Getting a Girl to Kiss You


So you want to get a kiss from a girl.

But you don’t like to take the lead, and you want to make her kiss you instead.

Well, if you follow the right steps, getting a girl to kiss you is in the bag.

You can make a girl kiss you like it’s meant to happen.

If you want to know how it’s done, get closer and keep reading.

Knowing how to get a girl to kiss you without asking is at the peak of what you can do physically while you’re in a comfort-building location. It’s not that hard. And actually feels natural for guys who’ve done it dozens of times before.

That is because if you can recognize when a girl wants to kiss you, when you can recognize the signs she is ready to be kissed, getting a smooch happens naturally and effortlessly.

Signs she wants to be kissed

Getting a kiss from a girl is about showing intent and reading if she’s ready to be kissed.

Of course, that makes things easier for you if she already wants to kiss. So you should know when the time is ripe by knowing some these cues so you don’t have to ask, “Does she want to kiss me?”

One of the first things to spot is intense eye contact. You know, the way she looks at you that tells it all.

Also pay attention to how much she touches you. Putting her hands all over you is an obvious signal. Same is true to how she responds to your touch. Is she comfortable or stiff as a stick?

When a girl wants to kiss you, she holds on to you for as long as she can and finds every reason to touch you. She could be resting her head on your shoulder where all you have to do is turn your head to get a kiss.

Is she trying to get your attention to her mouth? Licking her lips or biting them tells you something of her intent.

Want to ask a girl if she wants to kiss? Do it!

Steps to get a girl to kiss you

First, you gotta make sure you’re in a place where it’s alright for her to kiss you. Some girls are uncomfortable kissing publicly, especially when their friends can see them kissing a guy she just met.

They don’t want to be publicly labelled as “easy”, or worse, a slut. It will be easier to convince her to kiss you if you’re in a situation that allows kissing to happen.

So, isolate her and lead her someplace where she can get comfortable and open to physical escalation.

And yeah, remember to keep your mouth healthy — you don’t want her pulling back on the last second, inches before she’s about to touch lips with yours. If you want her to kiss you, be sure you are kissable, smells great, and comfortable.

You want to let her know you want a kiss so don’t hide it.

Start off with light touches to make her get used to your touch, if you haven’t done so already.

This makes it natural for her to get close to you physically and breaks the touch barrier so it doesn’t get uncomfortable when going in for the kiss.

You can’t just jump in straight for the kiss, usually, without first initiating other forms of physical contact with her. Your touches should be slow and steadily increasing in intimacy until you reach the kissing part.

Make sure you calibrate your touches to how she responds.

When she resists, back up a little and try again a few minutes later as you continue to attract the girl and build comfort with her.

Show your interest and flirt with her. Show her how you like her taking the initiative in things.

When you feel she’s ready to take the next step, look at her eyes and then her lips. The more you signal to her you want a kiss, the likelier she’ll know when it’s there.

You can use the triangulation method over and over until she can’t help be notice. All you have to do then is wait until she gets the hint and wants to kiss you. It all comes down to where your eyes are looking.

Make it easy for her to kiss you. When she makes the move, move in with her. So if she smiles, smile back. Reciprocate her touches.

If she leans away, don’t chase her, instead lean away the moment she does.

If something like that happens, that means you may need to build some more comfort and trust before you attempt another kiss invitation. Even at this point, she can still hesitate so it’s better if you make the move yourself. Doing so will allow her to let go and kiss you.

But if she starts to lean in, you should lean in, too, and let the kiss happen.

How to kiss a girl

Here are some quick tips to kissing a girl.

  • Once you’ve locked lips, don’t be too forceful. Just let the kiss be sweet and simple.
  • You can take the lead and add in some gentle touching. Run your hands down her hair.
  • If you are feeling nervous, she can tell. So relax and experience the kiss. Just enjoy the moment.
  • Match her speed; don’t be too quick.

If you want to make out with her, learn from your first kiss with her and build up from there.

As you can see, there’s almost nothing to it if you want to get a girl to kiss you. There doesn’t need to be a perfect moment for it either. If you’re in a private place, you’re close, and she’s ready, you can allow her to kiss you.


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