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3 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Boring

things guys do that girls find boring

What are the things guys do that make girls yawn, turn around, and talk to some other guy?

Or just end the date early?

There are plenty and it may vary from girl to girl but, there are some things that they all seem to agree on… like what’s listed below.

If you happen to make girls not want to be around you that much, you’re probably aware of what I’m talking about.

If not, it’s better to not be clueless about the things that you probably do if girls want to saunter off far away from you.

After you read this, I think it’s safe to say that “boring” is another word for what turns women off.

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What Turns Women Off

Some guys have the uncanny ability to turn women off.

And what’s worse, they can’t seem to understand why some (or all) women won’t give them the time of day to talk to them.

While that may be common to some guys, some just end up doing something utterly-foolish that turns the woman he’s with to completely get turned off and ice-cold.

You see, even when you get the chance to attract her, you still need to watch yourself and be aware of what you are doing as you attract women.

Or, even when you’re already in a relationship, don’t change what you did when you attracted her in the first place or you’ll end up with a ice-cold woman you won’t ever have the chance of warming up again as long as you stay a turn off for her.

So don’t turn her off by doing some of the most obvious attraction killers known to man.

One of that is being too needy or clingy.

That’s wanting to be with her every minute of the day like a kid who never want to be separated from his mom. That’s just unattractive and sometimes creepy. A total turn off to all women.

Don’t be desperate for her attention, instead act like a man with lots of options. Be more of a challenge and have something going on with your life. Because if you lose that drive to live a life with passion, you’ll lose her attraction. Guaranteed.

Still, you have to balance things out. You can’t be too busy that you won’t have time for her. And you can’t be doing nothing that all you do is be with her and act all wimpy all the time.

And when you do have the time to talk to women, show some interest in her like she’s the most fascinating person in the world. It’s flattering and attractive when you give her that kind of focused attention.

She’ll enjoy the conversation more and the connection built with you will be just as strong. The opposite of that is just disrespectful and turns women off. Don’t let your eyes wander aimlessly or look at other women.

And if you’re wondering why can’t get close to women to talk to them, take a look in the mirror and see for yourself. When you neglect your appearance and go monkey, you’ll instantly turn women off.

It’s not hard to be handsome. All you need is just a proven routine that works for you to keep your appearance and health brimming and shining with confidence.

Though there are a lot more that turns women off, these are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to become a badass with attracting women so you don’t have to go scratching your head when she turns away and leave.

Reasons Why Women Reject Men

There can be a mind-numbing number of reasons why a woman will reject a man. These can either be in your control or not. What’s important is once you know the reasons why women reject men, you can do something about the ones you can change or influence in some way.

Let’s get one thing clear, sometimes women will reject men for seemingly no apparent reason. She could be bitchy because she’s having a bad day, or that’s just the way she acts with every guy who wants to meet and approaches her.

Depending on your attraction and seduction skill, you can use this to work in your favor since most guys will just leave her alone and stop bothering her altogether. But this post is not really about how to turn things around.

The point is, you can’t control how she respond to you and the circumstances she’s in the first time you try to open a conversation with her. With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the other reasons why women would turn her back on you or reject you out right.

It’s been said many times before, but if you’re not showing a good amount of confidence when you meet women, you’ll most likely get rejected every time.

Some will think it’s cute and give you a chance, but the majority will just turn the other way like you’re think air who didn’t register in their eyes even a little.

Or worse, you’ll be seen as a creep, and all your chances of talking to her will disappear into thin air. So, get your body language to show how confident and attractive you are. And once you approach her, smile and talk to her like a good friend you haven’t seen for a while.

Don’t act in any way that will make you seem needy or clingy.

That’s another reason why women reject men. The moment she realizes you’re needy, she’ll be freaked out and move away from you, immediately.

Instead, show you’re in control of your life and you have options. It wouldn’t matter to you if she doesn’t talk to you again. You’re just enjoying the moment with her, right now.

Although, you’d like to see her again and take her out on a date, you’re not too hang up about it. This will let you avoid getting rejected instantly.

Actually, she’ll be attracted to you and will want to go out with someone like you.

Things Women Hate About Men

Sometimes, no matter what men do, there are just some “things” women can’t seem to like about them.

These can be the things you do that annoy them. Or a trait you have that you should change. Whatever it is, these are things women hate about men. And if you want women to like you, it’s better to know them and do something about them.

Let’s start with something easy…

Being needy. When you don’t have the confidence to deal with women, and you feel the need to be reassured all the time. It’s little wonder women will automatically not like you at all. It’s either you’re too clingy, you’re creeping her out, or you’re just not acting like a man.

Not listening. Think about it. Anyone who don’t listen is just annoying and asking for trouble later on. This will build nothing but a weak relationship, if you’re lucky. Listening takes most of your senses to pay attention, not just your pair of ears.

Negativity. Nobody wants to be around someone who will drag them into a dark, quiet corner to sulk and get depressed. If you can’t make someone happy, at least be mindful of the effect you have in them.

Ignoring the little things. When you’re with a woman, you have to think differently when you’re alone or when you’re with your male friends. Some things just don’t work with women. Some of your jokes may be a hit with your guy friends, but she won’t be laughing when you tell it to her.

You may think it’s fine to do whatever you want without considering her feelings for every little thing. But you better think whether what you’re doing is helpful in the relationship or you’re causing her to hate you even more.

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