Attracting women online is hard… if you don’t have a clue to what you’re doing. That’s why most guys give up within weeks. If you haven’t tried it before, then you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Consider the internet as one huge “virtual playground” where you can do a whole lot of things including getting dates from dating websites (where most of the singles are looking for mates).

And then you have the average guy hoping to snag a beauty from one of those sites. He tries it without really understanding how. Nothing seems to work (no surprise there). Then he gives up. And decides: this online dating stuff is crap.

But online dating is not just about dating websites.

It’s not limited to that, at all.  Think about it, any site (or any application) where you can talk to women can be used to get dates.

Yes, get dates. Not linger around for weeks talking to some chick getting to know her better.

Because that’s what it all is, a medium for face-to-face encounters (like texting). Staying online for weeks emailing and chatting with someone without meeting is just a waste of time (unless there’s a very good reason you can’t meet i.e, she lives in another country).

Getting up and running

… is simple enough when you have a site in mind (if you don’t have one, try or Plenty Of Fish). You just need a profile with some good pictures of you and a way to message women that will get them attracted to you without fail.

With that said, setting up a profile is easier than learning how to send messages and emails that get replies from interested (and attracted) women. That can take some time to master and a shift in your mindset is necessary if you’re used to one word messages like ‘hi’.

So, let’s get to setting up…

your online dating profile

Think of your profile like a singles ad in a newspaper (or a billboard). It’s all your visitors will know about you. Try and imagine what they’ll think about you when they read your profile or see your picture. How do you want to be perceived in about 8 seconds flat?

So, you got to have a good and well written profile. With that in mind, here’s some tips on having an attractive profile:

Don’t brag.

Let women know your attractive qualities without bragging. It’s unattractive and it turns most women off. And they’re less likely to believe you.

Instead, embed it in your stories or just show it to them. Let them come to the conclusion that you have that attractive quality. That’s way more powerful than telling them outright.

And be sure to…

Be honest.

Don’t lie. It will only work against you in the end if you tell them a bunch of BS. So, be truthful in everything you put in your dating profile. And…

Be positive.

Why? Because nothing turns women off faster than a ball of negativity. So, let them know you’re a man who has things going for you. You enjoy life and you’re busy living it. Leave out the nasty stuff about you. If you’re not living that life… do that first.

Use proper grammar.

That includes using proper spelling and punctuation. You don’t want to come across as uneducated do you?. There’s a lot of space in your profile, so complete your words and sentences. You don’t have to use “fancy” words, just use words the right way. And here’s an important tip: use words that invoke emotions and images if you can. That brings us to…

Have a picture.

It increases your chance of getting replies and messages. So, put something interesting and different from all the other guys with their (shirtless) self-portrait.

Show them something interesting… something that will tell them about yourself. What you’re like and what you like to do. And make sure it’s good quality photo, too.

Then you have to…

Make them do something.

Tell them to contact you at the end of your profile. What’s the point of them reading your whole profile if you don’t tell them to contact you. Get to the point. Have something funny or witty.

When you get your profile done, it’s time to…

message some girls

Or answer their messages. This is where it gets fun. Remember the purpose is to get some face-to-face time with her. In short, a “date”.

So set a date as soon as you can or get her number after a few exchanges. Just be normal about it like you’re talking to one of your buddies.

This is the time when you have an advantage over offline dating. You have a lot of time to think of a good reply or first message, use that to your advantage.

If you want to message someone that interests you, the easiest way is to just pick something about her profile to comment on. That way, it’s specific to her and it comes off as genuine and real.

With a few more practice, you’re on your way to online dating mastery. For further reading, take a look at this online dating book. I’m sure you’ll get some excellent insights on how this whole online dating thing works.

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