Trying and failing is better than doing nothing at all.

So if you fail with women, don’t feel sorry about it. It’s part of the learning process.

But to get the most of it, you have to know why you fail with women. You can’t just keep failing and failing all the time. That will only make you look stupid.

To know why men fail with women, you need to look at what you’re doing right now. What you’re thinking. And what you’re feeling when you’re trying to attract women. The little things that hardly anyone notices.

Although you may think their small, they have a big effect on why you fail with women. And if you don’t want to keep failing, you gotta start small.

One of those small things is what you’re after. It doesn’t seem much but if it’s clear that you’re after something from her, there’s a good chance you’ll fail whatever it is you’re after.

You see, if it’s obvious that you’re desperate for her affection, you send to her this creepy vibe that repels her away from you. And most of the time, she’ll be running or pushing you away from her.

So don’t be desperate.

Be cool about it.

Not everything will go your way, and that’s just how it is. There’s no such thing as a perfect score. So don’t chase after it.

A lot of the reason why men fail with women is based on chasing after something (doesn’t matter what it is) when you should be focusing on the interaction and on the girl you’re interacting with.

It’s about being mindful of the situation you’re in and not caring about anything else. If she says ‘Yes’, be cool about it. If she says ‘No’, be cool about it, too.

Doesn’t matter what she says, you just be cool about it.

You’ll improve a lot and learn a lot just by observing and progressing the conversation. You’ll lessen your failures and gain more successes in the process.