How To Seduce Women With Text Messages

It’s surprising what you can do with text messages if you know how to use them right.

Following her wherever she goes, it’s like you’re always connected to the girl you’re interested in with an invisible red line stretching far.


Of course, it is up to you to keep that line open and connected.

Only when you are able to keep the line connected can you seduce girls with your text messages.

You’ve got to know how to push the right buttons–using the right text messages.

Keep the door open and let your seductive text messages flowing.

If you’ve got your basic conversation skills well polished and shiny, you won’t be having any kind of trouble sliding in your charm using text messages.

Seducing women with your text messages should be a cinch.

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Text Messages To Get Her Attention

Want to get her attention with your text messages?

Here’s how:

If you want her to pay attention and respond to your messages… you’ll need to make your text messages stand out.

When the text messages she’s getting from all other guys look about the same…

You want your messages to her to be different — fresh, rare, unfamiliar, and interesting.

Below you’ll learn some of the best tips I know on how to get a girl’s attention through text messaging…

With several examples of ready-to-use attention-grabbing text messages you can send a girl.

Plus… where to get more… and something I’m certain you’ll like in the end.

Are you ready?

text message to get girls attention image
What do you text a girl to get her attention?

But before that, want to hear a suggestion if she’s been ignoring your messages?

Yeah? Cool!

If you’ve been sending text messages to a girl all day without getting any response from her…

Stop texting her.

Stop nagging her.

Leave her alone for at least a week.


Because otherwise you will only push her further and further away from you.

Look: If you want to get her to quickly type a message and hit the reply button like her finger’s on fire…

Don’t send her another text message until you finish reading this page.

How to grab her attention over text

There’s a simple way for your text message to get a girl’s attention. And that is to…

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How To Turn Phone Numbers Into Dates

Turning girls’ phone numbers in dates is about betting a girl off from your phone into real life. Whether you’re using an app or calling her on the phone.

If you’re getting numbers from women but they don’t seem to want to go out on dates with you, you’ll want to look at several things you do between meeting the girl and asking her out on a date.

Don’t sink into frustration just because you couldn’t convert those numbers into anything. Not a date, not even a response.

If you know how it’s done like the back of your hand when you follow the steps needed to successfully attract a beautiful woman — you’re attracting her and building a connection with her — the most likely issue you have is your phone and text conversations with her.

If you don’t want to turn this girl into another cold number in your contacts list, you’ll have to figure what you’re doing wrong and fix it so when you send her a message asking her out, she will say yes to meeting up with you.

To turn phone numbers into fun dates with each girl you meet, ask yourself…

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7 Rules For Texting Girls You Like

Texting has become the most common and easiest way to get together with girls and to get her out on a date or even just to hangout. Most girls prefer it more than calling. In fact, anyone who has a mobile phone prefer texting more than calling. Even with that, most guys suck at texting girls and mess things up. They fail to keep things interesting for her and never get the chance to go out with her on a … Continue reading…

How To Text A Girl: Great Tips for Texting the Girl You Like

Texting a girl is one of those skills that you need to get good at if you’re getting digits… but not getting dates. Why?

Because it bridges the gap between your first meeting and a chance to meet for a second time.

And if that bridge is shaky and wobbly… you’ll likely to fall off than reach the other side.

Now, texting has its advantage over calling girls on her phone.

Some girls don’t answer their phones (or listen to their messages) for some obvious reasons but most of them, if not all, will surely read your text messages.

And it’s what in those text messages that determine if she’ll ignore your text message or send you a reply.

But not only that… getting a response from here also depends on how well you did when you first met her.

How do you think you did? Will she remember you? How will she remember you?

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