How To Make A Woman Notice You


If you’ve ever had the experience of going out with your friends but most of the girls don’t seem notice you.

These women seem to ignore you’re there and just pay more attention to your friends. You might like to meet one of those girls but she’s just not giving you the time.

After that episode, your self-esteem feels like it took a massive blow sending you to the pit of despair. Then you swear to yourself that you don’t want to go through that trauma again. So you ask the question:

How do you make women notice you?

If you stay a while, you’ll know how to get her attention and keep it long enough to get the girl you like to notice you.

If you want to successfully approach and meet more women, you gotta stand out from the crowd so she can take notice of you. And, who knows, maybe she’s one of the few who knows what she wants and approaches you herself.

But for that to happen, you have to know how to make women notice you first.

You have to get her attention and make her remember you more than any other guy she’d met before. If you know how to make use of first impressions, then you’re already better at getting noticed than everybody else out there.

You can get a girl to notice you without talking to her. It’s the first step to making a girl want you. It doesn’t matter if it’s at school or work. You can get a girl to like you or even fall for you when she takes notice of you. You’ll know it’s working when she shows signs she wants your attention. So be sure to know how to impress a woman.

The game is already half-won when you can project your confidence across the room like James Bond. The sense of being in control, never in any rush, maintains eye contact, and all the other ways you can show your “killer confidence”.

It’s the whole package. The kind of projection that everyone sees and perceive tells a lot about you and if you should be worth noticing.

That’s why the way you look and move is almost always the first step to improve if you want the girl you like to notice you.

If you somehow look like a person who’s not particularly interested in taking care of how he looks, you’re telling the girl you like that you don’t respect yourself and that she shouldn’t respect you as well.

It doesn’t take a suit to get women’s attention, even a simple shirt and a pair of pants can capture her imagination. It’s in the way you wear them that matters. This starts you off on a positive impression.

Of course, wear something clean and well-fitting. And make sure it highlights the key areas of your body that’s attractive to women.

Your body language should match with the image in your head you’re trying to project — a confident man who has no problem getting women, an alpha male.

Standing in a corner in a slouch with both hands in your pocket doesn’t fit this picture. This is someone who doesn’t want to get noticed and doesn’t want to talk. If you look unapproachable, expect women to not notice you and move her attention to someone else.

Instead, stand up straight with your head up and shoulders slightly back. You can appear more friendly and open by leaving your hands at your sides. But more importantly, get comfortable with the space you’re in. Relax and breath. You got this.

One that’s always welcome is a smile. When you make eye contact with her, you don’t want to let her see a deadpan facial expression. At least plaster a warm smile or a playful smirk to create a bit of intrigue during that moment.

This is just an example that if you know how to use body language properly, attracting the attention of the woman you like is a foregone conclusion.

It helps to think about the few first things a woman notices about you. Your face, your posture, your body type, your style, your hair, your confidence, etc.

There was a study where 200 women reveal what exactly catches her eyes first on a guy and guess what? The most popular answer was your eyes then your smile. But what outweighs everything else, no matter what you look like, is as expected confidence. (1)

So stand tall, look her in the eye, and smile. When you have those handled well, it’s almost impossible for women not to notice you because you instantly seem more attractive and charismatic.

And you’ll notice them noticing you as you improve your self-confidence and make yourself interesting.

After you’ve open a conversation with her, you better have something interesting to talk about using your great conversation skills and repertoire to keep the conversation flowing.

You gotta back up your confidence with an interesting, attractive personality. Read some books, pursue a passion you’ve always wanted to do, and invest in yourself so you don’t show up empty handed when a beautiful woman ends up in front of you.

We tend to get along with other like us, and if you’re a high value guy, high value women will gravitate towards you when they notice you. It’s just how the universe works.

Though you can fake your initial “perceived” value to make it higher, it won’t be enough to sustain a long-term relationship.

She’ll test and figure out if you’re really in control of your life, or just faking it. And she’ll do this as you’re talking to her for the first time. She’ll intimidate you, and try to control you and the interaction.

If you can clearly communicate to her that you’re different from all the other guys — using your body language, your conversation skills — she’ll show respect and take notice of you. She’ll be attracted to you and you can then take the next step.


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