Being physically attractive doesn’t give you the ticket to attract any women you like. Of course, it helps with the cause. But without the attraction and seduction skills, your physical attractiveness can be next to useless.

Then again, it’s important to know what specifically attracts women physically to most men. What women see physically in you that makes them captivated enough to make them want to know you and keep you.

If you ask most women they’ll tell you it’s the height, the smile, the eyes, the body with some muscle, and the clothes you wear. Well, they’re probably right on the most part.

But if you can’t make them focus on these features when they first see you, it’s useless to have that twinkling eyes.

What’s the first thing women notice?

It’s your body. Your build. Your posture. How you carry yourself with the clothes you wear.

So let’s start with your body.

Did you know there’s a “perfect” male body proportion that hypnotically attracts a woman to you by just the shape of your body? It’s covered in the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

You don’t need to be a hulking bodybuilder to achieve the body of a Greek god. But it does take a while to build if you’re as skinny as a teenage kid.

You’ll be able to have a broad shoulders and chest and narrow waist that signals that you’re healthy and active. It also tells women that you take care of yourself.

If you take care of your body, your posture will naturally follow. And you clothes will look better on you.

And if you know how to pick the right clothes for your body type and the right hairstyle for your face, you’ll be considered handsome before you know it.

While you can’t do anything about your actual height, how tall they see you can be easily influenced. It’s again in your posture and how you hold your head. Always hold your head high and look forward. You can also use shoes that add an inch to your height.

If you’re wondering why being tall is attractive, women generally associate height as being more dominant and powerful. It gives them the perception of feeling more secure when the man is taller than them.

If you take care of your body and appearance, even if you’re not tall, there’s no reason for women to not be attracted to you.

And if you have the attraction skills to keep them attracted, you’ll almost have no problem with dating any girl you like.