Why Some Women Love Bad Boys

Do women really love bad boys?

Well, if you think about it or observe a little, bad boys have an irresistible effect to a certain type of women. While some women are wary of bad boys, those who love bad boys are attracted to the bad-boy charms and confidence a bad boy emanates.

A bad boy, the stereotypical one, moves like he owns the world. He’s cocky, often rude, and most of the time, doesn’t care about what other people think of him.

If you want to have a similar effect on women, you’ll like this.

Bad boy qualities

Now, most of these bad boy qualities are seen by other guys as not-so-good qualities to have, women on the other hand, sees something else:

Many of the most powerful qualities women are looking for in a man can be found in a bad boy.

Namely, that massively-overflowing confidence reflected on a bad boys “don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude.

We all know women loves a man with confidence, and bad boys show that when talking to women and other people, and all the other things he do with confidence.

He wouldn’t be able to move and do what he does if he’s not confident and cocky enough. And women are turned on by that brimming confidence bad boys have, showing that their manliness and masculinity.

And they also know what they want, and confidently takes it if they can.

They’re in control of what they do and their bad boy way of life. And women likes that in man, a man who confidently takes care of everything in an exciting, wild, ans unpredictable way.

Bad boys excite women

Bad boys give women excitement, and takes them on adventures which women can’t get enough of.

They’re intrigued by his way of life — always pushing things forward and never bogged down by every little thing.

They don’t make excuses and just do what they want.

It makes life a mystery for their woman since no one knows what tomorrow will bring or where she’ll be taken. Women just can’t seem to read them and that challenges them. And since bad boys are no pushover, it sends women in a dizzying ride of their life.

And with all the things women love about bad boys, add to that their “don’t care” attitude and you have someone who doesn’t care if he gets rejected or not.

He just simply moves on to the next girl without batting an eye.

This take it or leave it attitude is what most guys lack and should definitely adopt if they want to get good at attracting women.

That’s how bad boys can get enough experience with women and quickly get good at talking to them.

And since women are already interested in what they’re seeing, they’ll be open to his approaches. She’ll be challenged and intrigued, and the next thing you know, she’s in his arms walking towards the sunset together.

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