How to Attract Women in College


College… one of the best places to meet and attract women.

It’s easy, too, since you already have something in common, and you’ll always run into lots of young, attractive girls, looking to get some experience for real life outside of school after they graduate..

If you know how to make friends and be social, you’ll be attracting women in college like you’re farming for fish in a pond. Having lots of friends will help you get introduced to many beautiful women in college while you’re building an attractive lifestyle.

A lifestyle where the women introduced to you will want to be a part of. And it can only get better and better from there where women will be the one hitting on you and approaching you.

It starts with getting to know the people who you want to be connected with. Pick the ones who’ll improve your social value while you provide the same for them. It doesn’t have to be women, and you don’t have to approach women all the time.

Since, when you get introductions to a few pretty girls, it’ll open the floodgates for the rest of the hot girls connected with her. Once they find out who you are, your social status, and the people you know, they’ll see you differently.

Get to know people in your class and sit with the ones you know have a high social value. You can build your social circle slowly since you’ll be seeing them almost daily and making contact with them is easy.

Make as many friends as you can, and improve your chances of meeting the most beautiful girls on campus where the quantity and quality of women are abundant.

You’ll only be in college once in your life, this is your best time to attract women in college.

But if you’re not a student, you can still date younger women if you know where to meet them, and you know how to attract women if they’re younger than you.


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