put together an ensemble.

So watch out making comments about her weight, age, or shoes unless it’s a genuine compliment on your part.

Now if you want to attract her, here are some things to never say if you don’t want to get repelled. Remember what attracts women to men? Use that as a guide on how to act in front of her and the things you should say to her.

That means being a real man who’s in control and in charge of his life and circumstance. Someone who doesn’t seek to impress. So don’t say anything that mentions your new sports car or how much money you’ve got in the bank which can only be interpreted as bragging.

If you want to take her out, don’t seek permission. Just ask her out outright and plan for it. Do it in a confident and self-assured way and tell her what you’re gonna do together. Make it sound like fun and that she’ll miss out big-time if she didn’t come.

Don’t rely on her to think of where and what you’re going to do. Since you’re the one who asked her out, it’s only right that you have some plan. If you don’t, check out some date ideas.

Continue to lead the way for her throughout the date while keeping calm and not asking for mommy if she wants to do this or that. And to really enjoy the date, and not face a bomb waiting to explode, avoid talking bad about people she knows.

That includes her friends and family, no matter how much you don’t like them. That just showing her your insecurity and talking trash about someone is never a good thing, anyway.

And when you stepped on a land mine about to explode, don’t tell her to relax. Don’t say it. Just go along and agree to what she’s saying and show you understand. And next time, remember the things to never say to a woman.