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How To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You

How can you tell if a woman is attracted to you?


You see, a woman will use signals to let you know she likes you.

So all you need to do is to be perceptive of these signs of attraction women subtly drops, mostly those without their conscious knowledge.

And since they’re not even aware they are doing them, it can be a pretty accurate tell if a girl is attracted to you.

So sharpen your senses for those signals her body unknowingly sends out if you want to know if a girl you like is looking for romance.

So what are these signs a woman may use to let you know she likes you?

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6 Elements of Attraction: What Makes A Man Attractive

Want to entice a lover?

These are the main things to pay attention to!

Guys who regularly fail with women forget about these important elements of attraction that makes a man attractive and motivates a woman do what she can to be with him.

We’ll start with…

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Attractive Male Body Language

If you want to be able to attract women instantly (or at least have the chance to), you got to have to be able to display an attractive male body language capable of communicating your inner confidence and masculine strength.

I don’t care if you’re good looking or not, in good shape or not, have a ton of cash or not…

… simply having an attractive body language every time you meet and attract women, will give you a definite advantage whether you know it or not.

It’s such a crucial part of attraction that it should be one of the first things you should really try to improve.

Yet, it’s one of the most overlooked aspect that most guys ignore. Instead, they focus on pickup lines and memorize words on what to say to girls.

Well, guess what, if your body language is not attractive enough, knowing what to say will only give you just a few second of air time with a girl. If you don’t know how to say it properly with the right body language, even this flow will not work for you.

So get it clear, and transform your lousy body language into an attractive body language that turns head and steals stares from even the prettiest women out there. How do you do that?

Let’s start with how you stand.

You should feel stable when you’re standing still, not shifting your weights, with your feet planted slightly shoulder width apart. Get used to standing like this to improve your balance and base.

When you’re standing like that, avoid fidgeting like a nervous wreck with a mental condition. It’s very unattractive. Keep your hands steady and on the side to keep it from fiddling with something.

And keep your eyes looking straight forward.

Don’t look down, if you want to look away, look up or to the side, never down. It’s a sign of weakness and has a negative effect on your emotions, again unattractive.

When you move your head (or any part of your body), make it slow. Moving your hands slowly will draw attention to it and add a little suspense to what you’re doing. Notice how high status men move with smooth and slow movements?

That’s attractive body language for men.

Apply it in the way you walk and move, even how you talk, and you’ll appear more high status and confident. You’ll look so smooth that you’ll seem comfortable and relaxed.

This will make you stand out from every one who are rushing frantically.

Having an attractive male body language will instantly give you a better first impression and make you stand out from all the other guys in the same vicinity.

Even if you feel a little nervous and uncomfortable, keeping your body language attractive will still allow you to appear confident and composed.

Is She Shy or Not Interested?

Sometimes, you meet a girl who’s not giving you anything to work on to know whether she’s shy or just not interested. And that can make you feel like what you’re doing is not working.

Or make you confused whether you should continue attracting her, or just move on and find another girl to talk to.

But if you’re like most guys, who can’t accurately read her body language, you’ll say goodbye and lose your chance to get to know her more.

Though if it’s clear that she’s ignoring you no matter what you do, better get out of there before you lose your mind talking to a rock. But if she’s showing something, maybe a little gaze, a shy smile, something that can be considered a response, you may still have a chance.

How do you know she’s shy?

Well, you’ll see that she’s a little uncomfortable with what’s happening. If she’s not used to getting approached by a great guy like you, she won’t be able to look you directly in the eye.

Even if it does happen, she’ll immediately look away so fast you won’t get the chance to see her eyes carefully. This is due to her nervousness, so she’ll just glance at you from time to time when you’re talking.

This will show in the way her whole body moves, not just her eyes. She’ll look like she can’t settle down and move around a little bit. Then she’ll play and fix accessories and twiddle her little fingers.

And, if she starts to blush, you’ve got a live one ready to be pulled carefully.

When you see her blush, you shouldn’t miss that chance to move things forward as you watch for other signs that she’s interested in you.

Take note of where she’s looking and the direction of her body parts, whether she’s leaning in or facing away from you. Compare that to someone who’s completely ignoring your moves and you’ll know if she’s shy or totally not interested.

You could also watch her from a distance, and see how she deals with her friends and other people. That’s another option, if you have the time.

Signs She Is Interested

There are a lot of tell-tale signs that indicate whether a girl is interested in you are not.

Sometimes it’s very obvious, but most of the time it’s very subtle due to certain social circumstances and cultural programming.

One thing is for sure, it exists. And the moment you notice the signs that says she’s interested in you, you have to take action and don’t let it pass like most guys do in those situations if you want to meet and get to know her. That’s may only be your window of opportunity.

Don’t waste it.

It’s good that you noticed them in the first place, and that puts you already way above the crowd. Well, the choice is still yours whether you want to approach her or not.

What are these signs?

It’s a given if she’s looking in your direction and smiling. You can clearly tell it’s an invitation to approach her and start a conversation. That signal is strong enough for most guys to start an interaction.

You just have to be observant of your surroundings and always on the lookout for quick glances and the occasional “look”. Of course, you can initiate this yourself, and see how she’ll react. You’ll usually know if she’s interested in meeting you in those few precious seconds.

Most of these “come hither” signals almost always involve the eyes combined with something to catch your attention like fixing her hair, putting makeup, and/or fixing her posture.

These are often very subtle and she’ll do this if she knows you’re looking and if she’s interested in you. These are what most guys often miss because they’re really small movements and most men don’t know they’re signs of interests.

A lot of these signs of interests are detailed in Undercover Sex Signals. You’ll be able to get a more detail explanation from there and I suggest you take a look at it and some other body language books and materials to give you a clearer picture of what to look for.

How To Read Body Language

Reading body language is such an essential part of attraction (and communication in general) that without it you’re like using Morse code to attract the woman you like.

Or you’ll be as good as blind to what she’s actually feeling.

To put things simple, if you want to interpret a woman’s body language, know if she’s flirting with you, or tell if she is attracted to you, you better be able to read her body language accurately.

Body language is the silent yet most truthful and powerful means a woman communicates with a man. More meaning is carried through it than any verbal communication can ever hope to carry.

It’s the universal language. Every human uses it. Even non-humans uses it.

If you hope to catch someone, know the truth, and clear everything that clouds the true meaning of her message, read her body language. You can’t go wrong.

By reading body language, you’ll be able to tell positive signs of interest, signs of discomfort, and other warning signs you need to watch out for.

Some of the things you want to be on the look out for include:

Eye contact. Does she have an attentive gaze or is her eyes wandering.

Hands and Arms. The position of the arms, whether it’s closed or open. The position of her hands, if it’s closed or open.

Posture. Her posture and whether she’s facing you directly or away from you.

Tone of Voice. Does her volume matches yours. What’s her rate of speech?

Being able to read body language is cannot be learned overnight. You have to learn consistently by being observant to those around you.

You can easily study body language just by going to a nearby mall or park and read what their body is saying. Watch every little thing they do, how they move, how they position themselves, and what exactly they’re saying.

You’ll be able to pick up a lot of things just by doing this exercise. And your ability to read body language will improve.

If you want some good materials about body language, you can check this book or the free body language video course included in this ebook.

Signs Of Attraction From Women

If you can’t read the signs that an already attracted women is giving up, there’s a high chance you’ll lose that attraction and you won’t be able to move forward.

Well, these signs of attraction should be very obvious to someone paying attention to her body language and actions. But to someone nervous and don’t know what he’s doing, these signs will be invisible.

Anyway, here’s what you want to look out for that show she’s attracted to you. These apply to a woman who you’ve been talking to for a while.

She’s responding to your questions and continues the conversation. If you stop talking and she re-initiates the conversation, you’ve got a live one here. Get things moving to where you want to go and lead from there.

She’s smiling and laughing to you jokes no matter how lame or cheesy it is. If you jokes are lame and she still laughs, that’s an obvious sign she’s got some attraction towards you. Quickly move to the next step.

She’s touching you first or she returns your touches. That’s another clear sign of interest from her. Escalate and see where it goes. Most guys stop which is what you don’t want to do if you’re in the right location.

These are just some of the really obvious ones. If you want the super-detailed picture of a woman’s sure sign of attraction like body positioning, subtle movements, and eye cues, I won’t include those here. Those are just way too many to cover in a single article.

Instead, check out this book. It covers most of signs of attraction from women in a fun to read and exciting format. You won’t get bored and you’ll learn a lot.

Body Language To Attract Women

Using the right body language is essential in attracting women. The right body language is attractive body language.

What does it look like?

Think of a confident man. Imagine a guy in a tuxedo. Picture James Bond. Watch the way he stand, walk, and move.

That’s the…

body language that attracts women.

Body language is everything you do to communicate with your body. That means all the non-verbal communication is body language. That leaves only your words which is roughly just 7% of all communications as verbal.

Do you see now how critical it is to have an attractive body language?

It’s the first thing that creates first impression before you even meet a woman and say something to her. And once that first impression is made, your verbal communication can do very little to change that.

What makes this even more important is that… women can accurately read your body language unconsciously (without giving it much thought). It’s an automatic and built-in skill they have that allows them to know what you’re really feeling.

So you can’t hide what you’re really thinking most of the time. That’s also where a woman’s intuition comes from.

But this also makes it simpler for you to attract women.

Just show her your attractive body language to attract her. You’ll have this effect on them that’s positive and powerful, pulling them closer to you without you even doing anything yet to make them stay.

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