Attraction and comfort are both emotions.

If you want to attract women, you have to hit their emotional attraction triggers. That’s a known fact far and wide.

You can’t convince them to like you.

You can’t use logic in creating emotional attraction.

There are different types of attraction triggers, but the emotional attraction triggers are the one you actively hit most of the time.

Making her feel good about herself should be your main goal every time you interact with a girl. She should feel good just by being with you.

She should enjoy the “experience of you”.

But it’s even more important to let her feel a “roller coaster” of emotions if you really want to connect and bond with her… if you want her to trust you completely.

Good emotions. Different kind of emotions, going up and down. If you can create that experience every time you’re with her, you’ll be able to create attraction like she’d never felt before.

You can make her feel happy, irritated, or jealous. It’s better than making her feel nothing at all.

If you look at what attracts women in men, you’ll easily know some of these emotional triggers and how you can trigger each one of them.

If you can feel emotional attraction towards her, it’s also possible to make her feel these emotions towards you.