How to Create Instant Attraction at Bars and Clubs

As you may already know, having a casual conversation during the day is very different to picking up girls at night.

During the day, you can be as easy going and casual as you want. You can start a natural conversation, and chat about anything you want. It has a relaxing feel to it.

You’ll have more options, too.

You can move around. You can go anywhere and not limit yourself to a certain location. If a street is not bearing any good harvest, you can easily walk to the nearest one.

At night, it’s more primal.

Attracting Women at Night

It all comes down to how you present yourself.

Walk confidently, and you’re already ahead of most other guys in the game.

That makes body language really important and helps you to build intimacy right away.

Bars and clubs are great places to meet people. It’s fun, too.

And there are a lot of sexy women out at night who wants to meet and hook up.

If you have the right guidance and understanding of the psychology that goes into it, I’m pretty sure you’ll get good at it.

You don’t need any magical phrase. There’s no such thing. It comes down to how you feel about yourself.

Look, we attract exactly what we are. If you walk around insecure, run down, sad and gloomy, guess what? You’ll meet women who feel the exact same way about herself.

And I’m sure you want to meet super hot women, right?

Well, I’m certain they feel pretty good about themselves and they probably want to meet a guy who’s their equal.

It’s How You Feel About Yourself

How to make a woman feel attraction to you is how you feel about yourself.

When you feel great about yourself, and you want to meet great people, and you have this mindset of connecting with people and meeting people, you’ll start to feel really good and when you start to feel really good… that’s when the good things start to happen.

Most people walk around with a scowl on their face. Is that more attractive to women than walking around smiling, with a winner attitude, who seems to have it going?

Of course not.

This is especially huge in picking up girls in bars and clubs.

The energy you project when starting conversations with women is a tremendous part of your success. If you act nervous and stilted because you’re afraid of rejection, women will act cold as ice. They’ll act as you’re not even there.

But if you approach women like you’re having a good time and seem confident, they’ll be friendly with you. And you’ll have better chances with them because now they’re more open.

When you start your conversation, it’s crucial that it’s exciting and entertaining from the get go. You can’t afford boring moments when you’re in clubs and bars.

That means no conversation topics about work, family, or business, even if you have things in common about them. If you find yourself slipping into that boring abyss, change topic fast.

Have an Attractive Energy

Remember that there is a lot of energy and excitement in bars and clubs. There is lights, fun, and music. And if you want to successfully meet and attract women, you’ll have to develop that energy and excitement within you.

This is how you develop that energy.

When you go out every single day, say hello to people. When you’re talking to a person, smile. Enjoy yourself.

Women notice these little things.

Treat the day as another magical day to meet somebody amazing.

Assume that there’s a woman who’s excited to meet you, because you’re excited to meet her, excited about who you are, about your life, and about where you are and where you’re going.

It’s energy. Feel great about yourself, and feel great about enjoying the day, and women are going to be attracted to you.

And make attracting women in clubs and bars so much better.



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