The Walking Code

In The Walking Code, you’ll discover one of the most unique systems of attracting women you’ll ever find. 

What you’ll have is a way to attract women naturally, even effortlessly.

The result is almost instant. 

And best of all, there is nothing to study and nothing to memorize. 

You start to switch on your most authentically attractive self without you ever having to think about it.

How is that even possible?

Because The Walking Code is about using nature’s most powerful way to signal to women that you have what they crave–that YOU are what they want–without uttering a single word.

Is The Walking Code For You?

You especially need (and will get more out of) this if …

  • You grew up as the shy, nervous type who doesn’t like to hold his head up when walking on the street or in bars. And as a result… 
  • Women seem to constantly ignore you, wave you off, or rudely reject you. But now…
  • You want women to smile at you or approach you…
  • You want to be able to walk into a room and have women there unable to ignore your presence…

In short, if you lack presence and ooze insecurity, and you want to change your situation fast, The Walking Code helps transform you into your most attractive self.

It also helps to eliminate pain in the knees and lower back.

But that’s not all, as you’ll see in a minute.

A Huge Problem in Plain Sight

You are an open book.

And what women want to know about you is basically all in how you move. 

When you walk in the street or in front of a crowd, women are scanning you. You are out in the open; you can’t hide anything.  

As you know, women are better than most men at reading micro signals the body gives off. 

And this happens in a split second. 

So when women watch you walk, they are unconsciously able to detect every message you are expressing through your movement.

They know if you are shy.

They know if you are insecure.

They know if you are tense.

They know if you are un-confident.

And the more tension and insecurity they read in your body, the more they are put off.


Since the die is already cast against you, your chances of meeting a girl are slim at best.

They will ignore you or simply wave you off.

They will reject you before you even get a chance to say a word. 

They “shit” test you, make you jump hoops, and make it very difficult for you by acting bitchy, uninterested, bored, and preoccupied as they treat you like air. 

And, if she’s nice, look around for her friends to help her get out of the awkward situation.


When you carry yourself the RIGHT way, women will be naturally attracted to you.

Movement is Vital to Being Sexually Attractive

Women respond powerfully to how you move.

Consider it the ultimate first impression. 

Like I said before, a woman will notice how you move and make an instant, unconscious assessment of your sexual attractiveness based on that alone.

The most powerful signals you can send are completely non-verbal.

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever seen a woman who is not classically beautiful, but she is so sexy you’ve got to have her? 

Ever wonder why that is?

Well, here’s the secret: 

It is in how she moves that triggers your primal desire.

That same effect happens to women (seeing a man move the right way) but at a more stimulating level. 

That means even if you’re not tall, handsome, rich — or whatever else society deemed attractive to women — you will bypass all that and go straight to her animal brain and awaken her desire for you. 

That is how the right movement triggers sexual attraction in women on an unconscious level. 

What kind of movement is that powerful?

Well, not the kind with your shoulders hunched forward and head down, almost like you don’t want to be noticed.

Instead, picture a majestic male lion in the wild. 

Lion and lioness

See how he walks: strong, powerful, and totally relaxed.

The muscles on his body ripples and are perfectly coordinated. Like a well-oiled machine, they hold no tension as he swaggers along but, if needed, could explode to life and defend his females.

Or picture a world-class athlete who moves like a warrior. 

He is deeply comfortable with his body. Every part of his body works as one, and he has no restrictions on his hips and spine.

As you watch him walked through the crowd, women almost sense him move. 

You see, when a man moves in this raw animal way, he gave off the subconscious signals that he has IT. 

Women pick up on this and are magnetically drawn to it.

That is why you see beautiful women turn around and very subtly show him they are interested. 

What they are picking up, aside from his sexual presence, is his health and fertility.

And she unconsciously gets all this information, like I said, within seconds. 

She knows, instinctively, if you are a good mate by how you move. 


Because everything is one.

You see, when the body moves, there is an incredibly complex communication taking place between muscles, joints, ligaments, fascia, and bones.

A chain reaction happens when you further consider the effects of gravity, ground reaction forces, and momentum. And everything affects everything else.

(Understanding this chain reaction is what the authors do when asked to consult on elite athletes.)

How You Lose the Natural Movement You’re Born With 

Unfortunately, this perfect musculoskeletal system goes out of whack due to living in the modern world and poor lifestyle choices. For example:

  • When you sit at the computer all day, the front of your hips tightens, your abdominals shut down, your shoulders get pulled forward, your back pushes your belly out unnaturally and strains your natural alignment.
  • When you start doing isolated weight training, your muscles get dumb, pulls your body out of alignment, and symmetry suffers.
  • When you wear shoes all your life, the dynamics of your feet changes.
  • When you grow up lacking confidence, you hold this in your posture.
  • And much more…

All this tension in the body changes the way you walk and move around. More importantly, you lose the sexual animalistic flow that women are so drawn to. 

And when you start to walk with restrictions, stuck on muscles and asymmetries, women automatically catch this — as they scan you for health and fertility — and reject you before you have even had a chance to open your mouth.

Consciously Adjusting Do Not Work!

Trying to consciously straighten your posture, shift your shoulders back, or walk with a swagger does not actually work.

All you are doing is camouflaging the deeper problem. 

And women detect that inauthenticity and incongruency on a subconscious level.

You will be found out in the end. 


Because posture is under the influence of subconscious control systems of the body. 

This postural system handles the information being read by the body and automatically regulates your body’s position in space.

All this happens without you having to think about it.

Even when you try to stand up straight and your conscious mind straightens you up, the moment you stop thinking about it, you return to how your body prefers to hold itself.

That is why controlling something not controlled by your thoughts never works.

Your body automatically chooses your posture and movement.

How to Move with Sex Appeal–Naturally!

To be able to walk, move, stand, and subconsciously carry yourself in a smooth, fluid motion as you were born to, you first need to have loose unrestricted flowing joints and muscles. 

And you do not have to worry about this.

You won’t even have to think about it. 

Just leave it to The Walking Code to reprogram your body’s nervous system. 

Let it iron out all the injuries, clear your bad posture from too much sitting, computers, lack of exercise, emotional problems, etc., that cause tension to build up and be stored.

The result is a super relaxed body in FLOW. 

This is similar to athletes when they are in the zone. They are not thinking about anything, just allowing their bodies to perform naturally.

And when your body is in that state, you project the irresistible aura of raw, unmistakable masculinity that women can’t resist but be sexually attracted to.

When you walk with the sexual flow with all your muscles working as one and without tension, it shows to a woman that you will be able to handle problems, and you will be able to protect her.

She will see you as a potential mate. 

If you approach her, this will be congruent with the signals she has already picked up from a confident male. 

The game has almost been won before you open your mouth. 

For more necessary details on The Walking Code, please click the link below.

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Attract Women And Achieve Peak Fitness Through Movement, Posture And Commanding Presence

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Here’s a list of what other benefits The Walking Code might do for you:

  • Attract women to you at the primal, animalistic level, even when you are just standing there.
  • Looser, more flexible hips make you better on the dance floor even without dance lessons.
  • Maximizes your presence, earns you respect and increases your sexual attractiveness.
  • Your height may increase measurably as your stature naturally straightens.
  • Healthier hip joints for a lifetime so you can be active and mobile in your later years.
  • Get rid of knees and lower back pains.
  • Smoother, more fluid body motion when you play sports.
  • Increase your cardiovascular health and performance.
  • These improvements in your overall health and well-being transform you into a hero in the bedroom. 

For more details and a complete list of what you get, bonuses, price, and guarantee, please click the link below.

Visit the Official Product Page

Final Thoughts

Women read the way you move and your posture within seconds. 

They can detect every message you are expressing through your movement, unconsciously.

Any asymmetry, restrictions, or even a negative state of mind are all perceived by the women you come across all day long.

If how you carry yourself is terrible, you are invisible to them. 

But if you move with a sexual flow, you are portraying confidence and turning women on.

However, consciously adjusting yourself or stretching doesn’t work because not looking at how our bodies function will mess up your muscles’ ability to work astutely.

The better option is to let The Walking Code re-wire your musculoskeletal system from the inside out.

In it, the simplest and most effective way has been chosen to get you started and immediately feel what it is like to move without restriction.

You will have what you need to quickly transform your walk, everyday movement, posture, and the way you look.

This has all been boiled down to a few crucial moves that will hit the most areas so you will not be overwhelmed at the start. 

You will change your walk into a more sexual one, and you will improve your posture and symmetry… guaranteed.

Click here to transform how you move and instantly be more attractive to women. 

The Walking Code sets your physique on auto-pilot, loosen, and free up the different areas of your body, switching on your most authentically attractive self without you ever having to think about it.

And the results are immediate. 

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PS. I like how simple all of this is. You should do them at home — you’ll invite strange looks otherwise — before you go out, and that’s it. 

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