How To Attract Women On Facebook

It’s tempting to attract women on Facebook, isn’t it?

There are lots of girls all over the world posting their pretty faces for everyone to see.

Almost every young female on the planet with an internet connection is on Facebook. You can think of a name and just search for any girl.

That’s how easy it is to find girls on Facebook.

But there’s a catch. Facebook is not a dating site.

It’s a social networking site. And young pretty women, use it to make friends and connect with their friends online.

If you attempt to attract women on Facebook “unarmed” with the right knowledge on how it’s supposed to be done, you’re gonna get burned. Your escapades can quickly spread and you’ll have a bad rep.

With that said, many women use the site a lot. They spend a lot of their time scrolling through their feed at any given time of the day. And any single man would be a fool not to try attracting single women on Facebook.

If you know how to attract women online, just tweaking the approach a little to fit Facebook will get you awesome results.

Of course, you gotta start with your profile page.

From picking the right photo, to filling out your details. Make sure it follows the same rules when you’re building an attractive online profile.

The first thing a woman will see in your profile is your picture. It is your introduction.

So make sure it sends a good message about you, what you value and who you are. On that note, get rid of photos that look weird, show off, and not a picture of you.

Your photos should present you in the best possible light. So only put your best photographs.

Support your profile picture with what you write in your details. Fill in your basic information like where you’re born and where you live.

Leaving these things empty can seem like you have something to hide and will make women who look into your profile skeptical. She’ll double think whether to accept your friend request or continue reading.

Ask yourself, “How can I let her want to get to know me better?”

When you know what women wants in a man, all you have to do is provide it and you’ll have girls in droves.

Make use of your wit and humor to get her interested in you. Show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re intelligent and you know how to have fun.

And it always helps to show you are a confident man even on Facebook and other social media. You can show that you believe in yourself and that you will likely have success in life by sharing parts of your life that you can be proud of. This will make it seem like you’re a real catch without resorting to bragging.

Then you gotta make friends — if you haven’t already.

Build your friend base by adding your friends and acquaintances and any people you meet while socializing. Once you’ve got a list of friends, you can expand it even more by adding their friends.

Doing this will expand your reach quickly. And having common friends with a women you want to attract can and will always help your cause.

Now, not all the women on Facebook are single and looking for a relationship. When you message them, they’ll assume you’re just there to be their friend. That makes your first message critical.

You want to start off being casual.

Make friends with her like you normally would. And get noticed by her. Comments on her post, posts on her wall, and like her photos.

I know it can take a while to attract women on Facebook, but that’s how it is.

If you want to learn more, there’s a part on The Online Game specifically for attracting girls on Facebook. Check it out.

Tips To Attract Girls On Facebook

Some would argue that having an online profile can be a bit of a challenge when you want some of the things you do to yourself because your face can be in front of any woman any time any day.

Any girl can access your profile and see who you are and what you’ve been up to lately. So it’s important that you set up your profile page properly.

Since the girl viewing your profile can’t see your body language or hear your voice, she’ll based most of her impression on and get an idea of what your life is like through your profile, comments, and photos.

Hopefully you keep that in mind when you post things on social media. Show your good sides when you post updates and comments. Don’t whine, brag, or try to look cool.

And although you can’t tell your friends not to upload embarrassing pictures of you dry humping a couch, you can always remain in your best behavior when you’re with them.

Another way you can use to improve you chance of attracting a girl on Facebook is by having the same interest as hers. If you’re active in those pages that interest you, women with similar interests will want to check you out.

If that shared interest also has an active Facebook Group, you can effortlessly meet a lot more women who share the same interests as you.

And if you’re passionate about something, be sure to include interesting photos in your album that show exactly what you’re into. So if you like traveling, post photos of your trips. Into camping? Show some pictures.

The point here is to show you are living a good life where she’d want to be a part of. And if you can show something unique about you, it will make you more memorable.

As with conversations, you want to avoid posting topics in your profile page that are likely to turn women off. If it’s something that doesn’t work to present you in a good way, leave it out of your page.

On the other hand, you can post about topics that are interesting to women like nature, animals, music, food, art, etc. News can also encourage some heated discussion but they don’t make you as appealing to women.

If you are active on Facebook, you should at least post interesting updates. This will help you stay visible. And gives her something to talk about when she want to message you.

In Closing

If you know how to attract women on Facebook, you can avoid paying membership fees on a dating site. What’s more, there’s no pressure to find a match.

The way to attract women on Facebook is not that different from attracting women elsewhere. You just have to know these few things and you’re off to a good start.

Present yourself in the right way, use tried and true techniques for attracting women, and you’ll have a swarm of beautiful women wanting to know who your are.

Of course, you should know how to talk to girls online with ease so you can create connection and build rapport with her.

When you regularly interact with a girl on FB who show interest, she’ll be more receptive when you want to take her offline.

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