Do You Know Why Women Reject Men?

If you’re like most men, you probably don’t like getting rejected — especially by a beautiful woman.

Just the thought of walking up to a girl, trying to talk to her, and getting rejected can make most men sick in the stomach.

But what you’ll find usually is that women are nice when a man starts talking to her as long as he doesn’t do something incredibly stupid.

The worst that could happen to you normally is she says something you won’t like or just walks away.

So don’t worry about it. If you get rejected, you’ll still be fine.

If you want to know some of the reasons why women reject men so you can hopefully avoid doing them and also avoid getting rejected, read on.

Understand why men get rejected

There can be a mind-numbing number of reasons why a woman will reject a man.

These can either be in your control or not. Sometimes it’s you; sometimes it’s not. It’s important you know the distinction.

To understand why most men get rejected, you need to know that most women, especially the gorgeous type, get a lot of men wanting to be with them, wooing them, and competing for their attention.

And since she can’t entertain them all, she’ll only let in the very few that catch her fancy.

If you’re just another dude who wants to get her attention, you’re more likely to get ignored than anything else — unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

What’s important is once you know the reasons why women reject men, you can do something about the ones you can change or influence in some way.

Don’t be like those other guys who keep getting rejected because they just don’t understand why women keep rejecting their approaches. And keep wondering why it’s happening.

Break the pattern!

Although most women won’t tell you why they turn you down, it’s not that hard to find out.

Let’s get one thing clear, sometimes women will reject men for seemingly no apparent reason. She could be bitchy because she’s having a bad day, or that’s just the way she acts with every guy who wants to meet and approaches her.

Depending on your attraction and seduction skill, you can use this to work in your favor since most guys will just leave her alone and stop bothering her altogether. But this post is not really about how to turn things around.

The point is, you can’t control how she responds to you and the circumstances she’s in the first time you try to open a conversation with her.

When you fail to see

So it’s important you pay attention to her body language. You can almost always tell when a girl is welcoming and open for an interaction with the way her body is talking.

If it’s clear she’s in a terribly bad mood, save yourself the pain of rejection and find someone else with more inviting body language to talk to.

So pay attention and avoid possible immediate rejection.

And even when you start talking to a girl, you’ll know if she is receptive to you by the way she responds to you. If she’s not comfortable and relaxed talking to you, you can tell if you pay attention.

Women will often politely say no to you and you should recognize this and move on. When she’s nice enough to leave you with some face, go find another woman to talk to.

There are lots out there.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the other reasons why women would turn their back on you or reject you outright.

When you signal weakness

It’s been said many times before, but if you’re not showing a good amount of confidence when you meet women, you’ll most likely get rejected every time.

Some will think it’s cute and give you a chance, but the majority will just turn the other way like you’re air and won’t register in their eyes even a little.

Or worse, you’ll be seen as a creep, and all your chances of talking to her will disappear into thin air.

When you try to talk to a girl but you’re slumped, eyes darting around afraid to meet hers, you’re inviting a quick rejection.

To an attractive girl, it’s hard to give a favorable response to someone who creeps her out.

Always keep in mind, that confidence is incredibly attractive to women. Or should I say, a confident man is wildly attractive to a woman!

So use your body language and other non-verbal to communicate confidence when you approach a girl. And if you want to develop rock-solid confidence, see the collection of confidence for more.

And once you approach her, smile and talk to her like a good friend you haven’t seen for a while.

Although confidence is attractive, arrogance is not. If you get to the point where you somehow think you’re god’s gift to women, you might as well expect rejection. Why? Because you’re going to push her away, irritate or annoy her.

Find a healthy amount of confidence that’s just right.

How to avoid instant rejection

Don’t act in any way that will make you seem needy or clingy.

That’s another reason why women reject men. The moment she realizes you’re needy, she’ll be freaked out and move away from you, immediately.

And if you make women awkward, there’s no chance she’s going talk to you.

If you want to get rid of any awkward vibe you might have, learn more about women and understand yourself. Here’s a list of traits women are attracted to to help you get started.

Women want to be at ease and comfortable, and you want to be the kind of man who can make her feel that way.

Show you’re in control of your life and you have options. It wouldn’t matter to you if she doesn’t talk to you again. You’re just enjoying the moment with her, right now.

Although you’d like to see her again and take her out on a date, you’re not too hung up about it. This will let you avoid getting rejected instantly.

Actually, she’ll be attracted to you and will want to go out with someone like you.

Most men get rejected by women because they’re creeps, jerks, arrogant, and disrespectful. But of course, you know that.

If you want to avoid rejection, do a few things right when you start conversations with women. And if you can, follow the steps to become a badass with women.


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