A survey found that men seemed to be universally interested in pursuing substantially younger women.

Isn’t it obvious?

There’s just no arguing that dating younger women are what a lot of guys are looking to do.

Who doesn’t want to be with a young woman in her early 20s with a smokin’ body and who’s likely ready to party at the drop of a hat?

But the appeal of dating younger women to men goes far beyond just physical beauty.

They also bring an amazing revitalizing energy and youthful atmosphere to everything in life.

Isn’t it refreshing to talk to someone who is always cheerful, not jaded by the world, who’s cool and adventurous rather than someone who’s cynical, too serious, and… stiff?

And the best part…

Making a younger girl happy, getting her affection or attention is easier and simpler.

What’s more…

Younger women are more fun. They’re ready and won’t think much since she hasn’t seen a lot.

Younger women are more friendly. And the relationship can be on your terms.

Younger women are more open to having goofy good times than woman who has few years on her. They let you embrace your inner goofball on dates.

Younger women are easier to impress. Show her something she hasn’t experienced yet and she’ll be impressed.

Younger women have fewer years of dating. They carry less emotional baggage. They are untainted by experiences that have hardened older women making them less cynical.

She hasn’t had a chance to become bitter yet.

Younger women are less demanding. She doesn’t expect you to think about the next few years, just the next few dates.

You can have more fun together with her because she doesn’t have an agenda. She’s interested in the now, in going out and having fun and let things take their natural course.

Younger women have a carefree attitude which makes them more appealing. They’re less judgmental and less set in their ways. They don’t have a laundry list of what they want in their partner, career, or life just yet.

Her typical routine consists of the fun, the fuzzy and the passionate. She loves to smile and laugh. she has limited responsibility and her entire life might revolve around having a good time.

Younger women won’t think about kids or marriage. You can just chill with each other, discuss life without any deadline, and enjoy the freedom of time.

And since she doesn’t have kids, you can be a lover and partner rather than a provider.

Of course, it may be difficult if you want to date younger women; it might even be a bit intimidating, but it’s hardly an impossible task… if you have “game” and know how to attract women the right way.

And if you’re fit enough to handle dating younger women, she won’t mind in the slightest.

So take advantage of your age; you can’t consider your age to be a debilitating factor.

You can be that awesome person that happens to be older, grown up and someone to look up to.

Use your self-confidence, experience, ability to keep calm when facing a problem, and make her feel safe.

Put your experience on display. Be practical and grounded rather than rash and quick-tempered. Be quiet and receptive rather than loud and aggressive.

Put your acquired knowledge and wisdom on display and you can show her a whole new world.

In short, when dating younger women, portray an accomplished man of the world.

Or… you can learn from the Mehow, who describes himself as pasty, out of shape, and admits that he is nothing to look at.

You can check out Mehow’s 3 Second Attraction for more information.