Massage Your Date

Massage Your Date is a video course by Trace Loft that got me interested in massage. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want hand skills that can make any girl feel amazing? 

What’s more… you can make a woman want to take her clothes off for you and be thrilled to have your hands all over her naked body.

But here’s where it gets better.

You may not be aware of this: you are also bonding and connecting with your girl while your hands are sliding on her body.

And at the same time, you are inspiring her to trust you almost immediately. 

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, that is the power of massage… if you do it right as shown in Massage Your Date.

This course is even more helpful for you, especially if you don’t know how to break the touch barrier…

Or if you feel awkward getting physical with a girl…


Because the skills you learn from Massage Your Date could be what you need to take your game to the next level and escalate with a woman beyond just talking.

As you know, there are different kinds of physical touch. 

They go from your regular handshake to a full-blown makeout session, from social to intimate and beyond.

And if you want to get to the very edge of intimate touch with a woman, you can’t have her fully clothed.

You want her out of her shirt and pants and underwear. 

What if you could make her get her to take clothes off willingly, without creeping her out, without resistance, like it’s the most natural thing?

Well… guess what? 

That is just what you’ll learn in Massage Your Date.

As I’ve told you, this is a video course where you’ll learn, step by step, how to massage a girl.

Massage Your Date has three sections:

  • Get Your Date Naked
  • Massage Set Up
  • Quick Start Course

Here’s a quick rundown of each one.

Get Your Date Naked

This section is where you start. 

After watching the introduction, the first video you want to watch is the Full Massage Your Date Routine. This video shows you the massage routine — uninterrupted — that gets your date naked in 30 minutes. 

Why half of an hour? 

Because that’s how long it takes to finish the whole massage routine.

So sit back and watch the whole video. You’ll see, as a whole, what you’re going to learn — from having a fully clothed girl to the point where her underwear comes off. 

Get a feel on how you’ll do the massage on a girl. 

The next video in this section you need to watch is called Hand Strokes

Trace Loft demonstrates and explains how to do all the massage techniques — hand strokes, as he likes to call them — you’ll need to complete the massage. 

This lesson is a must-watch. Why? 

Because the better you can do these simple hand strokes, the better your massage is going to feel for your girl.

You’ll know how to use your hands to get your woman moaning in pleasure. You’ll know which stroke to use, when, and where so you can use them immediately.

Follow the instructions and learn the strokes as best as you can. There are not that many anyway, just seven major hand strokes.

The rest of the eight videos in this section are for the individual lessons. 

The first lesson is where you will learn how to give awesome foot massage. 

You will begin your massage at the feet. Doing that leads you to other parts of the body. Why? 

Because your woman will have tired and aching feet by the end of the day, and a foot massage is something she will love. 

That makes a foot massage one of the most impressive things you can do for your woman. 

Most girls have never had an awesome foot massage. So use the secret spa technique to relax her feet. 

Impress her and make her feel amazing with the magic of foot massage, and she will not let you stop.

The next video shows you how to transition from massaging her back to removing your date’s shirt. 

You’ll learn the strokes to use and the areas to avoid. And, of course, you’ll find out the sure-fire way to get your girl to take her shirt off.

Take your time with learning this lesson so you can get really good at giving a back massage.

Understand how to get the hand movements correctly and, of course, how to make your girl want to take off her shirt.

The third video is where you’ll learn how to massage her butt and legs with the pants on to increase trust and bonding. 

If you don’t want your girl to become uptight, you need to continue building trust and pleasure. And you learn that from this lesson.

That lesson is followed by, you guessed it, the one where it shows you how she will want to remove her pants. 

Once she realizes it will feel much better without her jeans, she’ll arch her back and slide those things off. You need to learn the right approach to do this, and this video shows you how.

And with that, you have access to her butt and legs without clothes. 

You learn how to massage the legs and butt properly in the next couple of videos. 

Pay attention when you are massaging your girl’s butt and legs, especially the sensitive areas. This part is where most guys mess up.

If you want your girl to crave your hands all over her body, you have to do it right, as shown to you.

Coming this far, you don’t want to ruin the massage routine.

The next lesson shows how to transition to the upper body and massage the upper chest, arms, and hands. 

You’ll learn how to turn her over, so she is facing you. 

Massaging this part can be tricky sometimes. So make sure your girl feels comfortable while you massage her front.

And for the final lesson called The Finisher, you’ll know how to finish off the massage.

You’ll learn how to pull off her underwear. 

This part should be pretty easy at this point, as she should be open to this. Just pay special attention to the technique on how to pull the underwear to make it come off. 

Massage Set Up

Before you do a massage, you have to prepare. 

This section teaches you what you need to know and what steps to take to start a massage.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare your hands for giving a great massage
  • Use lotion and oil for massage, and what lotion/oil to get
  • Apply lotions effectively that puts your woman at ease and leaves her feeling silky smooth (not greasy or slimy!)
  • Prepare the hot towels for the foot massage. (Don’t skip this)
  • Make your hands baby smooth in less than 30 seconds, so your hands don’t feel like sandpaper when you do the massage

Quick Start Course

There are only a couple of videos here. 

One video is for the Seated Chair Massage Lesson and the other for Advanced Neck Massage Lesson.

The Seated Chair Massage routine could get the ball rolling for you — safely.

If you ever need to massage your girl any time and anywhere, you can use The Seated Chair Massage routine to show off your massage skills. 

Demonstrate that how your hands can make her feel good.

That way, you can also increase your bond with your date and decrease her guard. This massage routine can make her feel great in under 4 minutes. But you have to know what you’re doing.

As for the Advanced Neck Massage routine, the video shows you how to massage the head and neck. 

This massage requires advanced Massage Techniques. Additionally, the neck can be a sensitive area to massage. 

That’s why if you don’t learn the strokes properly, you can make your woman feel uncomfortable. 

So make sure to master everything else before you try this on your girl. Allow her to experience how deeply satisfying you can make her feel so you can lead her to more intimate massages.

That’s the main Massage Your Date course. Very straightforward, as you can see. 

However, that is not all you’ll have access to when you get this program

There are two brand new bonuses, too. 

In the first bonus audio, you’ll learn sure-fire steps to meet women with your newfound massage skills. 

You’ll learn… the perfect way to bring massage up in a conversation… the secret that moves things from talking to action… the easiest types of massage to initiate… a weird reason why women let masseurs touch them… and many more.

And in the second special bonus, you’ll know how to use massage to captivate and connect with a woman by text, online dating, or even on Tinder. 

You’ll learn how to get her fantasizing about your hands all over her… how to talk to a girl about massage on the phone… what to say when you’re not with her that’ll make her clothes fall off the next time you see her… how to resolve conflict in your relationship with massage… and many more.

You are getting access to the whole course in the members-only portal. 

You get instant access to the complete Massage Your Date videos in full HD as well as the audio bonuses. Just click the link below to get in today.

massage your date complete package
The Massage Your Date Package

Click here to visit the official Massage Your Date product page!

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have a clear picture of what Massage Your Date is all about. 

It is a straightforward video course where you’ll learn, step by step, a method to get your date completely naked in 30 minutes using the power of massage. 

You’ll learn the whole get-your-date-naked massage routine, its parts, the massage techniques, the preparation you need to make to start the massage, and a couple of advanced massage routines. 

In short, you’ll have everything you need to make a girl feel good with your hands gliding and sliding over her body.

That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? 

Now you don’t have to fear creeping her out or being awkward when you try to touch a woman. When you see her responding to your touch, begging you not to stop, you’ll have the feeling that everything is right in your world.

With your new skills, you’ll quickly and powerfully connect with your woman faster and with more confidence.

One possible downside to that is… if you become ridiculously good at massage, I’m afraid she’ll ask you to make her feel good all the time. And if you don’t know how to turn her down, you won’t have time for other things. 

Anyway, there are some things you might want to know before you get this. 

This Massage Your Date program is all about the massage. 

That means you’ll have to figure out how you get her to your bed on your own. And after you pull her underwear off, it’s expected you should know what to do from there. If not, I suggest you also visit this page.

Also, the massage routine you’ll learn is for making your girl feel good. So you don’t need to get involved in any deep tissue work. You can leave that to a massage therapist. 

What you’ll learn is the type of massage that gets rid of stress, relaxes sore muscles, and helps you get more intimate with a woman.

So relax!

Since the massage is kept simple, the instructions clear, and the hand strokes easy to learn, you should have no problem mastering everything shown to you.

There’s also a road map on what you need to watch first. So you know exactly what to do at each step.

I also like the fact that the author doesn’t get tired of saying after each video to commit to memory, practice a couple of times, and maybe watch the video again.

I suggest you follow his advice. Why?

Because this only works magically… if you do it right.

So if you want to connect with women quickly and powerfully and with more confidence…

If you’re ready to make any woman wants your hands all over her body… 

If you want your date to experience the deep satisfaction that a professional massage can give…

Click here to Massage Your Date »

You’ll find it hard to find anything like this anywhere else. 

Here’s what someone like you has to say:

“My girl wants to say thank you because we had a great time last night. She asked where I learned this and I said the link. She said it’s a good thing that I’ve watched the video and she wants me to do it again and again and again and again… Thanks again!” -Kevin

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