What Makes a Woman Attracted to a Man Physically

What do many women find attractive in a man physically?

Being physically attractive doesn’t give you the ticket to attract any woman you like.

A guy can be as good-looking as a magazine model and still flunk with getting dates.

Of course, being physically attractive helps with attracting women. If you can turn heads, girls will be very welcoming to your approach.

But without the attraction and seduction skills, your physical attractiveness can be next to useless.

Then again, it’s important to know what specifically attracts women physically to men.

What women find physically attractive

Here are some things that when a woman see physically in you can make her captivated enough to make them want to know you and keep you.

  • Signs of masculinity and dominance: Broad shoulders, strong jawline, wide chest.
  • Signs of good health and genetic fitness: Facial symmetry, muscle tone.
  • Good grooming: Dresses well, nice hair, smells good.

If you ask most women they’ll tell you it’s the height, the smile, the eyes, the body with some muscle, and the clothes you wear.

Well, they’re probably right for the most part.

If you ask a woman to choose between a tall man and a short man, she’ll probably pick the towering guy. Why?

Because a taller man makes them feel psychologically secure.

If you’re on the shorter side, and you want to attract a girl, you’ll have to satisfy her need for security in some other non-physical way.


What’s the first thing that women notice when they see a man (aside from the one above)?

Take your time.

Time’s up!

It’s your body, your build, your posture, and how you carry yourself with the clothes you wear.

So let’s start with your body.

You don’t need to be bulky or muscly to be physically attractive to women.

If you want to look masculine and strong, however, having a relatively wide shoulder and narrow waist makes you far more attractive to women than someone who looks like the penguin.

A wide sexy back also gives you a V-shaped torso, which has been driving women’s attraction level up since man started walking the face of the earth.

Again, this physical trait signals strength and protection.

The body type that hypnotically attracts a woman

Did you know there’s a “perfect” male body proportion that hypnotically attracts a woman to you by just the shape of your body?

It’s covered in the Adonis Golden Ratio system.

You don’t need to be a hulking bodybuilder to achieve the body of a Greek god. But it does take a while to build if you’re as skinny as a teenage kid.

You’ll be able to have broad shoulders and chest and narrow waist to signal that you’re healthy and active.

It also tells women that you take care of yourself.

If you take care of your body, your posture will naturally follow. And your clothes will look better on you.

And if you know how to pick the right clothes for your body type and the right hairstyle for your face, you’ll be considered handsome before you know it.

Influence how tall you look

While you can’t do anything about your actual height, how tall women see you can be easily influenced.

It’s again in your posture and how you hold your head.

Always hold your head high and look forward. You can also use shoes that add an inch to your height.

If you’re wondering why being tall is attractive, women generally associate height as being more dominant and powerful. It gives them the perception of feeling more secure when the man is taller than they are.

Give her more reasons to be attracted to you

If you take care of your body and appearance, even if you’re not tall, there’s no reason for women to not be attracted to you. Dating is not all about physical attraction.

And if you have the attraction skills to keep them attracted, you’ll almost have no problem with dating any girl you like.

Of course, even if you’re not that physically attractive, women will still give you a chance.

Most women are a lot more flexible about what they find attractive in a man.

What matters most

What women find physically attractive varies from one woman to the next.

What’s important is how you feel in your own skin and how you make her feel emotionally.

For example, if you can make her feel attracted using confidence and humor, she won’t simply reject you just because you’re not tall.

So don’t get hung up or worry too much about what women find physically attractive if you don’t fit the stereotype or if you think you’re not good-looking enough to get the girl you like.

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