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Black Belt Seduction promises that you’ll be able to fearlessly approach any woman, start a conversation with her, know the right things to say and do… to build genuine trust and real attraction.

And… achieve greater success with more women. Even women who are not interested in you before (or out of your league) will want to be with you.

What makes Black Belt Seduction different from other “attract women” products out there is… it’s the only that uses the martial arts training method to “implant” its students with attraction and seduction information, making learning much quicker and… automatic.

It’s not just another book, DVD or seminar, instead it uses text, audio, video and other interactive elements in its training system.

Here’s how it works

black belt seduction

You start at While belt and progress through different belts all the way to Black (and beyond) each month.

However, you don’t need to reach Black belt before you can use it to attract and seduce women. You can expect results from the very first (White) belt of training.

And you can see major improvements right away depending on how good you are with women.

Even more impressive, since this course is delivered monthly, you can track your progress and experience yourself improve over time.

You don’t need to read and remember, your brain will be forced to absorb the information, and your behavior will be influenced automatically. You will get better with women and social interactions, and it doesn’t matter what your age is.

You will…

  • Gain more confidence when approaching to women
  • Develop your communication skills quickly
  • Eliminate negative thoughts
  • Read people’s mind easily
  • Become a master of attracting and seducing girls

Here’s a few of the things you’ll discover once you get access to the members area:

  • How to approach any woman and start a conversation with her… without being rejected.
  • 7 simple conversation techniques that will automatically build attraction in her mind.
  • How to get a woman into your bed within 68 minutes of meeting her for the first time (and have her calling you the next day wanting more.)
  • Why your looks, how tall you are, the money you make and other factors simply don’t matter… if… you act in this certain way. (No, it’s not being “Alpha”.)
  • How to turn a girl friend into your lover.
  • 17 easy steps to having interesting conversation. (This guarantees you’ll never run out of things to say.)
  • How to build humor into your conversation and it create sexual chemistry on demand. (She’ll forget what you look like or what you do, and she’ll just want you for how you make her feel.)
  • 6 secret words you can use next time you’re on a first date and she’ll go from “I don’t usually do this on a first date” to “Want to come in for a coffee?”
  • 8 vitally important secret techniques to overcome the “boyfriend” objection. (She’ll forget about him in 17 seconds once you’ve “performed” this routine.)
  • The absolute best time to end a conversation that GUARANTEES she’ll be looking forward to spending more time with you.
  • 5 signals every woman gives out that lets you know she’s attracted to you, and what to do when she gives them. Do this and she’ll be yours.
  • The “kino” skyscraper routine you can use on any woman to build MASSIVE attraction at the same time as MASSIVE comfort. (You’ll see her eyes glaze over as you go from “the guy she’s just met” to “I want him” within 36 seconds.)

And more. Actually, this is just a small fraction of what you’ll get. You’ll get a lot more attraction and seduction information delivered in:

  1. Knowledge documents
  2. Audio coaching
  3. Video coaching
  4. Interactive tools
  5. Optional gradings
  6. Members only email newsletter
  7. Forums

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One thing you might not like about this training is it can get a little overwhelming.

You’ll have access to so much information each month that it can get a little hard to follow. But, if you’re able to follow the training until Black belt seduction mastery, you will be getting higher quality women quickly.

Bottom Line

This online training course is unique in its use of martial arts training to deliver its content. This allows the information to be absorbed better than any other system. Once you go through the process, you’ll get results.

If you are for real looking for a way to get better with women, click the link below to check out Black Belt Seduction.

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Get access to the members area almost instantly. Start at White belt and level up until Black Belt 1st Dan and beyond.

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