Confused? Whether a woman is playing hard to get or not?

Well, there are some things you can do to know what a woman feels for you so you don’t have to be frustrated for long. To do that, you’ll have to know first why girls make you confused and do such confusing things.

And if you look at it from their point of view, you’ll know that they have to protect themselves. No. Not from wild animals. But from what other people may think about them — especially their friends and close peers.

They don’t want anything going around that they’re easy to get — sluts. It becomes social suicide for them and their reputation suffers. You know how important that is for all women to be in good terms with their friends.

Another thing they’re trying to protect is their emotions. They fear of getting hurt like what happened with a previous guy she went along with. If they’re not sure whether you’re good for them or not, they’ll pretty much hold off to giving you concrete signs of attraction.

And something else you have to consider: She wants to lead you on and chase her as a sort of test to see if you’re a man who can handle her. She wants to know if you can play her games and win her in the end.

So, don’t go crazy, all right?

On the bright side, if you can’t clearly tell if she’s interested in you or not, that means you’re almost there. If she’s showing you some signs of interest but pull back at the last minute, you gotta make it easy for her to decide and go all the way.

That will be easy if you know how to attract women. And you know the stage or phase you’re currently in in the attraction model you’re using.

So, to know if she’s playing hard to get… you need to look at her actions or better yet get a thermometer and get her temperature. You’ll know she’s playing when she’s hot one day and cold the next.

If she enjoys a conversation with you one day and out of nowhere she ignores you and doesn’t even greet you the next day. Or she responds to your teasing, laughs at your jokes and, well, interact with you completely then completely flips to a statue the next time.

That will make most men go out of the mind and run for the hills. But not you, since you already know what and why she’s doing this. You won’t chase her when she ignores you and repeat the pattern.

Instead, you’ll call her games and take advantage of the times when she’s responding well to your approaches. You can also do what she does and ignore her when she ignores you, but still be cool with it.

Then later on, have a serious talk with her and tell her you know what’s going on. Tell her you understand what she’s going through, not in a needy and desperate way, but in a more confident, manly way.

If that doesn’t resolve the situation of her playing hard to get, then you have to make the choice whether you really want this woman or not. In the meantime, go out there and meet more women.