How To Make Women Want You

Do you want to make women want you?

Who doesn’t, right?

If she wants you, you don’t have to chase, she won’t play games, she’ll show it, and you’ll know.

That doesn’t mean whatever you want is guaranteed; it just means, you won’t have to try very hard to convince her to be with you.

She won’t be too easy either, but she won’t play hard to get.

If you can make a woman desire you, you will easily know she’s interested through her intentions and actions. She won’t be afraid of expressing her feelings.

So if you want to know how to make women want you, you gotta get yourself busy for a while.

Not making tons of money or being the hottest guy in your country.

Getting Into Her Brain And Heart

If what you’re doing now ain’t working for you, you have to make some changes to what you’re currently doing.

Getting her to notice you and like you, although still can be challenging, is where you start.

You can only do so much to attract women with the time you have at certain moments that you have to be able to get into the action hot and ready.

You need to remove any doubt you have within yourself.

Doubts that impede your ability to make women want you the moment they see you walking, talking, or just chilling.

You see, dragging a ball of doubt chained at your ankle will slow you down big time.

You have to make it easier on yourself  — since you can — to make girls want you the moment they laid eyes on you.

That only happens if you’re not dragging something heavy, slowing you down, and making you unattractive to the opposite sex.

And the first requirement to making women want you is to feel light as a feather that women will imagine seeing wings behind your back and a bright light that draws them in to have closer look at the man generating this energy.

That energy, what you commonly know as magnetic confidence, is essential to making girls want you.

It’s the core power of attraction and keeps it working, pulling in every woman that gets close enough.

Yeah, you need to develop you inner confidence first and foremost.

Because that will open the door for you to new possibilities you never would have known without the confidence to move forward and push past your insecurities with women.

It will get you started to improve your conversation skill to make naturally-flowing conversation with women.

And use the right kind of humor to get women unconsciously attracted to your personality.

When you have this quality every woman on the planet wants, you can start to make her curious about you. So you should also know how to build a little intrigue.

It’s alright if she knows you want her. Every woman wants to know that they are liked. What they don’t want is getting too much too soon. That’s creepy.

So her in on it but don’t give her too much. To make her want you, you have to give her just enough so she’ll want more.

Knowing what women desire can help you easily create attraction in your relationship or the girl you just started dating. How a woman is attracted is different from how a man is attracted. Women thrive on how you make them feel.

So you want to be able to make her comfortable around you, before you can even begin to establish an emotional connection with her.

You can show her respect, understand her, as you get to know her. This all contributes to making a woman trust you. Start building this foundation from the get go.

Make her think about you

If you listen well enough, you’ll hear her say something important to her. When you remember these small details, she going to be impressed and won’t forget how attentive you are to her.

Aside from flirting with her, you can also ask her some deeper questions that dig into her past, beliefs, and personality. These types of questions make her think about you differently.

Be different, stand out

If you can offer her something rare which she won’t normally find in a random guy, you can use it to make her want you.

Your absence makes her want you

When you’re not always around, you give her chance to look for you and miss you. The mystery will keep things fun, too.

If you’ve built a life that has a purpose and a mission, this comes built in with that since you’re focusing on yourself more instead of a woman. You don’t obsess over getting her attention because your attention is already occupied.

When she starts to wonder what you’re up to, it will not end with just satisfying her curiosity. She’ll end up more attracted to you, the more she gets to know more of you.

So get her to discover more of you by not dumping everything you have. Let her figure it out for herself. With time this fire will grow without you adding fuel.

Be a challenge!

Challenging her is not just about daring her to do something for you. This is more of a mindset than anything else. This is about remaining who you are and sticking true to yourself without compromising your values.

You are who you are.

Don’t try to fit into somebody else’s glove.

You’re not afraid to take the lead and go after what you want. When you can display this sense of strength and dominant energy, you become a challenge, something women find very attractive.

When you know what you want and you have boundaries, you can maintain your ground and be able to walk away from any situation intact. You know your own worth.

She’s Single, You’re Hot

Making women want you is not hard. If you look at the reason why women have sex, the top reason is no surprise.

You can make her crazy for you if you know exactly what to do. To make a girl want you badly, you have to know your worth, set boundaries, and be a challenge.

And you can only make women want you if you’re honestly wanted by other women. After that, the rest is easy and comes naturally.

You can blindfold yourself and things will still go your way. Women will be attracted and keep wanting you like you’re the best thing that ever happened to them.

Still here? You are awesome!

Since You Made It This Far…

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So I saved most of the advanced stuff — used by the best seducers — for serious guys like you. It’s a series of tips and secrets you can use almost immediately.

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