How To Attract A Girl With Your Text Messages

Want to be the guy she’s texting?

Want to attract a girl through text?

You have landed on one of the most important pages you’ll read today. Why?

Simply because on this page you’ll learn powerful ways to attract a girl and turn your phone into a chick magnet.

For instance, if you want to make it easier for yourself to attract a woman through text, the secret has nothing to do with texting.

Here’s what I mean:

A girl can give a guy her number and will have no intention whatsoever to date him. 

What? Why?

Because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. So she felt it was easier to just hand out her number.

Other times she was flattered, or she was intoxicated enough, or if the guy is really pushy, she felt a risk for her safety.

And of course, just because she gives out her number doesn’t mean she’s obligated to text back. 

She can change her mind

So getting her number does not automatically mean you will see her again.

However, if you can get her interested in you… or… leave her with a favorable impression from the get-go before you ask for her number…

Or even better, if she gave you her digits on her own… she will be far more motivated to respond to your text messages than… ghost you or leave your messages on ‘read’, opened, or seen.

In short, if you want to successfully attract a girl through text, you want to impress her and make sure she actually wants to get texts from you — before you even start texting her.

Because if you don’t get to leave any impression on her, the first thing she will likely ask you when you send your first text message is ‘who’s this?’. 

Now you’ll have to make her remember.

More than that, you don’t how many guys are vying for her attention.

If you are interested in her, you can assume other guys are also interested in her and texting her. So you’ll also have to stand out and distinguish yourself from anyone else she is texting with. 

That makes your first interaction with her important. But not a deal-breaker if you don’t get it right so long as you know how to text girls right.

And the first thing you have to understand if you want to attract a girl through text is this:

Texting primarily uses words

You know, the sequence of letters you are reading right now.

But communication with another human does not only consists of just letters and words. There are also intonation, pitch, expression, gestures, posture, and other nonverbal elements you use when you are speaking with a girl in the flesh. 

However, you lose most of these non-word nuances when you text a girl.

For example, when you are nervous or excited, women will automatically pick it up because your actions often reveal more than your actual words. You usually don’t need words for a girl to know that you are a mess right now based on your body language cues. 

But when you use your fingers to form letters, words, or symbols on the screen of your phone to construct a text message you want to send to a girl, you are losing a lot of your intended message.

That makes miscommunication very likely.

Because without the complete picture, it is easier for blunders to be made, accidents to happen, and mishaps to occur. Take for example humor and sarcasm. They are often difficult to convey and can easily be taken as insults. If you want to attract a woman, insulted is the last thing you want her to feel

My point is this: since you lose many non-verbal cues when you text your lady friend, you need to be competent at combining words if you want to charm girls with your text messages.

What’s more, if you have poor writing skills, it can make you look bad.

For example, if you start your text conversation with a girl with, “hey”, “waz up?”, or “how r u?”, you can come across as lazy and dumb.

Neither helps you attract women.

Granted, you can get away with it if you are very young, but even so, girls will have a better impression of you if you use proper words and don’t mess up basic grammar.

You’ll be turning girls off if you do.

On the other hand, if you are a savvy wordsmith of text messages, you will have better chances attracting girls with your fingers than those other guys competing for her attention. Why?

Because if you can create elaborate fantasies in her mind that make her attracted to you, women will respond powerfully to your words. Why do you think a lot of women read novels like Fifty Shades of Grey? *

So use colors, textures, smells, thoughts, and feelings to describe what you are trying to say so you can stimulate her senses and build anticipation and get her excited to be with you.

Additionally, if you know how to use her most loved word in the whole wide world, you’ll have even more of an advantage over other guys on her phone. 

What is her most loved word, you ask? 

Come a bit closer.

It is this: her name.

You see most guys rarely use her name when texting her. Use it and you’ll make your interaction with her personal and familiar, making her feel seen and safe. 

That is important.

So when you open a new conversation with her make sure she sees her name somewhere in your text message. Slip it in towards the end of your conversation, too. 

More than words

There is something else you can use in your text messages other than words: images.

We often look for social and emotional cues when we interact with other people, but as you know, audio and visual cues are not exactly easy to pick up on text messages.

Enter this guy: 😉

You can use emoticons, emojis, and stickers to help you say more using fewer words and convey nuances and emotions. Sometimes you can even say what you can’t with an emoji. 

And because everybody understands what a smiley face, heart, or thumbs up is, she’ll get you even if you are separated by all kinds of borders.

And with more than 3000 emojis available with more being developed and released, you’ll have plenty of emojis that can help you express yourself clearly — if you can find the appropriate one. 😀

But wait, there’s more!

Other than knowing how to make your words sing, there are many other things you should know if you want to successfully attract a girl with texting. 

For example, you have to know how to avoid being ghosted by a girl. 

It can happen like this: you think things are going well, but then she suddenly loses interest in texting you and disappears like a specter. 

So if you don’t want to feel like an abandoned kitten on the road, you have to know and follow these rules of texting.

One of the most important you should not try to transgress is…

Be playful and fun


Because being boring can kill any interest a girl has in you. In general, most daily interactions will make you want to flat-line from boredom, so you need to pump your text conversations with a heartbeat.

And you can’t do that if you text her about boring stuff like personal problems, politics, or being stuck in traffic. Ugh!

Listen: the brain is easily bored. It needs to be fed with entertaining bits and slices of lighthearted pleasure. So make sure your text messages are injected with a healthy dose of your humor and charm.

And get this: if she is attracted to you by even just a tiny bit, she’ll appreciate your wit and humor — even if it is cheesy. Because if she is into you, it doesn’t matter how cheesy it is. But if she is not into you, it doesn’t matter how witty it is.

So step out of your comfort zone for a bit and banter with her.

Or use humor that is related to a conversation or shared experience you had together. 

Remember, aim at making her smile and giving her excitement. Why? Because if you want to be attractive, memorable, and likable to any girl, you can’t be dull.

You can only be intriguing, interesting, and engaging.

Moreover, if you want to impress a girl with other amazing things, you need to be subtle about it. 

Women can read between the lines very well and pick up on everything.

So you can let her know whether you are a genius math whiz, a sous chef in a five-star hotel, a record holder in solving Rubik’s cube, or own an island off the coast of France without having to brag about it — unless you want to attract shallow gold diggers.

Likewise, making a humble statement to disguise a brag won’t help you make any friends. Or…

Make her want you more

Getting a girl interested is only the start. If you also want to keep her interested, you want her to crave more of you and more texts from you. How? 

One way you can make her hunger for more is to keep the conversation fleeting. 

Furthermore, you should be the first to sign off. 

But don’t just disappear mid-conversation. That’s rude. Unless, of course, you get hit by a bus or fall off a bridge. 

Another way you can leave her wanting more is to not be too available to her. Why? Because that might suggest to her you don’t have friends, hobbies, interests, commitments, or you’re desperate and anxious to be with her. And that is not sexy. 

So only get back to her when you can. You don’t want to prematurely make her more important than other things in your life. 

In short, when you already got something planned, stick to your plans. You don’t need to explain yourself because when you have stuff happening in your life, it makes her more interested. 

So actually be doing things.

And let her know you’ve got other things to do. 

Don’t be too obvious she can have you. Women are attracted to men whose feelings about them are uncertain. So avoid sending multiple texts or questions in a row. 

Sure you are interested, but that doesn’t mean you are desperate. 

Remember: leave her wanting more.

What’s more, if you text her too much but don’t arrange a call or a date, the girl you are interested in can become disinterested in texting you. Why?

Because texting can easily get dull and empty. And indecisiveness is a major turn-off for women. So…

Don’t take too long

That means the sooner you make plans the better.

And you need to escalate and move things along to an in-person get-together.

Texting is not a substitute for dates. It doesn’t even come close because of the many reasons I stated earlier. 

Instead, think of texting like a bridge that connects two points which continues the attraction from the first meeting to the date and so on. 

So rather than using your phone to start long boring conversations with a girl, leave some mystery so you can leave her wanting more. 

Remember, texting is only part of a bigger game. No matter how good you get at texting a woman, sooner or later, you must ask her out, if you don’t want to be just another guy who lives in her phone.

Don’t wait to ask her out so you don’t become just another guy texting her. Be decisive and show her you go for what you want. 

She will respect that and… you. 

If you got her interested, let her know that you’re also interested, and don’t wait to send her the first text after meeting her.

Hot tip: when there is chemistry, women expect things to happen quickly. So the longer it takes you to get her out, the more she starts to think there must not be anything there. She’ll rationalize and find reasons why you are not worth meeting up with. She will go from hot to cold very quickly, her interest fizzling out. 

In short, to attract a girl through texting, you want to get her attention, and turn that attention into a date as quickly as possible. 

It is not about sending her a lot of text; it is about sending her the right texts that draw her closer to you.

And… if you want to know how to send the right texts every time… 

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