How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

how to let a girl know you like her

You like her and you want her to like you back. 

You have the urge to tell her about your feelings for her.

But, before you let her know you like her, how much do you think does she like you?

Does she like you at all?

Because it doesn’t matter how much you like her, her liking you, her attraction for you, your confession will not change any of that. 

I hate to burst your imaginary bubble but… it’s true.

Even when you think she is the prettiest girl in the whole weird world, telling a girl you like her, won’t make her like you more.

Even though your brain is telling you to be vulnerable and tell her how you feel, what you want to do may not get you what you expect from her. 

Want to take your chance at pouring it all out and laying it all on the table for her? 

Directly Telling Her You Like Her

Telling a girl you like her directly straight up gives her the options to either accept your feelings or to reject them.

Think about that for a moment.

That’s like giving away your future. You are basically putting your “future happiness” into her hands and letting her do whatever she wants with it.

Letting her control your happiness is like you’re giving your happiness away much like when you’re playing your favorite game and giving her the controller.

Isn’t that a bit…

At the same time, telling her “I like you. Will you go out with me?”, puts her on the spot and might overwhelm her. 

It might be too much for her if she has no feelings for you at all. 

However, if she is asking if you like her… sure you can be direct with her but keep it short. You don’t want to pour your heart out in front of the girl you like too soon or… ever.

That’s what most guys who don’t know their way around a woman’s heart tend to do.

Here’s what else most guys do: 

They give her flowers and gifts, or they try to buy her love. What eventually happens is they unknowingly set themselves up as a pushover and a tool women can use.

But here’s the problem with that: If she can use you, you can forget about being with her.

Meanwhile, sneaky and cowardly guys use their friends. 

Sometimes though, a plot twist happens. The friend gets the girl leaving the wimpy guy not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Remember that when you want to ask a friend to tell the girl you like that you like her. 

What about writing her a love letter? Sure, if you’re living in the 18th century.

I’m not saying you can’t write a love letter to a woman. Of course, you can. But not in this situation. 


Don’t be in a hurry to tell her how you feel. Why? 

Because you might give her the wrong impression, or worse, end up in a situation where it won’t be easy for you to recover from.

For example…

There’s nothing that says awkward and desperate like showing up in front of a girl you don’t know and haven’t interacted with before and blurting “I really like you” out of nowhere.

Then expecting cheering from her friends in the background.

Not a chance of that happening — you’re not in a movie.

Unless you’re making funny videos pranking girls and seeing how they react, then please make us laugh. 

Make her laugh.

Kidding aside, if you want a girl to be with you, think about you, spend more time with you, and even brag to her friends about you…

… you need to know how attraction works.

Telling a girl you like her and expecting she likes you back — when you don’t know how to spark attraction — is kind of like jumping off a million-foot cliff without a parachute and expecting to survive.

Now that you know telling her you’re in love with her is not the best plan, here’s some…  

Ways to Tell a Girl You Like Her (Without Giving Her The Chance to Break Your Heart to Pieces)

From what I gather, the best ways to tell you like someone is not through words but action.

So don’t use words. Tell her indirectly.

Actions and non-verbal communication comes off very strongly and clearly because it goes straight to her subconscious mind.

That means she will naturally know without you having to tell her and making it awkward for both of you.

That’s why there’s a proverb that says ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

Spend Time With Her

Your best bet to make it known that you like her without coming out and saying it is to hang out with her. It becomes pretty obvious when you spend all your precious time with a girl.

When you’re always around her and you enjoy being around her, that’s more than enough to tell her how much you like her, without the need for mere words. Action speaks louder than words as everybody says.

So use simple gestures that maker her feel loved without blurting it out loud.

But don’t stop there.

Have fun with her. Make sure your interactions with her are playful, lighthearted, and fun.

Tease her and let her know that she doesn’t intimidate you. Give her a hard time in a fun and playful way. Give her cute pet names.

Flirt, be funny, joke with her, hold eye contact then accuse her of flirting with you. Subtly compliment her. Play hard to get. If you don’t know how to flirt, the F Formula will get you flirting like a pro.

If you want her to know that you’re interested in being more than her friend, don’t be afraid to break the physical barrier. 

Touch her and hold her hand just a tad longer than what friends are supposed to do.

Your physical contact can tell her more than she needs to know and can spark attraction in her as long as you’re not afraid, awkward, or weird about it.

When you can touch her naturally, she’ll feel connected to you. And you’ll be building comfort and rapport with her in a powerful way.

Want her to like you more?

Take control. 

Don’t ask where she wants to go, what she wants to do, asks permission to hold her hands, or hesitate or doubt what you want to do.

Instead, make it your job to lead her with confidence

Choose the where, when, and what. Say, ‘Let’s go here’ or ‘Let’s do this’.

Grab her hand and guide her through the crowd, all in a casual and you’re-used-to-it manner.

Let her follow your lead; women prefer it that way.

In Closing 

Remember, her response to you telling her you like her depends on her interest and attraction towards you.

So be sure you know how to attract women.

When you understand how attraction works, how a girl thinks, how a woman responds, what she is attracted to… to telling her how much you like her, will be the furthest thing in your mind. 

Build attraction, get her to like you, better yet, make her want you!

Still here? You are awesome!

Since You Made It This Far…

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