How To Pick Up Girls

I’m going to assume that since you want to pick up girls…

You either want to take her home (or somewhere where you two can be alone together) or get her phone number so you can meet up again later–so you can be alone together again.

These are the outcome you want, right?

So how do you get there?

But before I tell you that, you have to prepare yourself.

What do you need?

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How To Meet Women

If you’re not meeting new women… then you’re simply not putting yourself out there.

You’re not going out.

And you’re not interacting with people other than your regular peers.

Here’s what I think:

You probably already know some good ways to introduce new women into your life, right?

Like going online… talking to strangers (cold approaching them)… meeting women through friends (or your social circle)… meeting women through a common activity (gym, cooking class)… and some other creative ways (like using your cute dog to make women notice).

But how do you really…

Meet and Connect With a Girl

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Where To Meet Women – The Best Places to Meet Girls

Women… where are they when you want to meet them?

meet women at bars and clubs

They’re everywhere, of course.

It’s not like they left the planet, right?

But… where can you find single, desirable, and has the potential to be your mate kind of women?

One thing’s for sure, she’s not in the room you’re reading this right now.

That only leaves you with one thing to do:

Leave the house to search, meet, and attract them somewhere else… Why?

Because they sure won’t come running through your door anytime soon without you doing anything.

But where could you start? Let’s see…

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How to Approach A Girl In Public

how to approach women
“Hey, How long are you going to stand there and stare?”

If you ever wanted to approach a random cute girl, your crush, or any girl you don’t know and start a conversation with her but couldn’t… then you’re about to learn how to approach women… anytime… anywhere.

Approaching women, if you break it down, if you look at it from a detached perspective, is easy.

After all, if you want to get close to her, you just need to take the first step and continue until you’re close enough to talk.

Close enough to get her attention, if you don’t have it already, and then you start the conversation with her.

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