If you can make a women think about you most of time, and fill her mind with good thoughts of about you, you can be sure she’ll want you and try to get close to you.

She’ll want to talk to you or be giving off come hither signals in your direction.

You starts with giving off a good first impression which is only possible if you’re always presenting your best self. That’s taking care of yourself, and dressing appropriately — wearing comfortable, fitting clothes, and letting your unique sense of style show.

To the way you talk to her and how you interact with your surroundings and other people. It all adds up to how her first impression of you forms and settles.

If you can do all that without effort, you’ll be able to give her a good experience and something she won’t be able to forget anytime soon. Follow the steps to every successful interaction and she’ll be thinking of you, her mind filled with thoughts of your first encounter.

It’s doing everything right and recovering gracefully when you slip and stumble on your way to her mind. And after the initial attraction, keeping her aware of your existence, using your mobile phone to send her text messages that keeps the mating game going.

Now, it doesn’t matter how long you wait before you text or call her. What matters is you do it sooner rather than later (but not too soon and too often, the next day works for most). If you keep thinking about it or confused about how long you should wait, just let it go. It’s not that important.

Get busy and do something else. Meet other women and get their number so you’ll have other options and better chances of going out on a date on any specific day. Give the girl some space to miss you and let her anticipation build — if you did a solid job of attracting her.

And building a solid connection with her.

If you did that, she won’t be having time to rest while you’re on her mind running simulation and building attraction all on her own. And the next time you see, she’ll not only be happy but truly excited and pumped to spend time together with you.