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If you like to get more matches on Tinder and take your Tinder game to the next level, I believe you’ll like TinderHacks by Blake Jamieson.

Here’s why:

When Blake Jamieson tried online dating, he did not become a fan of how much time it took to court someone online.

Then he got introduced to Tinder and certain things happened that led him to have time to experiment with his profile images. After which, he began swiping right on every profile just to see how many matches he could get.

And being the digital marketer that he is, he gathered data, made some profile tweaks, gathered more data, and published his findings.

TinderHacks: Beating the Tinder game
TinderHacks: Woo 2000 women on Tinder

You see, using hundreds of hours and thousands of messages, he’s figured out what actually works on Tinder with data to back it up.

He has collected all of his experiment data, data that nobody has ever seen, into a comprehensive guide detailing how to match, message, and mingle with the most desirable women in your area… called TinderHacks.

TinderHacks book

TinderHacks will walk you through the entire Tinder process from how to optimize your profile and photo selection to writing a kick-ass bio to how to transition a text conversation to get people excited to meet up with you in person.

It contains suggested best practices tested and proven to be true in several different cities and all age ranges.

It will not help you to trick girls into thinking that you’re something you’re not, though.

Here’s a peak at what’s actually inside TinderHacks:

  • The first (and only) thing she will see and the absolute most important part of your profile is obviously your main image. Then when does your secondary images and bio become more important?
  • Why you need to have a strong and diverse mix of pictures.
  • 4 guidelines you can follow in choosing your images that Blake suggests based on the data he’s collected like… what kind of photos work really well.
  • 3 different ways to test your first profile image to make sure you are using the one that will get you the most swipes.
  • 10 simple steps you could do to test images with different FB/Tinder accounts.
  • The kind of traits you’d want to show when selecting your images for your profile… if you want to appeal to as many potential matches as possible.
  • How to use your profile images to communicate a mix of your most attractive traits.
  • The best approach on Tinder so you can have a higher chance of matching with someone who actually likes you.
  • How to appeal to the widest audience possible.
  • What it means when someone reads your bio and what your bio should accomplish. (What do you want her to do.)
  • Why you should not take swiping potential matches too seriously. (Don’t bother looking at girl’s additional pictures.)
  • 2 simple things you can do if you run out of people to swipe or match with.
  • When it’s appropriate to adjust the radius.
  • Should you message her first or wait for her to make a move?
  • How soon should you message after getting a match? What should you say?
  • How to figure out the messages that work best for you.
  • The top performing messages from testing over 30 first messages. (You’ll know the response rate, why it works, where to pivot, and what to do if you didn’t get any response from her.)
  • A simple sneaky trick that could save you tons of time in your messaging.
  • How to get the fire going again and rekindle old matches.
  • Something that’s really easy to use to make you stand out. (This is so easy it feels like cheating!)
  • How to turn conversations into dates and move the conversation off Tinder.
  • Why you can move the conversation to Facebook first
  • A way to get her number that works surprisingly well.
  • A few pointers for setting up dates.
  • How to use Tinder to find out the cool places when you go to a foreign city, and sometimes get a last-minute date too!
  • And more…

These are just some of the nuggets of info you can apply to your Tindering.

Of course, there are Extras you can start using right away to make your profile images pop which you can find here as well as answers to your other questions.

My Thoughts

TinderHacks is a quick read with just 42 pages if you didn’t notice. You can skip to the parts you want and begin swiping right away.

Blake may not be an online dating expert but by taking the risk and standing out, he’s found what really works on Tinder.

Tinderhacks may not turn you into the most desirable man to every woman on Tinder but it will help you get the most out of Tinder so you can meet more girls quickly and easily.

It will allow you to use Tinder better than 90% or more of guys out there to get more matches, more messages, and more dates.

And as Tinder changes, Blake will be updating TinderHacks and send it to you. So you don’t have to worry if big updates change the dynamics of Tinder.

He’s also always experimenting with new messaging and images. And if he comes across anything that is working really well, he’ll let you know!

If you want to get the results of these experiments and use them to get more matches on Tinder, click the button below.

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