Questions To Ask Women On A First Date

First dates may lead you to roses and sunshine full of burning passion or a scorching desert with nothing but a mirage of an oasis.

Although it can be nerve-wracking, the anticipation to meet a girl on a first date is enough to make you daydream. But before you expect too much, having a slew of questions to ask women on a date, can be an easy way to maintain a conversation.

If you’re looking for first-date questions to make your date with the girl you like a moment to remember, you’re in luck.

To really get to her heart, you should prepare your own interesting queries and well-chosen first-date questions based on what you actually want to know about her.

Great questions ensure you never have to endure awkward moments of silence or bad small talk. Instead, you’ll have the chance to enjoy engaging, open-minded, and easy back-and-forth conversations with a girl. I’m sure she’ll enjoy your company so much she can’t wait for the next date with you.

Aside from having a good engaging conversation with your date, good first-date questions should allow you to get to know her personality, past, compatibility, and whether you’re a good fit for each other more quickly.

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Using Storytelling to Attract Women

When you’re taking to a woman, you gotta know how to captivate her and pull her in to what you’re saying. And the longer you have her attention, the more time you’ll have to create attraction and build a long lasting bond with her. Which is key if you want to successfully attract women and have a relationship with her. You can use storytelling every time to attract women. It’s one of the best tools you can learn and use … Continue reading…

3 Practical Things to Do When You Run Out of Things to Say

When you run out of things to say but she…

Just when you’re starting to get the hang of talking to a pretty girl and you feel like you’re making good progress and building a connection, you suddenly don’t know what to say.

When you run out of things to say, what comes after is silence.

An awkward silence.

And an expression of feeling lost and a sense of nervousness and uncertainty. You stutter and say filler words as she stares at you trying to understand what you’re saying.

Until she can’t take it anymore and says goodbye politely, leaving you disappointed but at the same time relieved that you get to live another day. And try again with another girl, and hopefully this time, you never run out of things to say.

So what can you do when you run out of things to say?

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What Are You Never Supposed Say To Women?

Shhh… Don’t say it!

Sometimes guys forget themselves and say things they should never say to a woman, and then wonder why she got upset or looks at him with piercing eyes burning with disgust. Or the attraction she had for you just dies.

And to avoid damages, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth closed and let someone else take the heat. While you gets the love.

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How To Compliment A Girl

The best way to compliment a girl on her eyes, her body, her looks, her fashion, or her tattoo.

It’s how you compliment her

Getting a compliment feels good, doesn’t it?

It’s sort of like getting a social reward and has the effect of making you want to do better.

And you know what they say, behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated.

That’s why in good marriages, research has found that compliments outnumber criticisms five to one.

If you want to compliment a girl in a way that puts a smile on her face, keep reading.

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How to Make Girls Laugh

If you’re able to make girls laugh, you’ll get some hearty side-effects.

Like what?

You’ll be able to easily attract women since you’re funny and women love men with sense of humor.

What’s more, every time you make women laugh, you’ll be giving them good feelings and emotions that, in time, will become associated with you.

You see, being funny and making her laugh is a great way to establish a connection with her.

Plus, when you can be yourself and enjoy each moment you spend with the ladies, you’ll be showing them that you are confident, relaxed, and comfortable around women.

However, if you want to be seen as high value, you gotta use the right kind of humor — the kind that attracts women.

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Is She Flirting Or Just Being Friendly?

She’s flirting, right? Right!?

The line between flirting and friendliness can be confusing at times. If you fail to tell the difference, you’re not alone.

Flirty and friendly can look identical.

She’s laughing at your jokes, she’s touching you, and you’re having a good time with her but you’re not quite sure if she’s just being friendly or actually flirting with you.

Fact is, some girls are naturally friendly with everyone, no matter who she’s talking with. And it’s easy for some guys to assume this naturally friendly girl is flirting with them.

How do you tell if she’s into you?

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How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

You probably know how important it is to have great conversation skills. You need it if you want to communicate verbally and non-verbally with all people (not just women). You’ll have a hard time building your social network — or have a social circle — if you neglect improving your conversation skills. And the only way to improve your social conversational skills is to meet new people constantly and talk to them. Keep them interested and engaged as you build a unique … Continue reading…

How to Talk to Women During the Day

Talking to women during the day is not the same during the night.

At night, the usual meeting place happens in bars and clubs where there’s loud music playing, a lot of background noise, and the energy level is much, much higher.

You’re usually pumped and jumping and dancing when you talk to girls at night.

It’s very different during the day.

In the day time, talking to women happens mostly in the streets, coffee shops, bookstores, train stations, and other public places where the vibe is more relaxed and casual.

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What to Say to Women

Ever had the experience where you’re close enough to talk to a woman but nothing comes to mind of what to say to her… not a single thought or word comes into your mind even though you want to say something to her so badly. What do you say to women in these types of situations? A simple ‘Hi’ would suffice, right? Then what? You’ll need something to continue and make the conversation longer. If you don’t, you’ll be left … Continue reading…

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

How do you come up with things to talk about?

If you’re the type of person who don’t seen to know what to say most of the time and…

Envy someone who can talk about anything and seem never stop talking, this could be your lucky day.

Keeping the conversation going can be simple if you know the things on this page. Of course, it can be a problem if you talk non-stop or talk too much, so be sure to know when to stop.

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Signs Of Attraction From The Woman You’re Talking To

You think she’s crushing on you but you’re not sure?

So you’re looking for early signs of attraction so you can make a move?


If you want to know what signals that says she’s into you, you will find them below. But before you scroll down, let me tell you something.

You don’t have to memorize or know every sign of interests from a girl.

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