Learning How to Attract and Seduce Any Woman

How do you learn to meet, attract, and seduce women?

If you want to get better at attracting and seducing women, this page tells you how.

You are about to learn how you you can have a good foundation in attracting and seducing girls, with some tips and advice to learn faster and get girls sooner.

You’ll also get some guidance so you can progress easier. And some motivation to help you continue learning about seduction.

Because, let’s be honest here…

Why learning seduction is worth it

Learning about how to attract and seduce beautiful girls doesn’t happen in mere months. This can take a lot of time, maybe even a few years. But it’s worth it, definitely worth it. Why?


Just think about the sex you’ll be getting.

Or at the very least, think of all the fun you’ll have with beautiful women. And being able to act comfortably when you’re around the prettiest girls without inhibition is a good feeling to have.

On the other hand, if you don’t take the time learn how to attract and seduce girls, you’ll be spending many lonely nights while other guys are enjoying themselves in the company of beautiful girls each night. You’ll definitely be missing out.

Seriously, you should know how important sex is in our lives.

Sex is one of our most crucial needs to survive as an individual and as a species. Just based on this alone, learning seduction is a must! That’s how important it is if you want to satisfy this basic human need.

Besides, going out and meeting women is a lot of fun.

You’ll get to experience a lot of wondrous things you won’t have the chance otherwise. And, there are times when the process itself is more important than the outcome.

You see…

The learning process itself, when it comes to seduction, is truly exciting. You’ll get to learn new things for yourself, and you’ll get to open your eyes to see what you never thought possible.

On the other side…

You’ll learn about psychology, sexology, sociology, and more.

Most of what you’ll learn will be useful not only when interacting with women, but also in other fields. And let’s not forget its usefulness in your everyday life.

There will be times when you’ll need to reflect on serious questions and issues, issues most sociologist, psychologist, and biologists are concerned about. Just take a look as some of the research studies they do in many reputable institutions.

But you don’t need to bury yourself in research studies to know how to attract women.

No, you don’t have to.

The best seduction teacher

What you need is practical experience the most. Book knowledge is useful; you’ll know why some women act in certain ways. But practical knowledge lets you see subtle things, in more detail and color.

Theoretical knowledge alone will not get you laid, experience does and is more important.

Reading about attraction and seduction to pick up girls may explain how things work, in a hypothetical situation. But once you go out, you’ll discover that every girl and every situation is vastly different from the next.

What you read will not cover every small detail of a particular situation, or explain every possible use of a technique. There will always be some elements that will not be covered by an attraction book unless you see and practice them for yourself.

Most theory is a generalization and will help you understand your interactions with women better. It will help you find solutions to some “puzzling” situations, and if you are stuck, will provide you some needed motivation.

On the other hand, experience teaches you how to handle different situations. And the more experience you have, the more varying situations you’ll be able to handle.

Experience is your best teacher

If you want results, go out and practice. That’s it!

It’s advantageous that you understand how things work, but to make it work requires actual practice.

A good example is body language, tonality, or delivery. To learn these, you must go out, try them, and calibrate them base on the feedback you get.

Think about it, if you don’t pass your practical exam, you won’t get your license. You should prepare yourself because you have to…

Own your seduction style

Something that might work for someone else, might not necessarily work for you, and this makes it challenging to figure out what really works for you.

You’ve got a lot of choices of methods, ideas, and theories, often complex and different from each other. And sometimes, there’s no better way than to try each one out to find out which one suits you best.

It’s also got a lot to do with your personality. How your “seduction style” will turn out depends a lot on your personal identity. It will be your own unique flavor.

And to get clear on what works for you and your personality, you’ve got to try many things and experiment.

Told you it’s not gonna be easy.

Unless you’ve gotten and experienced your desired result with a certain “method,” don’t continue to use it. There are a lot of other things to try.

If it’s not working, change it. Try other ideas and experience them for yourself. Once your experience bar is full, you’ll naturally develop your own style.

Seduce with confidence

You’ll have to keep challenging yourself and push hard. You’ll have a lot of failures, and that will make you feel like crap. When stuff isn’t working, you’ll lose your faith on the process.

You’ve got to prepare for when it happens.

Just remember that failure is a part of starting out. Accept that fact. It’s part of practice.

Sometimes, months will go by without you having to see any result, but once you solved the mystery, the riddle, the result will come soon after, and the next one will come even sooner.

Until one day, you get consistent every time you go out, you know what to expect.

Even if it took you a whole year to get a girl, the next time you’ll only need months or weeks. Because once you figure out what works for you, even if you’re lacking results before that point, but once you do learn and why, you are set, my friend.

You’ve just found your path to the holy land.

You don’t have to worry about those failures, either. You’ll forget them sooner than you think.

Here’s the thing:

Your brain will remember more of your successes than failures. If you get it right once for every dozen or so approaches, your subconscious will automatically focus on that success and drop those failures. They’ll be weighed differently.

And the next thing you know, you’ve got a lot of success stories. And you’re a lot more confident in meeting and attracting women in different situations.

If you are not getting what you expect, don’t give up. That means you’re not there yet.

Your first step to seduction mastery

Build your foundation first as what’s suggested in Make Girls Chase. Read and focus on the basics. And practice it to mastery. This may take you a year or two.

Every time you go out, think of what you did right, what you did wrong, and why it went wrong. You’ll know what the problem is, find a solution and try again until you get past over that hurdle.

It also helps if you write it down. Write what happened and why it happened in detail.

Read the experience of others on the same journey as you. You’ll learn a lot from them.

More importantly, don’t easily give up if you consider having a happy love life or sex life a crucial part of your life. Just keep going until it gets exciting–once you get results.

Read many attraction and seduction books and test what you read for yourself. You might suddenly discover what works for you. And if not, don’t be impatient. This takes time, a lot of going out and meeting lots of girls.

Have fun!

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