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How To Become a Social God, Master The Seductive Vibe, Bring Her Back To Your Place AND Make Her Your Girlfriend… All In The Same Night!

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Automatic Seduction is a 4-part system for approaching, attracting, escalating physically and starting a different kind of relationship with women.

It’s a simple system that uses the natural process that causes women to have sex with men. It’s so easy and so simple…

Any man can use this to get laid… starting tonight!

Let me tell you a few important points…

You’ll learn a simple philosophy which is likely to work very well for you.

It will help you meet and attract women without wasting any time in your life.

You’ll be efficient at meeting women using a specific mindset which will maximize your result.

You’ll get the most results in as little time because The Automatic Seduction System will tell you how and why you need to do this every step of the way.

If you want to be a “Player,” you’ll especially need this mindset. You’ll have direction and very specific well-thought out goals to aim for.

Though you’ll need to understand a few seduction community jargon, this system is very concise, and you’ll get a complete game-plan to get laid without the need to know theory.

It is easy to follow and you’ll just have to let it happen and not interrupt its flow.

Let’s take a peek at what’s inside.

Women Ignition

The first module, Women Ignition, will teach you how to spot a girl in a crowd who is already wired to go home with you.

This is one of the best part of the system that will help you get over your fear of approaching women.

You’ll get some very useful tips and exercises, as well as very effective rules to develop your fearless mindset.

You’ll know an easy, incremental step-by-step way guaranteed to help you get over your fear of approaching women.

I believe this is one of the best advice you’ll ever read on this topic.

Follow it properly and it will work for you!

Take a look at what you’ll get.

  • 3 techniques to make a woman think it was her idea to come talk to you. (So she’ll remember your first meeting as “I thought he was hot and had to go meet him”)
  • A surprisingly under-used tactic to make a woman ask if she’s met you before (You sort of “hack” her brain to make her see you as very familiar)
  • How to make your interaction look like it’s an instant attraction with sparks flying… instead of “guy hits on girl”. (This will keep her friends from cockblocking you)
  • An easy color-coded method to finding out which women in the bar are most eager to sleep with you right away. (This will get you away from those 2-hour time-wasters that just want attention and get you going home with the women who want to leave with you after 5 minutes)

Fearless Escalation

The next part of Automatic Seduction, Fearless Escalation, will tell you exactly how to escalate with her so she’ll be sex-ready in minutes.

In fact, you’ll only need five minutes or less to make the right physical connection using only your hands.

You’ll know how to make seductive eye contact, the exact distance to stand apart, and keeping the right facial expression no matter what she says.

You’ll have everything you need here to get her home with you. And prepares you for the next module, starting sex.

Fast Sexual Arousal

This third part, Fast Sexual Arousal, I think has some interesting insights on why most guys are not escalating to sex.

If you always hesitate and seem to always find excuses to have sex with women, you’ll want to read this part intently.

Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • How to make woman see you as the 1% of guys it’s “ok” to sleep with on the first night.
  • 3 Ways to get her fondling your penis in minutes. (This works even if she doesn’t want to cuddle with you and will get her even more turned on so she has to open her legs for you)
  • The key to getting her so turned on that she knows she can’t go to sleep tonight without feeling you inside her
  • How to be a lover that gets her coming back for sex again and again. (There are only 5 keys to this and you’re most likely doing 2 of them already)

Relationship Roulette

And the last module, Relationship Roulette, has some great ideas that I’m sure will make you look at the role of relationships in your life differently.

If you want to sleep with a woman more than once, you’ll find out here.

Here you’ll know:

  • How to make a woman beg you to be her “go-to” guy for sexual release… even if she knows full well you have no desire to date her.
  • What to do if you want to make this woman a real committed relationship. (Switching to girlfriend-mode is easy once you have the seduction out of the way)
  • Why the so-called “bad boys” perpetually have women all over them and how you can do the same thing without being a jerk. (Hint: It’s NOT confidence and it’s NOT even attitude.)
  • How to keep the power in ANY relationship… casual or committed… so you keep the burning desire on both sides and never fall into fights (or worse, boredom), that so many couples happen with.

That’s the four modules of The Automatic Seduction System. But, that’s not all you’re getting.

Bonuses and Extras

You’ll also have access to bonus products including:

  1. Secrets of Approaching Hot Women
  2. Auto-Seduction Insiders Club Free Trial, and
  3. Master PUA Video Training Lab

And, you’ll get instant access to all the materials so you can start right away.

In just a few seconds, you can be using Automatic Seduction to get a girl in bed tonight.

Automatic Seduction

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See It For Yourself!

The Automatic Seduction System is on a class of its own when it comes to overcoming approach anxiety, building a good mindset, escalation tips and practical implementation of specific concepts.

The best part about using this system is…

It’s Invisible!

Women won’t know you’re using any of it.

That, I believe, gives you power and control to take the interaction anywhere you want.

It focuses on what matters–the specific things that will make a big difference to your interactions with women.

And it will provide you with tools and practical tips to get better with women.

You’ll find a lot of specific goals and tips.

If you have trouble approaching women you don’t know, or you hesitate taking them to the next level physically, I recommend you get this product and follow its advice exactly.

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You’ll have a realistic aim which will support and improve your confidence. It’s all grounded in reality and tells it like it is. So, you’ll be able to relate to it easily.

What Some Readers Have To Say

“The author does not try to over-complicate the topic. In fact quite the opposite – he talks about ideas that are timeless and his advice gets to the root of the problem.

“Highly recommended book and recommend everyone to have a read – its compact, small and well organised.”

“The system goes from opening sets to keeping relationships. From the opening and escalation, it identifies the gaps and problems with the classic indirect methods.

“It advocates the direct approach as a way of quickly and effectively get to the seduction. It was one of the best pickup readings I’ve ever had.”

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