Sometimes, no matter what men do, there are just some “things” women can’t seem to like about them.

These can be the things you do that annoy them. Or a trait you have that you should change. Whatever it is, these are things women hate about men. And if you want women to like you, it’s better to know them and do something about them.

Let’s start with something easy…

Being needy

When you don’t have the confidence to deal with women, and you feel the need to be reassured all the time. It’s little wonder women will automatically not like you at all. It’s either you’re too clingy, you’re creeping her out, or you’re just not acting like a man.

Not listening

Think about it. Anyone who don’t listen is just annoying and asking for trouble later on. This will build nothing but a weak relationship, if you’re lucky. Listening takes most of your senses to pay attention, not just your pair of ears.


Nobody wants to be around someone who will drag them into a dark, quiet corner to sulk and get depressed. If you can’t make someone happy, at least be mindful of the effect you have in them.

Ignoring the little things

When you’re with a woman, you have to think differently when you’re alone or when you’re with your male friends. Some things just don’t work with women. Some of your jokes may be a hit with your guy friends, but she won’t be laughing when you tell it to her.

You may think it’s fine to do whatever you want without considering her feelings for every little thing. But you better think whether what you’re doing is helpful in the relationship or you’re causing her to hate you even more.

These may only be some of the things women hate about men. But it’s a good place to start paying attention to if you’re repelling women left and right.