Using Storytelling to Attract Women

When you’re taking to a woman, you gotta know how to captivate her and pull her in to what you’re saying. And the longer you have her attention, the more time you’ll have to create attraction and build a long lasting bond with her.

Which is key if you want to successfully attract women and have a relationship with her. You can use storytelling every time to attract women. It’s one of the best tools you can learn and use to make her fall for you with just your words.

But, you gotta know how it’s done right, though. You can’t tell a story in a boring and bland way. Even if what happened in the story is so normal and nothing special, the way you tell it to anyone who’s listening will make it captivating and engaging.

That they want to know what happens next. All glued to every word you tell them, and they listen with anticipation and excitement like kids waiting to open their present on Christmas eve.

That’s the effect you’ll have if you can use storytelling successfully to attract women. And the way it happens is all under the radar, she won’t suspect that you’re targeting what every women wants in a man when you tell stories.

If you can embed your desirable qualities every time you tell a specific story to a girl, you’ll be able to awaken her feelings of attraction for you and strengthen her desire to be with you. And it will encourage her to tell stories, too, which is a good thing, really.

So, think of a story. It can be something that happened to you during the day, or something that you did once in your entire life. Anything, it doesn’t really matter what it’s about. Since what’s important is how you structure and tell it to your listener.

When you have the main story or the general idea of what’s it about, you need to find something that will get the girl — or anyone listening — to listen and pay attention to what comes next.

It should be interesting enough that they’ll stop talking and wants find out more about what you’re trying to say.

Do something unexpected, or make her curious to get her interested to what comes next. Then you get to tell your story. Keep in mind though, that you don’t want to be boring. If it’s too informational and nothing happens, you’ll lose her attention.

Move things along, and keep the story moving. It doesn’t have to be long. You can keep it short, even under a minute or two will do if it’s filled with feelings and emotions women likes to know about.

And be sure you’re telling about a good characteristic about yourself in a way that’s subtle enough to get pass through her logical brain. You don’t want to tell it directly since that would be just bragging and will only turn her off.

Tell it using as little information as you can about your embedded attractive qualities. As long as you’re able to get the message across and she was able to pickup on it, should be fine.

The best stories should involve her along with what’s happening to make the interaction more of a conversation that just you talking. Make it interactive so she can get involved and immersed in the story.

Let her grow with you, feel what you must have felt, and experience the joy of getting through something together. You can do that in your story.

And, to end your story, make it so that everyone listening goes into laughter or empathize with you as you resolve what happened in the story. End it in a high note, or use humor whenever you can.


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