Things Women Hate About Men

Sometimes, no matter what men do, there are just some “things” women can’t seem to like about them.

Something a boyfriend does that his girlfriend hate. The habit that irritates a wife. And the things that can drive women crazy.

These can be the things you do that annoy them. Or a trait you have that you should change. Whatever it is, these are things women hate about men. And if you want women to like you, it’s better to know them and do something about them.

Now, don’t misunderstand. Not all women hate exactly the same things.

Let’s start with something easy…

Being Clingy and Needy

When you don’t have the confidence to deal with women, and you feel the need to be reassured all the time. It’s little wonder women will automatically not like you at all. It’s either you’re too clingy, you’re creeping her out, or you’re just not acting like a man.

In her mind, she’s already resenting and rejecting you clingy behavior.

Seeking Approval

When you try to give up your control just so you can get her attention and approval and just so you can please her. This destroys all your chances if you’re single. And if you act weak and tentative, you don’t have to worry about what women hate about men.

When you try too hard to get a girl, know that laid back and effortless is way more attractive.

Bragging about your looks, your car, or your money has the same effect. Most women don’t want to hear about how many other women you’ve bagged. Most people find this annoying and rude.

Not Listening

Think about it. Anyone who don’t listen is just annoying and asking for trouble later on. This will build nothing but a weak relationship, if you’re lucky. Listening takes most of your senses to pay attention, not just your pair of ears.

Zoning out when something she’s saying doesn’t interest you can be incredibly frustrating for women. Don’t start ignoring her when she starts talking about something that not even mildly interesting to you. She’ll start to despise you.

When she initiates a conversation when you’re holding the remote in front of the TV, turn it off and focus on her for a moment. Pretending to listen to her is more annoying than not listening at all.

Saying Things She Hate

Psychology Today has a convenient checklist of common phrases to avoid when you’re in the company of women. It includes telling her to “relax,” “calm down,” “get over it,” and “don’t make such a big deal about everything” among other things she hates to hear from someone she likes.

Double Standard

Women can’t stand it when a man gets angry at her at something he does all the time. When you spend your time with your buddies but you don’t like it when she hangs out with her friends. When you take days to answer your text but expect her to instantly reply.

Being Gross

When you don’t do proper hygiene, don’t wash your hands, don’t clean up after yourself.

Barfing or farting, though you may see nothing wrong with it, doesn’t make the night romantic for her.

Not Motivated

Girls hate it when guys have no motivation and have no desire to succeed.

Keeping In Touch With Ex

Women hates it when their man keeps in contact with their ex. She might feel jealous no matter how secure she feels the relationship is.

Speaking about ex-girlfriends, never compare or point out something annoying that your ex didn’t have whether it’s deliberate or not.

You may think a passing comment about an ex is harmless, but it can offend her in some way. Mentioning anything about an ex is a no go. Spare her the details and keep your opinions about your ex and your relationship with her.


Nobody wants to be around someone who will drag them into a dark, quiet corner to sulk and get depressed. If you can’t make someone happy, at least be mindful of the effect you have in them.

Looking At Other Girls

If she catches you, staring at other women irritates her more than you know and takes it as an insult. Sure, you may not be able to help it but keep it discreet and subtle. If you don’t want her to feel annoyed, embarrassed, and angry, do it well enough that she doesn’t notice.

If you can keep from looking at a sexy girl passing by, you’ll have her respect.

Getting women to respect you is important if you want to have sex with them. If she looks down on you, you can’t expect her to do you a favor by being with you.

Ignoring the Tittle Things

When you’re with a woman, you have to think differently when you’re alone or when you’re with your male friends. Some things just don’t work with women. Some of your jokes may be a hit with your guy friends, but she won’t be laughing when you tell it to her. Save the gross jokes for the boys.

She’ll also appreciate it more if you compliment her, send her random love notes, or unexpected cuddles.

When You Forget

The occasional forgetfulness can be forgiven. But forgetting important things like an anniversary results in a very angry woman because you just made her feel disappointed and unimportant.

Not Turning Her On

It can be upsetting when you just ask for sex without turning her on. Don’t take it for granted. Girl hate it when you get lazy and don’t care.

You may think it’s fine to do whatever you want without considering her feelings for every little thing. But you better think whether what you’re doing is helpful in the relationship or you’re causing her to hate you even more.

I’m sure some women have a long list of things they find annoying about men’s habits. These may only be some of the things women hate about men. But it’s a good place to start paying attention to if you’re repelling women left and right.

Knowing about the things she finds annoying about you is invaluable. Not only because you may not know you do them, but this gives you a chance to break them.

You don’t need to prove how manly you are, women just want their man to treat them fairly and to keep the romance going.


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