How To Deal With Rejection

Know how to deal with rejection if you want to improve with women.

Getting rejected by a woman is part of the dating game. And in this game, quiters never win.

Rejection is normal when you’re approaching and attracting women regularly, so the earlier you know how to deal with it, the easier it will get for you to overcome the fear rejection.

Don’t fear rejection. Handle ’em!

You can handle and deal with rejection in the correct way and use it to your advantage.

So how do you deal with rejection from a girl?

Everyone has the right to say ‘no’. Whether you’re asking for a moment of her time to talk, a phone number, a date, her hand in marriage, or even sex with your wife, she won’t always say ‘yes’. You will sometimes get a ‘no’. And you take that risk either way because you gain nothing if you don’t try.

Your first rejection from a woman will blow, seem unfair, or just sucks. You try to talk to a pretty girl and the next thing you know, you’re being dismissed.

First of all, don’t interpret it as a challenge or insult to your masculinity, or assume there is something lacking, or blame her for rejecting you.

No sane guy would enjoy being rejected. And most guys give up or quit approaching women altogether after getting brushed off.

Research shows that social rejection may lead you to lower your standards for a sense of acceptance. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t lower your initial expectation just to achieve social acceptance.

However, like I said, it happens, and experiencing rejection from women shouldn’t stop you from getting better. Because if it did, you’ll be stuck in that stage longer than you have to.

If you’re someone who’s particularly sensitive to rejection, it may be because you have low self-esteem or confidence among other things. Having a lot of self-doubt may distort your view at your every attempt to make a connection and easily assume rejection. (1)

So the sooner you recover from being devastated, the better your chances are of meeting and approaching more women. Whether it’s your first or your thousandth rejection, learning how to deal with it every time it comes, will save you the trouble of getting stuck in a downward spiral.

Always be polite and accept things calmly. When you can still make her smile after a rejection, it shows your mettle as a man.

You may feel a little angry, sad, and disappointment after a rejection. A natural thing to happen. It’s better if you can simply let it pass like water under a bridge. But if that doesn’t come easy, share it with a friend if it eases your burden.

There’s some things that you should never do, though, when you just got rejected by a woman you’ve just approach. And that is to never show that you’re affected in front of her either by throwing a fit or getting angry at her for being a bitch.

A rejection is nothing personal. She could’ve rejected you for your approach and other reasons that has nothing to do with you like past experiences, deeply embedded beliefs, and current situation.

For example, if the girl is in a bad mood or don’t feel like talking, you’re more likely to get disregarded. Don’t take it personally. Just shake it off.

You can get rejected for other reasons, too.

Like when you don’t listen, or when you don’t make a move and an opportunity passes, you can push a girl away and never come back. Others times, you can tease a girl too much which can hurt her feelings, or you talk to her for too long and she got bored out of her skull.

Most of these can often times lead to rejection and the best way to avoid that is to pay attention to her and read the signs her body language, actions, and behaviors are telling you.

As you know, she’ll often throw out a test to see if you are strong, confident, powerful, and what you say is congruent to how you act. If you fail to handle her tests properly, she’ll likely be done with your or you’ll get some form of resistance.

If there’s nothing you can do about the situation, better leave it alone while there’s still a chance to recover quickly and move on. Don’t let things affect you emotionally so you don’t carry it to your next approach.

Always keep in mind that there is always another girl, and she may find you charming.

If you can, immediately find a new girl to talk to so you don’t linger in the moment you got rejected. When you immediately move on, the effect of the rejection will almost be non-existent.

Doesn’t even matter who you talk to next as long as you don’t remember being rejected. And you don’t mope around and think about what you did wrong or why you got rejected. You can do that later on when you get the time to reflect back on your actions calmly.

You can look at the bright side, too.

Since you got rejected you don’t have to waste your time with a girl who you’re not compatible with. And you can spend your time wisely trying to attract a woman who’ll show you some interests.

Don’t waste time on women who have no interest in you. Pick your target and talk to a girl who look like she’d want to talk.

One more thing, not getting through to her because of her friends or other people around her may not seem like a rejection but it can make you frustrated. Her friends may protect her, other guys might get jealous, even your friends can end up getting in your way.

What you can do when this happens is to be cool and be socially intelligent. You don’t want to be rude to anyone, especially her friends. Keep it simple. You can quickly grab her phone number and let her go back to her friends.


Everyone goes through rejection, even those guys who have been at the game for years. They know how to deal with it and move on. Don’t let one rejection inconvenience you.

A girl rejecting you does not mean she is criticizing you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. A rejection won’t kill you, only make you stronger.

Some girls will will not be into you and reject you and that’s fine. There are many others who will be attracted to you.

Take a look at what you’re doing and see exactly why you got rejected. Try new things and know what type of girls respond to you best and why. Doing that will improve your chances and lessen the likelihood of getting rejected.

Focus on what you’ll do next instead of wallowing on your current disappointment. This will keep you to look forward instead of looking behind and thinking what ifs.


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