One of the most attractive traits women look for in a man is being a leader.

And to lead, you have to become decisive. That means removing all hesitation from your veins like a general commanding an army about to decimate his opponents by making resolute decisions quickly.

You’ll need to be decisive not only to succeed with women, but also to be successful in life. Making decisions is a vital part of living the life you want and getting the woman you want.

If you let others decide for you, you’ll be like a balloon cruising the sky, getting blown away by strong winds to God knows where, with no direction.That may sound like fun, but believe me, it’s not!

With women, she’ll lose all interest in you, and she’ll find a real man, instead.

Get Girs Without Trying

To make it easy on yourself, being decisive becomes easy if you’re on your territory. If you are in your comfort zone, you can make the decision like it’s second nature compared to when you’re unsure of what to do.

So, when you go out on a date with her, take her somewhere you know. Or better yet, plan things out before you meet her so you can display your leadership skills. Take her into your world where you know the territory.

And there won’t be anything unexpected happening where you become frozen with fear and don’t know what to do. But still be flexible and spontaneous enough so you don’t become boring.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Everything doesn’t have to go your way but be sure to let her know if you don’t agree with something. Show her you’re no push-over and stand your ground and what you believe in.

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It doesn’t matter if get into an argument, you can always defuse that with some humor. What’s important is that she respects you and sees you as a strong, confident man. Trust yourself more when you make your decision and stick with it.

When you make a mistake, it’s a chance for you to grow if you can learn from them. You don’t always have to think of the outcome that you want if it’s becoming a hindrance on your decisiveness.

And be sure to practice.

The moment you wake up in the morning is the moment you practice being decisive. Decide on what you’re going to do and be open to try new things. You can also get into leadership roles and practice being a leader and an alpha male.

Being decisive will affect your whole life, not just when you want to attract women. It’s powerful enough to change the course of your life, for better or worse. It can be tough sometimes, but those kinds of decisions are the most important ones to make.

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