5 Suave Ways to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

When you want to hangout with her and you don’t know what to say… keep it simple.

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How many ways do you need to ask her out?

There are many ways to ask a girl out over text. 

The simplest way would be something like, “Hey, wanna go on a date?” 

Yeah, that can work. But only to the “right” girl. 

For other girls in most situations, you gotta be suave.

First, before you even think about inviting her out, you need to have a plan. Where are you taking her, what will you be doing, and when exactly is it happening?

Then, you want to warm her up to the idea of meeting with you. I’m talking about foreplay. 

And finally, when you feel that it’s time, you go for it. 

Here are some examples you can reference when you want to ask a girl out on text:

Talk Plans and Close

You can start by asking her what her plans are on a given day or weekend. 

This hints what’s coming next while also feeling for her schedule. 

Then you can suggest getting together if she’s down to meet. Or holding it off and finding out more if her schedule is packed.

  • What are you doing this weekend? 
  • So what kind of trouble are you getting into this weekend?
  • Got any plans cooking up for later this week?
  • What mischief are you up to this [Friday]?

When her schedule is wide open, follow up with:

  • There’s this cool new [wine bar] I’ve been wanting to check out on [some street]
  • I’ve wanted to try this new restaurant, and they have [her favorite food]. What time are you free?
  • I have an extra ticket to [movie she wanted to see], what time should I pick you up?
  • Hey, I know a great place where they have [something she likes] Let’s go [tomorrow]!
  • You’re not doing anything [on Sunday]? So let me take you [a fun place] where we will have the best [something she loves] you’ve ever tasted!
  • I have an idea… How about we meet this [Tuesday] for [a drink]?

Give her options

woman using her phone
  • Let’s grab a bite and a couple of drinks on Friday or Sunday? If you like [something she likes] I know a really nice joint with tasty [that thing she likes] and great [cocktails]
  • Why don’t we meet up for a couple of drinks on Friday or grab a cup of coffee on Sunday afternoon?

Ask her out in one go

If you want to go straight for it. That works, too.

  • What are your plans for later this week? Let’s grab a drink or coffee after work on [Thursday or Friday
  • Let’s meet up for a drink next week? I know a really nice cafe that just opened up. 
  • Are you free this [Wednesday evening]? I have some free time. We could finally chat in person over a cup of coffee
  • Are you free this [Sunday]? I want to go to this cool [festival] that’s here this week, want to join me?

Oops, she has other plans?

You mustered up your courage and turns out she didn’t have time. Bummer!

When you ask a girl what she’s doing on a specific day, and she already has plans, here’s what you can send her:

  • Oh… I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to take you to that [new place] that opened up :)”
  • Luckily I am available at another time [her name] In fact, I am free on…
  • I was thinking of taking you to that new place with me tomorrow but I guess I’ll have to wait until some other day

You’re doing it anyway

If you’re not sure about your chances. 

The quality of the interaction determines the quality of the number.

Or you honestly think she’s not going to make it, invite her to do something you’re gonna do anyway.

  • On [day] I’m going to [event]. Why don’t you join me?

When you ask her out to do something you like a lot, it takes the sting out of rejection. Why? Because you’re going to enjoy yourself either way.

The subtle suggestion

This allows you to gauge her interest level. The more excited her reply, the better.

  • I have an interesting idea about what we could do [later this week]
  • I think [Friday] is a legit excuse to enjoy one too many [beers]. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Thoughts on joining me for [drinks] on [Wed or Thu night]?
  • What’s your thought on [beer] and witty banter?

You’re not actually asking her out. So she can’t reject you. Plus, you’ll know what interests her.

As you can see, there are various ways you can invite a girl out on a date. These are just some of the examples. 

Want to ask a girl out in a clever, cute, funny way? Then put on your creative thinking hat. And let your personality shine.

There are even situations where you can smoothly transition the conversation to an invite. 

For example, if she asks you what you’re doing and wants more information about it, send her something like:

  • I think this is something that should be discussed over [coffee/dinner]
  • Sounds like a good [conversation] over a [glass of wine/cup of coffee/walk on the beach]

Now that you have some of the best ways to ask a girl out over text, you can’t just drop it out of nowhere — if she’s not into you. 

What I mean is… if you want to make sure she will say ‘yes’ when you ask her out, you have to keep in mind a few things before you invite her out.

To make your chances better

  • Make your intentions completely clear. Although you don’t want to use the word ‘date’ as it’s too serious and too official, you also don’t want her to think you are asking her out as a friend. 
  • If you have been friends for some time, you can take it slow, dropping hints here and there to gauge her interest level. 
  • The sooner you ask her out, the better. Don’t rush. Ask too soon, you risk scaring her off. But don’t waste time on pointless chatter, either. Take too long, she might lose interest and ghost.
  • Be confident and straightforward. And suggest something that she actually wants to do.
  • How you ask a girl out doesn’t matter, so long as she likes you. 

When to ask her out

Solid numbers won’t give you uncertain answers such as, “I’m not sure” when you request the pleasure of her company.

There will be a moment in the conversation that you’ll notice a shift. When it has escalated beyond mere chatter, that’s the time for you to make your move. 

Transition the conversation where it will be natural for you to suggest meeting her.

This could happen after just a couple or more lighthearted and positive text exchanges. You can ask her out when…

  • She’s engaged and replies back excitedly
  • She asks you questions 

Oh, and one more thing. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to text messages to ask a girl out. You have a phone. Phones are for calling. 

If you can get her to talk to you on the phone, and you are confident with your conversation skills, your chances of getting her to meet you will be higher. 

And remember, the exact words you use don’t matter. 

How you ask a girl out through text depends on what your personality is like. 

So use your own style to invite a woman out.

In short, the best way to ask a girl out on text is one that works for you, matches your personality, and gets the job done.

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