Emotional Attraction Triggers

Attraction and comfort are both emotions. If you want to attract women, you have to hit their emotional attraction triggers. That’s a known fact far and wide. You can’t convince them to like you. You can’t use logic in creating emotional attraction. There are different types of attraction triggers, but the emotional attraction triggers are the one you actively hit most of the time. Making her feel good about herself should be your main goal every time you interact with … Continue reading…

Things Women Hate About Men

Sometimes, no matter what men do, there are just some “things” women can’t seem to like about them.

Something a boyfriend does that his girlfriend hate. The habit that irritates a wife. And the things that can drive women crazy.

These can be the things you do that annoy them. Or a trait you have that you should change. Whatever it is, these are things women hate about men. And if you want women to like you, it’s better to know them and do something about them.

Now, don’t misunderstand. Not all women hate exactly the same things.

Let’s start with something easy…

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What Attracts Women To Men Physically

Being physically attractive doesn’t give you the ticket to attract any women you like.

A guy can be as good looking as a magazine model and still flunk with getting dates.

Of course, being physically attractive helps with attracting women. If you can turn heads, girls will be very welcoming to your approach.

But without the attraction and seduction skills, your physical attractiveness can be next to useless.

Then again, it’s important to know what specifically attracts women physically to men.

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How To Understand Women Better

If you’re able to understand women, you won’t have a problem trying to attract, getting into a relationship, and keeping that relationship with any woman on the planet.

That may sound too amazing, but that’s what I believe.

But to understand women, you must first understand yourself. And use that understanding of yourself to understand women.

Almost all women want and need the same thing from a biological and evolutionary perspective.

Yet, you have to appreciate that each woman is unique in their own way.

They may have many things in common with other women, but each woman is an individual.

Trying to understand one based on the behavior of many is like diving in a knee-deep pool from the roof of a three story building–that’s not going to end well.

Not understanding women each in their own way is the reason why most men think they’re complicated and confusing no matter how they try to understand them.

Well, I’m her to tell you that you shouldn’t give up.

Women are not completely unfathomable.

Here I’ll give you some tips to help you be aware of and understand women a bit better.

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