Is She Shy or Not Interested?

Sometimes, you meet a girl who’s not giving you anything to work on to know whether she’s shy or just not interested.

And that can make you feel like what you’re doing is not working.

Shy girl holding a book covering her face
Is she being shy or what?

Or make you confused whether you should continue attracting her, or just move on and find another girl to talk to.

But if you’re like most guys, who can’t accurately read her body language, you’ll say goodbye and lose your chance to get to know her more.

Though if it’s clear that she’s ignoring you no matter what you do, better get out of there before you lose your mind talking to a rock.

But if she’s showing something, maybe a little gaze, a shy smile, something that can be considered a response, you may still have a chance.

How do you know she’s shy?

Well, you’ll see that she’s a little uncomfortable with what’s happening.

If she’s not used to getting approached by a great guy like you, she won’t be able to look you directly in the eye.

Even if it does happen, she’ll immediately look away so fast you won’t get the chance to see her eyes carefully.

A shy girl will almost always break eye contact before you do.

This is due to her nervousness and worries about making things weird, so she’ll just glance at you from time to time when you’re talking.

This will show in the way her whole body moves, not just her eyes.

Even if she sounds interested…

She’ll look like she can’t settle down and move around a little bit. Then she’ll play and fix accessories and twiddle her little fingers.

That’s because she’s uncomfortable showing flirty body language.

And, if she starts to blush, you’ve got a live one ready to be pulled carefully.

When you see her blush, you shouldn’t miss that chance to move things forward as you watch for other signs that she’s interested in you.

Take note of where she’s looking and the direction of her body parts, whether she’s leaning in or facing away from you.

Compare that to someone who’s completely ignoring your moves and you’ll know if she’s shy or totally not interested.

A complete lack of response, no eye contact at all, not even a sign of acknowledgment, makes the message clear–go away!

You could also watch her from a distance, and see how she deals with her friends and other people. That’s another option, if you have the time.


If she’s shy, she won’t be comfortable being the center of attention. So if you want to get to know her, don’t overwhelm her by bringing your buddies along.

Or starting a conversation where she’ll have the attention of too many people.

She also most likely say very little or talk in a soft voice. So that means, you’ll have to do most of the talking, initially.

You can ask some things about her but don’t overwhelm her by making the conversation all about her.

Instead, talk about things of interest, shared experiences or something she can relate to.

It’s also important that you actively listen so you encourage her to share more. So nod and ask follow-up questions.

Another thing to take note about shy girls is they don’t engage much in physical contact.

Always observe her reactions to what you do.


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