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If you want to know how to get someone obsessed, I believe you’ve found the right page.

Here’s how to get a girl completely obsessed with who you are, according to Adam Lyon’s The Obsession Formula.

As you know, everyone has a brain, even big-breasted girls. And…

If you can make her brain believe that you are the key to her survival, she will do anything to be with you.

Imagine if she couldn’t breathe unless she’s standing next to you to survive. She’d do anything to make sure she stands directly next to you all the time.

That is an obsession.

How do you make it so that her survival is related to you, in turn, making her obsessed?


When you do something to survive like drinking water, eating food, or even enjoying life, your brain releases dopamine. That release of dopamine in your brain makes you feel happy because dopamine is part of your brain’s reward system.

Now, dopamine plays the critical role if you want to trigger an obsession in somebody if you can learn how to trigger dopamine in that person in a way that it connects to you.

Picture this: You’re talking to a girl. As you’re talking to her, her brain released dopamine which made her feel that it’s really good hanging out with you. Then her brain takes hanging out with you as a good choice and gives her some more dopamine.

Obsession comes from the fact that she feels good every time she receives dopamine. The brain thinks it’s good for her survival to be with you. So every time she hangs out with you, it’s dropping more dopamine, making her enjoy being with you even more.

When you’re talking to a girl, your goal is to get her brain to release dopamine every single time she hangs out with you.

That’s the concept that triggers The Obsession Formula inside her brain.

Neural Pathway

The brain uses dopamine as a reward chemical. Every time you do something the brain “believe” is helping you survive, you can expect that it will release dopamine.

When you do that “something” enough times, and you get dopamine, the brain now knows that doing that particular action should always be rewarded with dopamine. Now you’ve just created a neural pathway.

Normally, she doesn’t get a dopamine release when she hangs out with you. But if you can find something that does release dopamine in her (neural pathway) and make sure that you are always ensuring that it happens whenever you are with her, she’ll realize that every time she hangs out with you, she gets a dopamine release.

And because this is all unconscious, she doesn’t realize where it’s coming from. She just realizes she likes hanging out with you.

How do you make it that when you trigger dopamine in her brain she associates it with you?


To get her obsessed, you need to learn how to trigger a dopamine release in a girl’s brain and make her feel good using… rewards.

There are three distinct types of reward that will trigger a dopamine hit: verbal, physical, and emotional.

As you know, you can make someone feel good for doing something if you shower them with praise. They will receive dopamine and they’ll feel good being told how good they are because there’s already an existing neural pathway for praise.

If you can praise a girl the right way at the right time, you can use this to work to your advantage.

For instance…

When you say something good and made her feel good about something she has done or will be doing, guess what? There will be a release of dopamine in her brain, and she will start to associate that release of dopamine with hanging out with you.

And if every time she hangs out with you, you give her the occasional verbal reward, she’ll get a dopamine release every single time you do it.

Then she’ll continually be looking for you to praise her. She’ll do things and show it to you to see if she did a good job. Whether you give her a thumbs up or a thumbs down will affect how much dopamine she will receive.

Her brain connects surviving with your assessment of what she’s done. If you say it’s good, she gets the dopamine release. If you don’t say it’s good, she doesn’t get the dopamine and her brain starts to panic because she now needs your approval.

Another thing you can do to make her feel good is if you touch her in the right way. That’s another release of our favorite happy chemical, dopamine. If you don’t know how to touch a girl that makes her feel good, you better learn now.

And when you can make her laugh and make her feel pleasurable because of laughing so much, she’ll get another dopamine release.

These rewards release dopamine. There are already neural pathways built in the other person’s brain and these are already in place. What you need to do is to make sure that you make the association with you.

So whenever she hangs out with you, and you can trigger these different types of dopamine release in her brain, she will associate hanging out with you with receiving dopamine.

If a guy does all the right things, it will release dopamine and it will make her slowly become obsessed with him.

The problem is…

Not all guys know how to do this in different scenarios. Not a lot of guys know the correct way to make this work. It’s hit or miss most of the time. They can make it work on some girls, some girls they can’t.

But if you know the different types of obsession that are in a girl–the different fantasies she already wishes to create–then you can make it happen.

Obsession Fantasy

adam lyons obsession formula
Adam Lyons and his girlfriends

Most girls already have it in their mind something that they want; the neural pathway is already created. If you know exactly what her fantasy is, you can use that to trigger a dopamine release by presenting that scenario to them and triggering everything she wants in that fantasy and making it a reality.

You can look at the common types of fantasy most women have and bring those to life.

In Obsession Formula, there are three which are…

The Chasing Fantasy where she chases the person she really wants to be with to change her life. You can get her to believe that is what you are, and every time she’s around you, she associates you as being that fantasy she always wanted. She will continue to chase to get you.

The Devoted Fantasy where you are the person she’s supposed to be with, her soulmate. Every time she’s with you creates an association, she feels that connection, she realizes that who you are, and she’s so devoted to you because that’s exactly what she wants.

The Temptation Fantasy where she becomes a sexual temptress and turns up in your apartment with a long jacket over her skimpy underwear so she can seduce you.

Women have different fantasies and these are the common fantasy they all share. These are the stereotypical fantasies that exist in every single girl.

How do find out her obsession fantasy?

The Red Hornet Technique

This technique will tell you which obsession fantasy is ideal to use on a girl.

As you know, there are three obsession fantasies a girl can have. That’s three different stories that can make her obsess with somebody.

When you first meet her, you won’t necessarily know which one she falls for. Is she a believer in true love or does she want quick casual sex? which is her ideal?

If you can find her ideal, your success rate goes through the roof. When your life depends on your ability to attract her, you gotta get it right the first time. You can’t make a mistake.

The Red Hornet Technique is all about identifying specifically which technique is ideal to be used to attract a girl. The best part about it is the girl will tell you long before she even suspects that you plan on using the exact technique on her.

Adam will take you through why it works and explain the elements that make this so powerful. Then give you the phrase, the obsession formula phrase you’re gonna use that will transform the way people talk to you forever.

Essentially, the red hornet technique is a very powerful question you can ask somebody when you first meet them.

Adam says that 99 out of 100 girls, you’ll going to find they’ll agree with you.

And they’ll pick one of the three. They’ll tell you their preference of which of the fantasy they have, whether it’s the Chasing, Devotion, or Temptation Fantasy.

Once they let you know their style of preferred seduction, you now know for a fact which Obsession Formula you should build up because that’s the one they enjoy feeling the most.

She is literally putting herself on a plate and telling you how you should go about seducing her.

The Obsession Formula will take you through all the various fantasies that are on the female mind. It’s gonna help you understand which one you should be using at different times and more importantly what technique are more effective to generate that fantasy in her mind to make her obsess with you.

obsession formula with bonus pdf

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Final Thoughts

The Obsession Formula system is video program by Adam Lyons where you’ll learn why people become obsessed and how you can do it yourself.

Each part has a theory video explaining the idea behind it and then a practical application video telling how you can apply it in your interactions with women.

It is also broken down into parts so you can absorb as much or as little as you want.

I especially like the part where you use it on yourself to get obsessed with socializing and meeting women. This part is very useful if you think you are shy or introverted. You’ll need to have those social skills if you want to get a girl obsessed with you using The Obsession Formula.

Although Adam’s presentation of the idea is overly simplistic, this is based on real science and the psychology of how and why people get obsessed or how emotions get influenced.

There’s some real good information here but…

I suggest that you don’t expect too much because it takes quite an effort to get a girl obsessed with you.

Also if you’re already experienced, some advice may sound pretty generic, lack detail, and may not help you much.


If you want to make girls feel good when they’re with you and get them addicted to that feeling or…

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