Text Messages To Get Her Attention


If you can grab her attention with your massage, imagine all the fun things you can have with her.

Want to get her attention with your text messages?

Here’s how:

If you want her to pay attention and respond to your messages… you’ll need to make your text messages stand out.

When the text messages she’s getting from all other guys look about the same…

You want your messages to her to be different — fresh, rare, unfamiliar, and interesting.

Below you’ll learn some of the best tips I know on how to get a girl’s attention through text messaging…

With several examples of ready-to-use attention-grabbing text messages you can send a girl.

Plus… where to get more… and something I’m certain you’ll like in the end.

Are you ready?

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What do you text a girl to get her attention?

But before that, want to hear a suggestion if she’s been ignoring your messages?

Yeah? Cool!

If you’ve been sending text messages to a girl all day without getting any response from her…

Stop texting her.

Stop nagging her.

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Leave her alone for at least a week.


Because otherwise you will only push her further and further away from you.

Look: If you want to get her to quickly type a message and hit the reply button like her finger’s on fire…

Don’t send her another text message until you finish reading this page.

How to grab her attention over text

There’s a simple way for your text message to get a girl’s attention. And that is to…

Send her a message that is either funny, interesting, or unexpected.

TIP: Add a unique element of your personality that makes you STAND OUT from other men.

That’s it.

What else?

You can also make her curious enough to want to know more about your message. Like you’re dangling a string and baiting her to grab it and give it a pull like when you play with your cat.

send her cat a message

Now, I don’t want you to assume that sending funny texts to get her attention will always make her day.


Because you don’t know what’s going on with her or what she’s doing the exact moment she gets your text message.

But one thing is for sure, your text message should be powerful enough to capture her attention.

The moment she laid eyes on it and reads it time slows down to a crawl. She’s captivated. Entranced. Trapped even. Her eyes caught in her phone screen unable to look away.

After all…

You want her to stop what she’s doing, type a message, and hit the reply button lightning fast — and not leave it on “seen.”

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Anyway, below are some of examples of…

Turn Women On

Example of text messages to get her attention

  • “OMG, I just met your twin!”
  • “Just saw something that reminded me of you.”
  • “Hey you. Can you keep a secret?”
  • “Great! When are we going?”

More examples from Rob’s 99 Best Text from Magnetic Messaging:

  • “Even your texts have a weird accent… where are they from?”
  • “Red or black? Quick!”
  • “I think I sprained my soul last night”

More examples from Mehow’s Three Second Attraction (Text Game Chapter):

  • “I just got back from Maui, I saw a very cute fish. It reminded me of you.”
  • “That’s it. I come home and find out you have been shagging the pool man, I want a divorce. WTF do we do about the cats? Fluffy’s mine.”
  • “I met your twin last night.”
  • “How’s rehab?”
  • “Where are all the pervy texts you usually send me?”

If you’ve talked to her before for quite a bit, you can also use a callback humor or an inside joke. This is a nice way to make your text message a natural extension of your last conversation.

Moreover, you can continue an interesting conversation threads with her at any time.

And you know what?

Flattery or a little ego stroking doesn’t hurt either:

  • “How did I get so lucky, ___ you!”
  • “I’m still wearing that smile you gave me! :)”

You should also consider the timing.

If it’s night and you know she’s about to sleep…

You can make her dream of you or at least put a smile on her face at the end of a tiring day with some good night text messages.

Read more here: Good Night Text Messages To Send A Girl

TIP: When she reads your texts, she should get a whiff of your character — kind of like a trailer to a movie!

Now if you want more examples, there are loads more in Rob’s The 99 Best Texts of All Time — a free bonus from Magnetic Messaging.

There are text messages you can use in different situations — from sending the first text to get her attention… all the way to the message asking her out on a date.

What’s more–

You’ll know what you need to do to make sure you get her out on a date–even if she’s been ignoring your text messages. Check it out here.

Hold on.

Let me take a few short breath…

Did you know?

Why you should get her interested from the start

Most of the time, you don’t need to start with pleasantries when you text a girl. You can go straight to the good stuff without wasting time. How?

A pithy — concise and meaningful — one-liner message may work (like the ones below), but something longer and with substance is better.

  • “The flat-earth society has members all around the globe.”
  • “There are three types of people, those who can count and those who can’t.”
  • “An escalator cannot break, it can only become stairs.” (Mitch Hedberg)

Watch the video below for a bit of inspiration.


This should also help to get yourself in a funny mood to help you craft humorous text messages of your own.


You can also send her flirtatious text messages. If you know how to tease a girl, you can get her so engaged and interested you’ll jolt her awake from her boring day.

Then getting rid of her becomes the hard part.

You can be a bit more creative with your messages as well. That way, even sending her a message that doesn’t make sense is way better than a boring and used-up line like “hey” or “what’s up?”

If it’s irresistible, she’ll be curious enough to send you a message asking what you mean. And you’re in!


I’ve collected some risky flirty text messages on the the page linked below. If you’re interested, you’ll have to scroll down a bit to see them:

How to Make a Girl Smile

Remember, to get a her attention with your text, you need to send her a message that rocks her awake. If you don’t her to ‘ghost’ you, make sure your message gets her curious, engaged, or laughing so hard she pees.

Turn Women On

And if you can, try to be original and funny without resorting to a cheesy line you’ve seen somewhere.

Intrigue her with your messages to jump start the conversation.

Then you can have her hanging on to every text message you send–as long as you adhere to the tips below:

Become an Alpha Male

What you need to know to keep her engaged

Alright, the above tips should help you get her attention.

I’ll give you some of the key text messaging tips you should remember if you want to keep that attention.

  • Keep things positive and light. Heavy conversations should be reserved when you meet in person. Here’s how to ask her out over text.
  • Don’t try too hard. If you’ve been sending her essays and she’s sending you one-word answers, tone it down, match her pace or mirror her.
  • Stay solid and never lose your cool. Avoid getting frustrated or overreacting when she messages you something that might get a rise out of you. Know how to handle a woman’s tests.
  • Have a goal. If you’re about to text her something that doesn’t help with that goal, don’t send it. If you don’t know what that goal is, read the last section.
  • Know when to drop her. Girls who like you will help you. They don’t cancel dates, ignore your text messages or play games.
  • Only send her the right text messages. It’s not about sending her a lot of texts; it’s about sending her the right messages that draw her to you.

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What to do once you have her attention

Good job!

You made it this far.

As I was saying, even if it has been weeks–or months–since you last messaged a girl, don’t lose hope. With the right text message you can still get her number “reactivated.”

You just have to know how to jolt her from her daze using your creativity and wit.

And once you’ve got her attention, what do you do next?

TIP: Build up suspense and increase the tension.

You want to get her hooked on your every text message and get her so attracted to you she’ll be anticipating your next date.


By showing that she’s not just another number on your phone and building a bond that goes beyond casual.

If you’re serious about using your phone to get more success with women right now, I urge you to check out the Key Lock Sequence.

How to make her crave your attention

On the other hand…

If the thought of getting a girl’s attention seems like hard work to you…

Wouldn’t it be better if the moment you send her a message… she becomes excited because your name pops up on her phone — no matter how common your message is?

If you could anchor yourself in a girl’s mind like that… wouldn’t you say that it’s a far better situation to be in… than competing for her attention with every other guy who texts her?

If you you agree with me, you’d like what I found for you here.

This will transform your interaction with women — and help you become the kind of guy a girl will obsess over.

You’ll also get more copy-and-paste text message examples to make her obsess over you.

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Make her be the one constantly checking her phone to see if there’s a new message from you.


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